70 Cheap & Healthy Snacks

Sometimes when you're on a budget it's tempting to grab a cheap bag of chips or snack cakes at the grocery store, but you can still eat healthy snacks while on a budget! There's no need to give up eating healthy snacks because of budgets or convenience. Most of these...

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70 Free Money Saving Apps

This is a comprehensive list of the best money saving apps. These apps will help you: save money manage your finances make smarter shopping decisions find great deals on the go improve your financial health Finance   Mint - I have mentioned this app in some of my...

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Cheap DIY Seashell Decor

I live by the beach so shells are cheap and easy to find here. I was able to create seashell bathroom decor without spending much money. Places like Micheals, Kohls, Homegoods, Pottery Barn and Bed Bath & Beyond charge A LOT of money for seashell decor that you...

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Budget Basics

The first step to managing your finances and saving money is to create a budget. Before you start out, you need to determine what your financial goals are (e.g. paying off debt, starting a savings, or simply because you have limited income and need to learn to live...

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