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150 DIY Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

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Spring cleaning just got a whole lot cheaper! Organize for less with these creative dollar store organization and storage ideas. There are ideas for every room in your house (kitchen, bathroom, laundry, closet, office and more!)

To improve user experience, this article is divided into categorized (e.g kitchen, bathroom) pages (about 35 ideas per page), click the link at the bottom of the page or click page number buttons to browse the entire collection.

Kitchen Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Dollar Store Pantry Makeover
square glass containers + large plastic bulk containers  + glass round containers
+ plastic "disposable" containers  + white plastic bins

Under The Kitchen Sink Organization
locker bins + stackable bins + shower caddy

Under The Kitchen Sink Organization II
tension rod + plastic tote + plastic crates +  small wire rack

Under The Sink Brush Holders (using command wire hooks)

Pantry Organization
wire stacking shelves + various sized containers with lids + large tubs + labels

Pots and Pan Organizer (using a wire rack organzier)

Pot Organizer (using a basic towel rod)

Pot Lid Storage (using command hooks)

Pantry Organizer for Miscellaneous Items (using small tension rods)

Pan Organizer  (using a metal file sorter)

Dollar Store Spice Cupboard
cheap spice jars + metallic spray paint + labels

Kitchen Utensil Organizers
mason jars + acrylic paints + chalkboard tags + chalk

Magnetic Spice Rack for Refrigerator
strong magnets (or command hooks) + long plastic basket

Spice Organizer
plastic long baskets (3 for $1)

Spice Storage
small glass jars with lids + labels

Jar Storage
spray paint + labels + empty plastic jars

Roll Organizer (for foil, wax paper, plastic wrap and more)
self adhesive hooks + tape measure

Roll Organizer II (using a magazine holder)

Measuring Spoon and Cup Organizers
measuring spoons + adhesive hooks

Cutting Board Storage
small wire rack + screws

Canned Food Storage (using wire racks)

Canned Food Storage (for half sized cans)
magazine holder + bobby pins (to keep cans from falling out)

Canned Food Storage Idea
empty 12 pk soda carton + contact paper

Plastic Wrap Holder (for inside of the cabinet door)

Fridge Organization
small plastic baskets (3 for $1) + medium sized baskets (2 for $1) + slotted baskets with single-end handles

Chest Freezer Organization
stackable plastic baskets + slotted plastic crates + plastic locker bins with handles

Refrigerator Storage
(especially a great idea if you don't have many shelves in your fridge)
plastic bins + bins with handles + plastic pitcher

Pantry Dry Goods Organization
small and large dry food containers with lids

Kitchen Drawer Organizer
all you need is some small or medium drawer organizers

Tupperware Lid Storage
plastic slotted basket + small cooling rack + lids

Tupperware Lid Storage II (using a small cd rack)

Kitchen Cabinet Organizer
stackable plastic bins

Miscellaneous Organizer (using plastic organizer trays)

Cupcake Liner Storage
mason jar + cupcake liners

DIY Cutlery Tray
great idea if you have lots of misc. silverware
that won't fit in standard trays or there isn't enough space
All you need is these long plastic baskets (3 for $1)

Pantry Organization
dish pans + wire racks + labels

Trash Bags on a Roll
curtain rod brackets + wooden dowel ($2 at Walmart) + white spray paint ($1 at Walmart)

Lazy Susan Organizer
marbles + 2 round cake pans
Place the marbles in the bottom cake pan and add the second pan over the top of the marbles. It will spin around smoothly.

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Bathroom Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Cardboard Box Basket
jute twine + cardboard + white fabric

Wall Baskets for Bath Linens
3 different sized baskets

Bath & Body Organizers
small clear plastic boxes + black permanent marker

Towel Bar Organizer
towel bars + bins or baskets + s-hooks

Bathroom Organizer
small pails + suction cup hook + white rope + s-hooks

Bath Product Organization
shower curtain rod + curtain rings with clips

Shower Storage
small mesh over the door shoe organizer + curtain rings with clips

Tiered Tray
glass taper candleholder + white plate + white saucer

Makeup Organizer (using a cutlery tray)

Storage Jars
round candleholder + 3 glass taper candleholder + E-6000 glue + urn candleholder + hurricane candleholder
You just have to glue the taper candleholder to the bottom of the other candleholders

Bathroom Organizer
jars with lids + saw tooth hanger + chalkboard paint + small wood pallet + E600

Under the Sink Makeover
nesting bins + metal shower caddy

Under The Sink Organization

3 magazine holders + 1 plastic tub

Under Sink Organization
stackable bins

Drawer Makeup Organizers
Assorted Plastic Drawer Organizers

Hair Appliance Storage
file folder box + hair straightener , blow dryer, etc.

Hair Appliance Storage
all you need for this is command hooks

Inside Cabinet Door Storage
plastic baskets + command hooks

Shower Storage
shower rod + hangable bins or baskets with handles + curtain rings

Hair and Accessory Organization Rack
binder + hair accessories, jewelry, etc.

Makeup Organizer
clear plastic organizers + double-sized tape

Makeup Storage
makeup brushes + river pebbles + square candleholder

Magnetic Strip Organizer
(for the inside of the medicine cabinet door)
magnetic strip + tweezers, bobby pins, etc.

