If you are a frequent shopper at Walmart, then I highly recommending trying Walmart’s mobile app called Savings Catcher. It compares advertisement prices from several other grocery stores (e.g. 34 in my area) and gives you back money if they found a better deal somewhere else. For instance, say that you bought a 2 liter of soda at Walmart for 1.50 and another grocery store has it on sale for .85 cents, then you would get .65 cents back. Basically, it’s price matching, but with less hassle. Just scan your receipt and watch the savings come to you! It’s a stress-free and semi-passive way to save a little extra money.

I have used this app for the past year and saved $65 so far. I save between $0.40 cents and $3 per grocery visit usually. It may not seem like a lot, but it does add up!


How it works:

  1. Download “Walmart” App (It is available on both the Apple and Android stores)
  2. Look for the “Savings Catcher” section on the app
  3. Scan your Walmart receipt — the QR code at the bottom or type in the barcode number if your QR code doesn’t want to scan (this happens sometimes if the receipt gets too wrinkly or you are in dim lighting)
  4. Wait about 48 hours for Walmart to get back to you with your savings
  5. Collect your savings as a Walmart gift card by clicking on “Get it back” at the bottom of the screen. You can immediately redeem your savings or let the savings gather up so you can get a bigger gift card.


  • If you only shop at Walmart for their Great Value or other off brands that are not sold at other stores than you will not get any money back.
    • I only buy name brands at Walmart when they are considerably better than the off brands, there is no price difference (which is rare) or when there is no off brand equivalent so I don’t save as much as someone who buys mostly name brand items.
  • You must scan your receipt within 7 days of buying the items or else it will expire and you can’t get any savings. I always scan right when I’m coming out of the grocery store so I don’t forget or lose the receipt.
  • Savings Catcher only applies to groceries, consumables, health and beauty items. Produce, meats, and seafood, etc. do not count.
  • Items must be identical to the sale items at other grocery store (size, quantity, brand, flavor, etc.)
  • Save more by knowing your neighborhood deals before stopping at Walmart. Keep bookmarks of all your nearby grocery store’s weekly ads on your browser and review them so you can maximize your savings.

For more information, you can visit Walmart’s Savings Catcher website:

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