Hi Everyone,

I need your help to keep Prudent Penny Pincher alive.

Pinterest has blocked my website from their platform because someone reported it as “inappropriate content,” which obviously I don’t have any inappropriate content on my blog so they clearly made a major mistake.

This means that my pins can no longer be found on Pinterest and you can no longer pin from my website to Pinterest. Anything relating to prudentpennypincher.com is blacklisted from Pinterest. So it’s really a bad situation. 

I have contacted Pinterest several times with no response. Without the support of the Prudent Penny Pincher community, I’m afraid that Pinterest will continue to ignore my attempts to contact them.

If you have ever liked a post from Prudent Penny Pincher, could you please spare just a few minutes of your time to go to: https://help.pinterest.com/en/contact and submit a quick note to Pinterest telling them that they made a mistake about my website. I would be SO grateful for your help!

Here’s the info that you put in the drop down menu:
What do you need help with? “Reporting Something”
Tell us more: “Spam”
Then just click the red button at the bottom
For the title of the note, try something like “Please Unblock Prudentpennypincher.com”
Write a short note in the description, explaining that they made a mistake in blocking PrudentPennyPincher.com

Thank you so much for supporting Prudent Penny Pincher. I hope to continue to bringing you more awesome content!

Without Pinterest, Prudent Penny Pincher cannot go forward because it is how my posts are shared with the world and everyone uses Pinterest to bookmark recipes, DIY ideas, etc. to return to them later. No one would want to follow a blacklisted website.

On a personal note, I REALLY love my blog. I poured my heart and soul into it for the past year. It’s more than a hobby, it’s my passion. I get so excited every time I start writing a new post. I truly enjoy inspiring people and helping them. The thought of losing my blog over this stupid mistake makes me feel sad and lost because I can’t imagine not blogging.