Mason Jar Organizers
mason jars + hose clamps + scrap wood + picture hanging kit + screws

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Closet Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Gift Wrap Organizer
wooden rod or curtain rod + gift wrapping accessories

Gift Wrap Storage
fabric + over the door organizer

DIY Wrapping Paper Holder
all you need is a garment bag

Belt Organizer
board + clothespins + glue

Belt Organizer II
shower curtain rings + shower rod

Purse Organizer
curtain rings + shower curtain rod (or you could just attach the rings to hangers)

Tights Organizer
clothespins + ruler + glue gun

Scarf Organizer
shower curtain rod  + curtain rings + scarves

Hat Organizer
curtain rings + hanger

Tank Top Organizer
shower curtain rings + hanger

Bra Organizer Using Metal Racks or Towel Hook Rack
You could do the same thing with 2-3 of these Dollar Tree hooks

Winter Accessory Organzier
towel bar + curtain clip rings

Flats Organization
plastic clips + hangers
You can also use bent wire coat hangers  to

Shirt Organizer (using a soda tab)

Shirt Organizer (using s hooks)

Tie Holder
screws + decorative drawer handles (you can them at Walmart for $2-$3)

Closet Makeover
bins + totes + baskets

Linen Closet Makeover
using $1 plastic totes

Broom and Mop Organizer
wire hook rack

Cleaning Supply Organization
Slotted Plastic Storage Baskets

Cleaning Supply Organization
(using over the door shoe organizer)

Basket Shelf
hangable basket (with handles) + hooks

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Jewelry & Nail Polish Dollar Store Organization

 Jewelry Tower
cups + saucers + taper candle holders + spray paint + glue
These dishes were found at Thrift Stores, but you can also find similar ones at Dollar Tree too.

Jewelry Hanger
towel rack + s hooks

Jewelry Organization
screw hooks (you can get a pack for $3 at Home Depot) + jewelry for hanging

Fingernail Polish Display Stand
black foam board + picture frame

Nail Polish Storage
cookie jar with a metal lid + decorative knob (optional)

 Jewelry Holder from a Cutlery Tray
cutlery tray + knobs + cup hooks

Jewelry Accordion Rack Organizer
accordion hooks +  tape + jewelry

Earring Organizer (using an ice cube tray)

Necklace Hanger
glass mirrors +  acrylic knobs + e6000 glue

DIY Jewelry Organizer
decorative metal sheets + picture frame  + decorative knobs + primer & paint + glazier points

Necklace Holder
cooling rack +  picture frame + wrapping paper + adhesives

paper towel holder + gold spray paint

paper towel roll + glass taper candleholder + white spray paint

Jewelry Rack
Wire Hook Rack + jewelry + scrap wood + foam stickers

Hear Accessory Organizer
plastic compartment container

Decorative Ideas for Dollar Store Bins and Buckets

Chic Buckets
vinyl numbers + black acrylic paint + buckets

Stylish Bins
plastic bin + white spray paint ($1 at Walmart)+ fake leather scraps + leather punch + rivets + washers + rivet gun


Burlap Dollar Tree Bins
burlap fabric + plastic bins + spray paint + labels

 Metal Storage Bins
storage bins + metal and oil rubbed bronze spray paint + wooden chalkboard tags

Vintage Storage Bins
plastic bins + gray automobile primer + chalkboard paint + silver craft paint

Vintage Locker Bins
metallic spray paint + vintage tag printables + plastic bins

Storage Bin Makeover
spray paint + metal pulls + plastic bins

Industrial Farmhouse Storage Drawers
storage drawers + ORB Spray paint + metal labels + antique fasteners + balsa wood + furniture buttons + wood stain

Plastic Container with Ribbon
various colored ribbons + plastic basket with holes

Cereal Box Storage Bins

Coffee Canister Storage
spray paint + labels + empty coffee jars

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Other Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Key Frame
picture frame + gold hooks + paint

According Rack Organizer for Accessories

DIY Cube Organizer
wood crates + bins + drywall screws with anchors

Key Organizer
key hooks + super glue + picture frame

Organization Hub
wire mesh utensil  tray + small nails

Miscellaneous Storage
for small items like rubber bands, tacks, paper clips, and keys
Silicone muffin cups +  egg carton

DIY Storage Shelving
plastic crates + drill + anchor + screws + metal washers

Office, Craft and School Supply Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

DIY Desk Organizer
Dollar Tree's Drawer Organizers or various sized drawer organizers: medium, small and large)

DIY Storage Pails for Supplies
small pails + hook metal rack

Mason Jar Supply Organizer
mason jars with lids + chalk paint  + chalk + large label

Decorative Pencil Holder
(using a toothbrush holder)

Office Supply Organizer
ice cube tray + paper clips, thumbtacks, staples, etc.

Power Strip Cord Organizer

Cord Organizer (using binder clips)

Ribbon Organizer (using a paper towel holder)

Ribbon Organizer
Large Rectangular Slotted Plastic Storage Baskets + saw + wooden dowel

Craft Closet Door
2 small wire baskets + small pegboard + tin cans + scrap fabric

Tool Organizer
ice cube tray + screws, nuts, bolts, etc

Floating Storage Space
small jars with lids + adhesive

Cereal Box Desk Organizer
decorate the boxes with wrapping paper, decorative tape or fabric

Laundry Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Metallic Rope Throw Basket
round laundry basket + paint + jute rope  + 1 yard felt

Laundry Makeover
plastic totes + storage buckets  + spray bottles + clothespins + labels

Laundry Basket Idea for Extra Storage
s hooks + plastic totes

Laundry Bin Organizers
Collapsible Storage Containers with Handles

Cookie Jar Laundry Pod Holder

Iron Board Storage (using wall hooks)

Small Space Laundry Room Organization
wire basket + small plastic containers + screws

Car / Travel Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Car Organizer
All you need is a small over the door shoe organizer to hang over the back of the seat

Car Trash Can
cereal storage container with lid + small trash bags

Travel Cord Organizer (using eyeglass cases)

Travel Jewelry Organizer (using a pill organizer)

Dollar Store DIY Easter Decorations

dollar store diy easter decorations

These are cheap and easy dollar store DIY easter decorations that cost under $5 and take less than 5 minutes to make. All of the supplies for this project can be found at Dollar Tree. This whole project only cost me $4. I had the vases, candleholders and candles already. Also, all you need to make these projects is a mini hot glue gun!

