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School is starting back next month. The start of a new school year is a great time to start thinking about changing our old, boring routines including coming up with new lunch box ideas! I’m sure your kid is tired of cheese and PB&J sandwiches every week so here are some fresh and budget-friendly ideas to get the school year started off right:
Day 1
  • ham and cheese roll up
  • pretzels
  • small slices of strawberries and banana
  • cucumbers with light ranch dressing
Day 2
  • grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich
  • trail mix
  • celery sticks
  • apple slices
Day 3
  • tuna salad lettuce wrap
  • ants on a log (pick out the raisons from the trail mix)
  • pretzels
  • strawberries lightly drizzled with chocolate syrup sauce
Day 4
  • ham and cheese slices with crackers
  • trail mix
  • cinnamon & sugar apple slices
  • cucumbers with a sprinkle of dill
Day 5
  • tuna salad and crackers with a side of lettuce or cucumbers
  • strawberry and banana kabobs with a light drizzle of chocolate syrup
  • celery
  • pretzels
Shopping List
  1. tortillas $1
  2. bread $0.85
  3. saltine crackers $0.88
  4. ham $1.79
  5. cheddar cheese (brick) $1.59
  6. tuna $0.57
  7. lettuce $0.99
  8. pretzels $1.29
  9. trail mix $1.79
  10. strawberries $1.29 for 1lb package
  11. apples $1.32 per lb
  12. banana $0.44 per lb
  13. cucumbers $0.29 each
  14. celery $1.29

Total – $15

staple condiments:
peanut butter, ranch dressing, Italian dressing, light mayo, mustard, chocolate syrup


aldi lunch box

Sistema Lunch Cube Assortment – On Sale for $5.99 at ALDI July 27- Aug 2
  • Includes 5-oz. leakproof container
  • Includes 8-oz. bottle
lunch box cooler
Insulated Polyester Cooler Bags with Carrying Strap
Whether taking lunch to work or school, or taking snacks and drinks to the beach,
these insulated cooler bags will ensure it stays cold! Insulated polyester cooler bag
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transport. Great for taking along to the beach, picnics, road trips, and more.
lunch box water bottle
Colorful Plastic Water Bottles with Flip-Top Lids, 24 oz.
Colorful plastic water bottles help you stay hydrated on the go!
Bottles have a wide mouth design, screw-on caps, and flip-top closures.
betty crocker food storage container
Betty Crocker Easy Seal Divided Storage Containers with Lids, 32 oz.
Whether storing food in the refrigerator or taking it with you on the go,
plastic storage containers with lids will help to make sure it stays fresh.
Perfect for storing left-overs or packing lunch.
food storage container
Surefresh 3-Compartment Storage Containers, 57 oz.
3 compartment plastic storage containers with lids help to keep food separated
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Other Great Dollar Tree Ideas for Lunch Boxes:

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