Grocery Shopping on the Go

Ever accidentally left your grocery list at home and only realized you forgot it once you got to the grocery store? Or thought of something you wanted to add to your grocery list but didn’t have it with you or didn’t have a pen to write it down?

You don’t have to worry about that anymore if you have Anylist. Anywhere your phone goes, so does your list! Write things down as they come to you and never forget to bring it along.

You can even pull up your lists on your computer, which I like to do if I’m looking at weekly ads in my browser and see something I want to add to my list. However, this feature is only offered for paid customers. It costs $7.99.

Awesome Features of Anylist:

Anylist: Shopping List App

  • Create organized lists that are grouped into categories like Dairy or Produce
  • Check items of the list off as you go so you don’t forget anything.
  • Share your list. If you can’t make it to the store and want your spouse to go just send him/her your list!
  • Add items to your list with ease using Siri
  • Include notes, quantities and descriptions for each item.
  • Add favorites for stuff that you get every week, like milk, eggs, bread, etc. so you don’t have to keep re-adding them.
  • Rearrange your list of categories to match your grocery store layout.
    This is my favorite feature. It’s very handy at ALDI because all the store layouts are the same.
  •  Create and manage recipes. Organize recipes by category, like dinner, side dishes, etc.
  • If you download premium you get a lot more options like themes, folders for different lists, filters, photos and location based reminders.
  • Unfortunately, Anylist is not available on Android devices yet, but it can be downloaded for iOS here: 
  • Learn more about Anylist at their website: 

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