Easter Egg Bouquet


  • Vase
  • Easter grass
  • Easter eggs picks
  • Artificial flowers (with leaves)


  1. Fill vase with easter grass as a filler.
  2. Cut the leaves off the flower stems and glue onto the back of the easter egg picks.
Easter Candle


Easter Candle Dish



  1. Use a hot glue gun to glue the mini foam eggs around the edge of the dish.
  2. Cut a handful of easter grass into smaller pieces and glue in the center of the dish, then add the candle on top once the glue is dry.
LED Easter Candle



  1.  Cut the ribbon to the appropriate length.
  2. Using a hot glue gun, glue the ribbon to the back of the candle.

100 Cheap & Easy Easter DIY Decorations

These Easter DIY decorations are budget-friendly and easy to make! There are over 100 fun and colorful Easter DIY ideas. From wreaths to centerpieces to home accents, there's something for everyone.

Materials That You Can Get At Dollar Tree:

Crafting Supplies You May Need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue (epoxy glue, craft or super glue)
  • Mod Podge
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Tape
  • Paint or foam brushes
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Pencil / Pen
  • Marker

Easter DIY Wreaths

Yarn Wreath
yarn + laced ribbon + pins + burlap + fabric

Floral Monogram
Chicken wire + floral foam + flowers + floral pins and wire

String Easter Egg Wreath
embroidery floss + water balloon + liquid starch + ribbon

Peep Wreath
Peeps + foam wreath + toothpicks + pink burlap ribbon + floral pin

Plastic Egg Wreath
easter eggs + easter grass + cardboard for base + ribbon

Easy No-Sew Fabric Wreath
4 coordinating fabrics + foam wreath form + jute twine

Easter Bunny Wreath
foam wreath (white) + white feather boas + easter bunny ears headband

Bunny Wreath
foam pipe cover + Lion Yarn Fun Fur + vinyl coated wire + ribbon + white fabric + pink paper

Bunny Wreath II
wire hangers + foam wreath + chunky yarn+ ribbon for hanging

Fabric Scrap Easter Bunny
pastel fabric scraps + wire hangers + wire wreaths + ribbon

Spring Baby Grass Wreath
foam wreath + Lion Yarn Fun Fur + daisy trim + pearlized pink pins

Felt Bunny Door Hanger
bow + basket + brown felt + flowers

Dollar Store Nest Wreath
foam wreath + twine + grapevine wreaths + foam eggs + craft paint

Chick Wreath
grosgrain ribbon +  wire wreath + yellow chenille chicks

Rustic Egg Wreath
grapevine wreath + flowers + painted eggs

Candy Wreath
ribbon + candy + foam wreath

Spring Grass Easter Wreath
2 old picture frame + fake grass + plastic eggs + spray paint + brown acrylic paint + ribbon

Moss Monogram
Cardboard letter + Spray adhesive + Moss sheets + Ribbon for hanging

Easter DIY Centerpieces, Vases, and Flowers

Peeps Centerpiece
glass vase + flowers + Easter M&M’s + Peeps +  skewers

Easter Peeps Centerpiece
square vases + jelly beans + gerbera daisies + Peeps

Layered Candy Filled Vase with Flowers
glass vase + clear plastic cup + jelly beans + flowers

Chicks & Candy Centerpiece
peeps + easter M&Ms + glass vase + glass cups + easter grass + flowers

Paint Stick Basket
square dowel + paint stir sticks + 3/8 inch staples + wood glue

Eggshell Flower Centerpiece
12 eggs + egg carton or ceramic + mixed bouquet of flowers

Golden Eggshells and Flowers
gold or bronze spray paint + small flowers + eggshells

Eggshell Planters
moss + succulents + small flowers + soil

Easter Egg Vase
clear jar+ drinking glass + dyed, hard-cooked eggs + flowers

Jelly Bean Candle Centerpiece
pink polka dot ribbon + jelly beans + easter grass + glass votives and jars + large white platter

Tea Cup Flowers
vintage tea cup (thrift store) + floral foam block + flowers

Spring Mantel
various sized and colored jars and bottles + plant sprigs + water

Ombre Spring Vase
glass vase + acrylic paint in white and green + flowers

Gold Leaf Vases or Votives
gold leaf kit + small glasses or votives

Carrots in a Vase
carrots + tall vase

Mossy Cupcake Stand
upcake stand + floral moss + plastic eggs + dyed easter eggs + votive candles and candle holders

Nest Cake Stand
wood eggs + blue, yellow, green & brown acrylic paint  + dry grass (or natural raffia)

Burlap Stencil Bunny Table-Runner
burlap + acrylic paint + bunny stencil  + adhesive seam sealer

Robin Egg Nest Jar
wood easter eggs + acrylic paint + Spanish moss + grapevine wreath + apothecary jar

Dollar Store Easter Vases
hurricane candleholders + tapered glass candleholders + floral moss + polyresin birds  + spray paint  + gorilla glue + decorative eggs

Easter Egg Vases
natural raffia + plastic easter eggs

Rainbow Centerpieces
assorted vases + food coloring + flowers

Tall Easter Egg Vase
plastic eggs + easter grass + large vase (thrift store - $3)

Plastic Egg Planter
plastic eggs + flowers + soil

Eggshell Votives
eggs + needle + paint + tea light candles + egg cups + toilet paper tubes + skewers

Easter Candy Mason Jars
cupcake liners + twine + cute printable bunny + mason jar + candy

Recycled Easter Bunny Vase
old jar + chalk paint + craft paint (for face details) + twine + flowers

Easter Candy Jars
round glass candleholder + wood or glass taper candleholder + candy

