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Easy DIY Dollar Store Daisy Pumpkin

fall pumpkin covered in daisies made with Dollar Tree supplies
Prep Time5 mins
Active Time30 mins
Total Time35 mins
Yield: 1 pumpkin
Cost: $8


  • glue gun



  • Remove the green stem from the foam pumpkin.
  • Glue two cinnamon sticks together.
  • Push the cinnamon sticks into the spot where the green stem used to be and glue them into place.
  • Take the flowers off of all the bushes you bought.
  • Starting at the top, push the flowers into the foam pumpkin. When they are all the way in, you'll hear or feel a little pop and the stem won't show at all anymore.
    NOTE: For me, the flowers stayed securely in place without the need of using a glue gun on the stems before you insert them, but you can do it that if you want to (it would just take longer).Tip: I did alternating rows of orange and yellow flowers and put the smaller flowers on the top and the larger flowers on the bottom, but you can do it any way you want to!
  • Continue pushing the flowers around the pumpkin until the pumpkin is covered in flowers.
  • Then, glue two faux fall leaves to each side of the cinnamon stick stem. Alternatively, you can use two of the leaves from your daisy bushes instead.