Easter Candy Mason Jars II
mason jars + vinyl stickers + chalky finish paint+ ribbon

Growing Easter Eggs
couldn't find the source or tutorial for this particular image, but Dollar Tree has instructions for a very similar project that you could use
clay pots (Dollar Tree) + acrylic paint + foam egg picks + foam brick + easter grass

Edible Easter Terrarium
decorative glass jars + English toffee-chopped into small pieces + Oreo cookies + Edible Easter grass + chocolate bunnies + Ice cream cones + jelly bean +  candy eggs

Easter Glass Vase
stemless wine glasses + chalky finish paints  + natural raffia + succulents

Easter DIY Home Decor Accents

Egg Topiary Tree

plastic eggs + foam cone + chalky finish paint + brown acrylic paint + floral moss

Egg Tree

plastic eggs + ribbon + branches with flowers + small bucket + river pebbles

Paper Leaf Tree
Patterned paper + branches + white spray paint + vase or pitcher

Easter Egg Tree
foam glitter egg ornaments + easter grass + foam cone

Jelly Bean Tree
vase + branches + jelly beans + pebbles or foam

Jelly Bean Topiary
pastel jelly beans + foam ball + terra cotta pots + square floral foam + treat sticks + moss + white craft paint
(Tip: You can get all these supplies except craft paint at Dollar Tree)

Bunny and Carrot Garland
burlap banner (with twine) + orange and white felt + green raffia + cotton balls

Egg Garland
plastic eggs +  jewelry cord + ribbon

Egg Garland II
foam glitter easter eggs + glitter mini clothespins + baker’s twine

Paint Chip Egg Garland
paint chips + scissors + pencil


Bunny Garland (no tutorial)
patterned card stock + string + small cotton balls + bunny template

Bunny Pom Pom Garland
white yarn + White craft foam + white packaged pom poms + baker's twine

Easter Sign
wood letters + patterned card stock + ribbon +  mini wooden clothespins


Bunny Burlap Bunting (no tutorial link)
burlap banner + bunny stencil + acrylic paint + small cotton balls

Grass Candles
white pillar candles + nonflammable all-purpose glue stick + blades of Grass

Easter Candy Candle
easter M&Ms + votive candle + glass round candleholder

Easter Egg Candleholder
plastic eggs + round pieces of wood + dowel rod + drill + spray paint


Jelly Bean Candle
glass candle holder + white pillar candle + jelly beans

Papier-Mâché Nest
bowl + plastic wrap + shredded paper + decorative eggs

Easter Bunny Wood Crate
wood crate + white paint + alphabet and bunny stickers + rope
Apply stickers on the crate where you want them and then paint. Let dry and remove stickers.

Twig Nest
twigs + plastic eggs + narrow ribbon

Fake Chocolate Easter Bunny
cheap ceramic bunny + Krylon Outdoor Spaces Earth Tierra + easter grass + mini egg

Sock Bunny
small sock + felt + large pom pom + googly eyes + ribbon + clear rubber bands + rice

Popsicle Stick Bunny
bunny template + popsicle sticks + mini popsicle sticks + acrylic paint + wood stain + yarn

Paper Egg Decorations
assorted colored cardstock + egg template + ribbon

Easter DIY Art

Moss Covered Bunny Canvas Art
Small burlap canvas + foam bunny silhouette + floral moss

Egg Button Art
white cardstock + printable egg pattern + assorted buttons + picture frame

Bird Burlap Art
picture frame + burlap fabric + bird stencil + acrylic paints

Spring Wallflower Sign
foam or wood board + flowers + plastic plug caps + wood letters

Bunny Canvas Art
art canvas + acrylic craft + multi-color yarn + bunny silhouette


Painted Egg Art
piece of wood + craft paints + stencil

Paper Strip Egg Art
egg template + white cardstock + patterned paper + picture frame

Framed Easter Decoration
wood eggs + picture frame + screw eye hooks + foam alphabet stickers + ribbon + acrylic paint

Easter DIY Outdoor Decorations

Easter Egg Lights
string lights + drill + plastic easter eggs

Easter Egg Tree
plastic eggs with holes + ribbon

Egg Tree II
plastic eggs with holes + ribbon

Egg Doorway Garland
plastic eggs + ribbons + needle and thread

Egg Lantern
painted foam eggs + easter glittery berries (You can get both at Dollar Tree)

Reclaimed Wood Easter Eggs
reclaimed wood + wood glue + jig saw + paint + sand paper + flat head wood screws + plywood + egg template

Bunny Crossing Sign
scrap wood + post +  paint + acrylic paint for letters + spray sealer + saw

 Reclaimed Wood Easter Bunny
reclaimed wood + plywood + jig saw + wood glue + white paint + sandpaper + bunny template

100 Dollar Store DIY Home Decor Ideas

This post may contain affiliate links.

dollar store diy

Decorate for less with these dollar store DIY projects. Here are some creative decorating ideas that use items found at Dollar Tree.

Items That You Can Buy at Dollar Tree:

Crafting Supplies You May Need:

 Vases and Jars Dollar Store DIY Projects

Gold Leaf Vase
gold paint + painter's tape + vase + flowers

Dollar Store Ombre Vases
glass vase + acrylic paint + flowers

Washi Tape Tulip Vase
washi tape + tall vase + flowers

Enamel Painted Vases
different sized vases + PermEnamel paint + PermEnamel Surface Conditioner

Kate Spade Rosebowl
round glass candleholder + gold paint pen + flowers

Spring Vase
vase + flat white spray paint + gold spray paint + flowers

Monogrammed Chic Vase
vase + stencil + etching cream + flowers

Anthropologie Inspired Spice Jars
primer + spray paint + acrylic paints + chalkboard paint + label stickers + jars with lids

Apothecary Jars
glass taper candleholder + jars with lids

Candles and Candleholders Dollar Store DIY Projects

Photo Candleholder
glass tall candleholder + vellum paper + candle

Glass Bead Candleholder
glass bead + round glass candleholder

Elegant Votive Candleholders
tall vase + rubber bands + white matte spray paint + votive candles

Glitter Votive
glass candleholder + spray adhesive + glitter + small pillar candle

Candle Lampshade
wine glasses + scrapbook paper + LED tea lights + double-sided tape

Bamboo Candle
tall glass candleholder + bamboo + candle

Mason Jar Prism Candle
mason jar + round glass beads + ribbon or twine + tea light candle

DIY  Hurricane Candle
Smooth Glass Hurricane Candleholder + glass taper candleholder + small pillar candle

Washi Tape Tea-Light Votives
washi tape + tea light candles

Sparkling Spray-Painted Candles
metallic spray paint + tall jar candles + painter's tape

Thumbtack Patterned Candles
gold thumbtacks + candle

Hurricane Lanterns Out of Dollar Store Frames
5 picture frames + curtain ring + black marker

Picture Frame Luminaries
4 picture frames + vellum square mirror + LED tealight candles

Hurricane Candles II
vase + glass taper candleholder + pebbles or river rocks

Wall Art Dollar Store DIY Projects

Sunburst Mirror
mirror + bamboo skewers + gold spray paint

Wall Mirror
compacts + wood base + spray paint

Rubber Door Mat Wall Art
door mat + spray paint + sandpaper

Contact Paper Wall Art
contact paper + old boxes (e.g. cereal or granola boxes)

Ampersand Art Using Thumbtacks
gold thumbtacks + canvas

Pottery Barn Mirror Wall Art
square mirrors + cheap piece of plywood + spray paint + wood glue + 1/2 in. trim

Anthropologie-Inspired Collage Art Plates
decorative plates +  art poster + Mod Podge + felt

Vintage Wall Art
floral contact paper + silver serving platters + grosgrain ribbon {ivory}

Anthropologie Inspired Circles Mirror
round mirrors +  gold spray paint + hex nuts & screws + paint can lids

Canvas Wall Art
canvases + scrapbooking paper + command hooks

Plate Wall Art
Plain plates +  black cardstock + Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Waterproof Sealer

Serving Tray Wall Art
silver serving trays + stickers + primer + white spray paint

Decorative Accents Dollar Store DIY Projects

Mirror Box
square mirrors + cork protectors

Book Topiary
candle holder + styrofoam ball + book

Mercury Glass Pedestal
glass taper candleholder + glass bowl + Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Spray

Faux Silver Birds and Flowers Pedestal Bowl
bird + glass taper candleholder + white spray paint + Krylon Shimmer Metallic Spray Paint  + silver shimmer +  black acrylic paint + flower beads


Dollar Store Picture Frame
picture frame + spray paint + glass taper candleholder
I can't find the original source with a tutorial, but it's fairly straightforward to make. Just spray paint both the frame and candleholder and use e6000 glue to attach the candleholder to the bottom of the frame.

Picture Frame and Message Board
glass taper candleholder + twine + paint or stain + clothespinsburlap ribbon

Painted Ombre Bead Frame
wood beads + pipe cleaner + acrylic paints + picture frame

Dresser Mirror
round mirrorround acrylic trayaccent gems  + plate stand

Decorative Bookends
glass square vases + decorative paper + vase filler + succulent

Animal Bookends
plastic toy animals + acrylic photo frames + spray paint

Invisible Book Shelf
"L" Bracket + wood screws + books

Pebble Bath Mat
river rocks + cement glue + rubber mat

Candle Holder Paperweights
small glass candle holders + scrapbook paper + pourable resin

Patio Lanterns
plastic landscaping solar lights + basket hangers

Hula Hoop Chandelier
hula hoop + ribbon + string lights

Japanese Lantern
manila folders + wooden skewers + tissue paper

Twine Pears
light bulbs + twine + twigs

Elegant Fruit (no tutorial link)
high gloss spray paint + fake fruit

Marble Accordion Rack
wooden accordion rack + marble self-adhesive film + white paint

Bandana Pillows
bandanas + pillows

Storage Dollar Store DIY Projects

Metallic Rope Throw Basket
round laundry basket + paint + jute rope  + 1 yard felt

Cardboard Box Basket
jute twine + cardboard + white fabric

Jewelry Tower
cups + saucers + taper candle holders + spray paint + glue
These dishes were found at Thrift Stores, but you can also find similar ones at Dollar Tree too.

Chic Buckets
vinyl numbers + black acrylic paint + white spray paint + buckets

Metal Storage Bins
storage bins + metal and oil rubbed bronze spray paint +  wooden chalkboard tags

Burlap Dollar Tree Bins
burlap fabric + plastic bins + spray paint + labels

Vintage Storage Bins
plastic bins + gray automobile primer + chalkboard paint + silver craft paint

Fingernail Polish Display Stand
black foam board + picture frame

Key Frame
picture frame + gold hooks + paint

Jewelry Holder from a Cutlery Tray
cutlery tray + paint + knobs  + cup hooks

Bathroom Organizer
jars with lids + saw tooth hanger + chalkboard paint + small wood pallet

Industrial Farmhouse Storage Drawers
storage drawers + ORB Spray paint + metal labels + antique fasteners
+ balsa wood + furniture buttons + wood stain

Flowers, Plants and Garden Dollar Store DIY Projects

Moss Topiaries
foam balls + wood dowels + terra-cotta pot + moss + paint

Topiary Trees
faux greenery balls + clay potsfloral foam + skewers + moss + clay + paint (green, brown, white)

15 Minute Wreath
grapevine wreath + greenery + ribbon + floral wire
The person who made this got these supplies at Hobby Lobby, but you can get them at Dollar Tree for much cheaper!

Succulent Tiered Ceramic Bowls
ceramic bowls + glass pillar candleholder + potting soil + pebbles + fake succulents

Elegant Centerpiece
tall vase + glass taper candleholder + pebbles + branch + flowers

Metallic Flower Pots
metallic spray paint + primer + terra cotta pots

Stenciled Clay Pot
terra cotta pot + craft paint + brush + stencils

Gold Succulent Vases
succulents +  painter's tape + gold spray paint + glasses

Scallop Shell Terra Cotta Pot
terra cotta pot + latex paint + fake stone spray paint + scallop shells

Faux Succulent Garden
5×7 framesmoss + faux succulents + twigs + paint

Flower Pot Makeover
fake succulents + rope

Dollar Store Terrariums
glass round candleholder + glass taper candleholder + pebbles + plants + decorative moss

8 picture frames + plywood + corner brackets + utility hinges + screws + white paint + furniture polish

Terrarium II
stemless wine glass + potting soil + gravel + small plant

Serveware and Dishes Dollar Store DIY Projects

Marble Mugs
white ceramic mugs + nail polish  + wooden skewers  + nail polish remover

Dollar Store Cake Stand
tart pan + glass taper candleholders + white paint

Mirrored Cake Stands
glass taper candle holder + mirrors + strong magnets

Silver plastic serving trays + black latex paint + chalk +  nonsanded grout

Anthropologie Confetti Tumblers
stemless wine glass + acrylic paints + sealer

Chalkboard Wine Glasses
wine glass + chalkboard  spray paint + chalk

Serving Tray
framed mirror + placemat

Tiered Serving Platter
plates + glass taper candleholder

Dollar Store Cake Plate
elegant cut-glass dinner plate + glass taper candleholder

100 DIY Household Cleaner Recipes That Will Save You Money

diy cleaner recipes

This is my go-to list of DIY household cleaning recipes. These recipes will help you clean your whole house (kitchen, bathroom,floors, laundry and much more) with very few ingredients.

Here are the ingredients that you will need for DIY Cleaning. It's a good idea to always have them in your pantry.

Why are DIY cleaners so much better than store-bought cleaning products?

  • MUCH cheaper
  • just as effective
  • chemical-free
  • environment-friendly
  • safer for children and pets
  • easy to make
  • customizable - you can add your favorite scents to your cleaners!


Shower Cleaner
1/4 cup water vinegar + 1 cup water

Tub, Tile, and Grout Cleaner
1/2 cup baking soda + 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide +1 teaspoon liquid dish soap
Mix and add to a bottle. Squeeze onto affected area. Allow to sit for 10 minutes and rinse off with water and a sponge. For tough stains, apply it twice.

Hard Water Stain Remover
1 cup Epsom salts + 1/2 cup baking soda +1/4 cup liquid dish soap
Mix and rub onto tiles, spouts or shower doors with a cloth. Let it sit for 5 minutes. Rinse with warm water and wipe dry with a towel.

 Toilet Bowl Cleaner
1/2 cup baking soda + 1/4 cup castile soap + 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide
+ 1 cup hot water + 1/4 cup vinegar
Tutorial here

Toilet Bombs
baking soda +  citric acid + essential oils
Tutorial here

Odor Eliminating Toilet Fizz Bombs
2 cups baking soda + 1/2 cup citric acid + 2 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide + 1 tsp of white vinegar + 30 drops essential oils
Tutorial here

Unclogging Toilet Bombs
2 cups baking soda + 1/4 cup Epsom salts + 1/2 cup liquid dish soap
Tutorial here

Heavy Duty Toilet Cleaner
3/4 cup borax + 1 cup white vinegar + essential oil
Scrub with a toilet bowl brush and let sit overnight

Antibacterial Toilet Cleaner 
1/2 cup baking soda + 1 cup distilled white vinegar + 1/2 tsp tea tree essential oil
Spray in bowl and on the toilet seat, lid, and handle. Let sit for 15 minutes and wipe dry with a cloth.

Toilet Draino
1 cup of baking soda + 1 gallon of boiling water + 2 cups of vinegar
Add baking soda and water into the toilet bowl and then slowly add the vinegar. Let sit overnight or until it flushes

Toilet Draino Method #2
1/2 cup dish soap +1 gallon hot water
Pour soap into toilet and let sit 30 minutes. Then pour in the hot water and it should flush after that!

All-In-One Bathroom Cleaner
2 cups warm water + 1 tbsp baking soda + 2 tbsp castile soap + essential oils
Tutorial here

Bathtub Scrub
1 tsp liquid soap  + 1 cup baking soda +  essential oil
Mix and scrub onto the tub with a sponge

Air Freshener
1/2 cup baking soda + 10 drops essential oil
Add to a small decorative jar and place in a small room like the bathroom or cat litter closet to make it smell nice.

Air Freshener #2
1/4 cup vodka + 1 tbsp water + 20 drops essential oil

Mold and Mildew Spray
1/2 cup water + 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar + 20 drops tea tree oil

Mirror Spray
1/2 cup vinegar + 1/4 cup isopropyl rubbing alcohol + 1 1/2 cups water

3-Ingredient Coconut Oil Hand Soap
1/4 cup shaved soap + 4 cups boiling water +1 tablespoon coconut oil
Grate soap. Mix ingredients until dissolved. Let mixture cool. Pour into bottle.

Poo Spray
vegetable glycerine + rubbing alcohol + distilled water
Tutorial here

Daily Shower Cleaner Spray
1.5 cups water + 1 cup white vinegar + 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol + 1 tsp liquid dish soap + 15 drops essential oil

Homemade Soft Scrub
1 cup baking soda + 1/4 cup castile soap + 1 tbsp hydrogen peroxide
Mix until thick. Apply with cloth. Let sit for 5 minutes. Wipe away.

Living Room and Bedroom

Hardwood Floor Cleaner
1/2 white vinegar + 1 gallon warm water + 2 drops lemon essence oil

Laminate Floor Cleaner
1/2 cup white vinegar +1/2 cup rubbing alcohol + 1/2 cup water

Dry Carpet Cleaner
2 cups baking soda + 1/2 cup cornstarch + 1/2 cup cornmeal + 4 bay leaves +1 tbsp whole cloves
Tutorial here

Carpet Cleaner
1 tsp dish washing liquid + 1 tbsp white vinegar + 1 cup warm water + 1 tsp baking soda
Add ingredients to a spray bottle. Add baking soda last and quickly screw the lid on. Spray onto carpet and rub into carpet with a sponge.

Carpet and Rug Deodorizer
1 cup baking soda + 20 drops tea tree oil
Sprinkle over carpet. Let sit 30 minutes and vacuum it up.

Carpet Stain Remover
3/4 cup hydrogen peroxide + 2 tsp baking soda + 2 tsp dish soap
Scrub into carpet with a sponge or cloth until stain is gone.

Homemade Pine-Sol
1 tbsp liquid castile soap + 4 cups warm water + 10 pine essential oil
Mix and pour into a spray bottle with a funnel. Shake and start spraying.

Furniture Polish
3/4 cup olive oil + 1/4 cup distilled white vinegar + 1 tsp lemon juice
Mix ingredient and shake up. Apply to a cloth and rub onto wood furniture to polish.

Glass Cleaner
1 Cup White Vinegar + 1 Cup Water

Glass Cleaner Method #2
1 quart water + 1 drop of dish soap
Add to spray bottle. Spray and wipe clean.

Steam Cleaner Solution 
2 cups vinegar + 1 cup hydrogen peroxide + 2 tbsp clear dish soap
Mix well and add to the hot water in the steam cleaner.

Mattress Deodorizer 
1 cup baking soda + 10 drops lavender essential oils
Add to shaker and shake to mix ingredients. Sprinkle onto mattress. Let sit for 30 minutes. Vacuum up.

Brass Cleaner
white vinegar + table salt
Pour enough vinegar on a sponge to absorb and sprinkle with salt.
Gently rub over surface. Rinse clean with washer and dry with a soft cloth.

Wall Cleaning Solution 
1/4 cup white vinegar + 4 cups warm water
Mix and apply with a cloth and rub on walls.

Wood Panel Cleaning
1/4 cup olive oil + 3 tbsp white vinegar + 4 cups warm water
Mix and apply with a cloth and rub on walls.


Heavy Duty Kitchen Scrub
1/4 cup baking soda + 3 drops water + 1/4 cup dish soap

Grease Cleaner
1 3/4 cups distilled water + 2 tbsp castile soap + 20 drops essential oil (optional)
Tutorial here

Dish Soap
2 1/2 cups boiling water + 1 tbsp Borax +1 tbsp washing soda + 2 tbsp white distilled vinegar + 1/2 cup liquid castile soap + 10 drops essential oil (optional)
Tutorial here

Metal Pot and Pan Cleaner
1/2 cup baking soda + 1 tsp liquid dish soap + 2 tbsp hydrogen peroxide
Spread the paste onto your pot or pan and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then scrub with a brush and rinse until clean.

Dishwasher Tablets
1 cup baking soda + 1/4 cup citric acid + 1 tbsp dish liquid
Tutorial here

Dishwasher Bombs
2 cups baking soda + 3 tbsp hydrogen peroxide + 10 drops essential oil + 2 cups vinegar + 1 tbsp dish detergent
Tutorial here

Fresh Lemon Homemade Dishwasher Detergent
lemon + water + white vinegar + salt
Tutorial here

Dishwasher Rinse Aid
vinegar + small cup
Tutorial here

Dish Soak Fizzies
1 cup baking soda + 1/2 cup salt + 1/2 cup citric acid + 2 tbsp dish soap
Tutorial here

Microwave Cleaner
water + bowl + citrus
Tutorial here

All Purpose Cleaner
2 cups water + 1/2 cup white vinegar + 1 tsp dish soap +1 tbsp baking soda
Add to a spray bottle and apply to surfaces. Then wipe clean with a cloth.

Scouring Powder
1 cup baking soda + 1/2 cup salt + 1/2 cup borax
Sprinkle the scouring powder on a wet surface. Let it stay on for 5 minutes then scrub clean.

Drain Cleaner
1/2 cup baking soda + 1/2 cup white vinegar + 1 cup boiling water
Tutorial here

1 cup water + 1 cup rubbing alcohol
Put ingredients in a bottle and shake. Spray surface after cleaning.

Garbage Disposal Refreshers
3/4 cup baking soda + 1/2 cup salt + 1/2 teaspoon liquid dish soap + 1 lemon
Tutorial here

 Stove Cleaner
1 tbsp table salt + 1 tbsp baking soda + 1 tbsp water
Scrub onto surface with a cloth.

Stainless Steel Cleaner
vinegar + olive oil + water
Tutorial here

Oven Cleaner
1/2 cup of baking soda + 3 tbsp of water + white vinegar
Mix and spread onto dirty and greasy spots in the oven. Let sit overnight.
Wipe off with a dish cloth. Spray with vinegar then wipe the remaining foam away.

Oven Rack Cleaner
dollar store dryer sheets + dish soap
Tutorial here

Rust Remover
1/2 cup Borax + 3 tbsp lemon juice
Mix until a paste is formed and spread onto rusty area. Let sit at least for 30 minutes. Use a brush to scrub the paste.

Granite Countertop Cleaner
1/2 cup rubbing alcohol + 2 cups water + 8 drops dish soap
Pour into spray bottle. Shake the bottle to mix and start spraying.

Fridge Cleaner Spray
1/2 cup white vinegar + 1 cup hot water + 3 drops essential oil

Wood Cutting Board Cleaner
1/2 lemon + coarse salt
Sprinkle cutting board with salt. Scour the board with lemon. Let sit for 5 minutes. Scrap off and rinse with water.

1/2 cup distilled white vinegar + 1/2 cup water  + 1 tbsp dish soap

Homemade 409
2 tbsp. distilled white vinegar + 1 tsp. borax + 1/8 cup dish soap + 1 cup hot water
Tutorial here

Keurig Cleaning Solution
water + white vinegar
Tutorial here


Cleaning Wipes
1/2 cup lemon juice + 1/2 cup water + 1 cup vinegar +1 tbsp rubbing alcohol + 1 tsp baking soda + 1 tsp Dr. Bronner's soap + paper towels
Tutorial here

2 Ingredient Leather Cleaner
olive oil + vinegar
Tutorial here

Eyeglass Cleaner
1 part water + 1 part isopropyl alcohol
Fill a spray bottle with ingredients, shake and spray onto glasses. Wipe off with a microfiber cloth.

Citrus Spray Cleaner
2 cups lemon peels and orange peels + 2 cups white vinegar
Tutorial here

Goo Gone
2 tbsp vegetable oil + 3 tbsp baking soda
Mix until a paste is formed and apply on a sticky surface to remove the residue. Wipe away with a cloth.

Upholstery Cleaner
3 tbsp dish soap + 1 tbsp Borax + 1 cup boiling water
Mix. Let cool. Pour into a spray bottle. Spray onto a cloth and wipe down upholstery.

Dusting Spray
1 cup water + 1/4 cup white distilled vinegar + 2 tablespoons olive oil + 10-15 drops essential oil


Washing Soda
Bake 1 cup baking soda in the oven
Tutorial here

Dry Laundry Booster
2 cups washing soda + 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide
Tutorial here

Stain Remover
1 tbsp dish-washing liquid + 1 tbsp baking soda + 1 tbsp hydrogen peroxide
Mix and apply to stained area with a toothbrush

Laundry Detergent 
1/2 cup washing soda + 1/4 cup Borax + 1 cup boiling water + 1 tbsp castile soap + 1/4 cup white vinegar
Tutorial here

Chemical Free Liquid Laundry Detergent
2 gallons water + 1/2 cup washing soda + 1/2 cup baking soda + 3/4 cup castile soap + 30 drops essential oils
Tutorial here

Premium Laundry Detergent
4 lbs Baking Soda  + Washing Soda  + 1 box Borax + 1 box of BIZ + 4 bars of Zote Soap + Purex Crystals
Tutorial here

"Pennies Per Load" Laundry Detergent 
65 oz box Borax + 55 oz box Washing Soda + 1 Fels Naptha Laundry Bar + 18 oz container Purex Crystals
Tutorial here

Powder Laundry Detergent (HE safe)
1 cup. Fels Naptha + 1 cup baking soda + 1 cup borax + 1 cup washing soda
Grate soap. Mix. Add 2 tbsp per load of laundry.

Laundry Pods
laundry bar soap  + super washing soda  + Borax + OxiClean + vinegar
Tutorial here

Laundry Bombs
1 1/2 cup washing soda + 1/2 cup Fels-Naptha + 2 tbsp Epsom salts +
3 tbsp hydrogen peroxide + 1/4 cup vinegar + 15 drops essential oil
Tutorial here

Fabric Softener
2 cups distilled white vinegar  + 10 drops essential oil + fresh herbs (rosemary, mint, etc)
Add 1/4 cup to your fabric softener dispenser per load of laundry

Wool Dryer Ball
100% wool yarn + pair of pantyhose + embroidery floss
Tutorial here

Reusable Lavender Laundry Sponges
2 cups of water + 2 cups of liquid lavender fabric softener
Tutorial here

Homemade Oxy-Clean
1 cup water + 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide + 1/2 baking soda
Mix ingredients and use 2 tablespoons per load

Reusable Dryer Sheets
3/4 cup white vinegar + 1/4 cup water + 3-4 drops essential oil
Tutorial here

Homemade Febreze 
1 cup fabric softener + 1 cup white vinegar + 2 cups water
1/4 Cup of Downy Unstopables – You can use less but I had some nasty odors lingering

Homemade Febreze (without fabric softener)
4 tbsp baking soda + 1 cup hot water + 1/4 cup Downy Unstopables
Tutorial here

Laundry Scent Booster
2 cups epsom salt + essential oils
Tutorial here

 Bleach Alternative 
12 cups water + 1/4 cup lemon juice + 1 cup hydrogen peroxide
Use 2 cups of this solution per wash load.

Oxygen Bleach 
2 cups water + 1 cup baking soda + 1 cup hydrogen peroxide

Lavender Linen Spray
vodka + lavender essential oil + water
Tutorial here

Wrinkle Release Spray
1 tsp conditioner + 1 tbsp white vinegar + 2 cups water
Tutorial here


Flea Powder 

1 cup food grade diatomaceous earth +  1/2 cup neem powder + 1/2 cup yarrow powder
Tutorial here

 Pet Stain Remover for Carpets

2 cups white distilled vinegar + 2 cups of lukewarm water + 4 rounded tbsp of baking soda
Thoroughly spray onto affected area. Let sit for 5 minutes, then gently rub with a cloth.

Homemade Cleaner for Pet Urine Odors

1 cup peroxide + 2 tbsp ammonia
Spray area throughly. Use a sponge or cloth to rub into carpet. Blot dry.

Deodorizing Cat Litter 

 Sprinkle a layer of baking soda over the bottom of the litter box before pouring in cat litter

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