easter egg decorations

Skip the basic dye kits this year and check out these creative and fun DIY Easter egg decorating ideas! These easter eggs will take your Easter egg-stravaganza to the next level.

Materials That You Can Get At Dollar Tree:

  • natural raffia
  • twine (jute and cotton)
  • ribbons
  • plastic eggs
  • baskets
  • easter grass
  • easter stickers
  • flowers
  • floral moss and reindeer moss

Crafting Supplies You May Need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue (epoxy glue, craft or super glue)
  • Mod Podge
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Tape
  • Paint or foam brushes
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Pencil / Pen
  • Marker

Chic Easter Egg Decorations

Modern Easter Eggs
gold/copper leaf + gilding + 3 D paint + acrylic paint + tissue paper

Golden Egg Centerpiece
gold or bronze spray paint + small flowers

Glitter Eggs
gold glitter + mod podge

Pretty Flowery Eggs
paper mache eggs + acrylic paints + paper flowers

Shabby Chic Eggs
plastic easter eggs + twine + lace, ribbon and buttons for embellishment

Vintage Egg
burlap ribbon + twine (cotton and jute) + assorted lace ribbon

Gold Leaf Eggs
gold leaf glue + sheet of gold leaf + eggs

Gold Leaf Eggs II
gold leaf + gold leaf adhesive + dye kit + eggs

Gold Leaf Egg III
gold leaf + gold leaf pen + eggs

Metallic Designs
metallic paint pens + dyed eggs

Glitter Eggs
glitter + white glue + toothpicks + washi tape + eggs

Flowery Eggs (Source Unknown)
newspaper or book pages + twine + small flowers

Sakura Eggs
Plastic eggs + yarns + flower sequins + all-purpose adhesive + acrylic paint

Napkin Eggs
hard boiled eggs + paper napkins. + pasteurized egg whites

Pressed Flower Easter Eggs
eggs + small blooms + mod podge + toothpicks

Washi Tape Eggs
various patterned washi tape + scissors

Thumbtack Eggs
thumbtacks + foam eggs

Confetti Eggs
eggs + craft paint + mod podge + foil confetti

Glittered Sticker Eggs
double-sided “flora” sticker roll + blown-out eggs + colored glitter + canned air + hole punch

Calligraphy Eggs
Tattoo paper + egg + paper towel

Confetti Eggs
craft glue + gold paint + eggs + confetti + paper + tissue paper

Gold Drip Eggs
liquid gold + eggs

Easter Egg Bling
metallic craft paint + wooden skewer + gems + vinyl silhouettes

Elegant Easter Eggs
blown out eggs + needle + scrapbooking flowers + dye

Lace Easter Eggs
lace ribbon + eggs + dye

Kid-Friendly Easter Egg Decorations

Tie Dye Easter Eggs
hard boiled eggs + food coloring + water spray bottle + tiny elastics or twist ties

Shaving Cream Easter Eggs
neon food coloring + eggs + shaving cream/cool whip + straw

Glow Eggs
fluorescent or flow in the dark paint + water + vinegar + blacklight (or fluorescent)

Drizzled Easter Eggs
rubber cement + dye

Nail Polish Eggs
eggs + nail polish + plastic cup + toothpicks + nail polish remover

Sharpie Egg
eggs + Sharpies + nail polish remover + safety pin + Q-tips

Melted Crayon Eggs
crayons + eggs

Watercolor Eggs
watercolors + eggs

Watercolor Letter Eggs
letter stickers + eggs + watercolors

Cracked Eggs
hard boiled eggs + dye

Salad Spinner Eggs
eggs + food dye + pipette + salad spinner + vinegar

Sprinkle Easter Egg
eggs + paint markers

Real Sprinkle Eggs
pastel nonpareils + eggs + tacky glue

Whipped Cream Eggs
whipped cream + food coloring + eggs + white vinegar

Patterned Tie-Dyed Eggs
paper towel + hard boiled eggs + dye

Speckled Eggs (using rice)
rice + food coloring + paper bags + boiled eggs + straw

Typography Eggs
contact paper + eggs + craft paint + paintbrushes + tweezers

Bunny Silhouette Sharpie Eggs
vinyl silhouette or sticker + sharpie marker

Chick Easter Eggs
dyed yellow eggs + quill feather + orange paper + white glue + marker + natural raffia

Emoji Eggs
yellow dyed eggs + craft paint + paint markers

Subway Art Eggs
eggs + acrylic paint + stickers

Other Easter Egg Decorations

Dyed Robin Eggs
eggs + 1 head of red cabbage + 4 tsp of white vinegar + edible metallic gold paint

Natural Brown Eggs
brown eggs + non-toxic white paint pen

Sticker Eggs
dyed eggs + white stickers

Polka Dot Eggs
eggs + food coloring + white vinegar + contact paper + hole punch
(you could also just use round stickers)

Rubber Band Eggs
rubber bands + eggs + dye kit
Just wrap rubber bands around the eggs before you dye them. Once dry, remove rubber bands

Paint Splatter Eggs
white eggs + various paint colors + plastic bottle cap

Feather Eggs
mod podge + feathers

Moss Covered Eggs
moss + plastic eggs + twine + buttons

Twine Eggs
jute twine + plastic eggs + hot glue gun

Embellished Easter Eggs
plastic eggs + glitter, beads and other embellishments + glitter tray

DIY Marbled Eggs
eggs + blue nail polish + stir stick nail polish remover

Mosaic Eggs
eggs + egg dye + mod podge

Gold Speckled Eggs
egg + blue and green food coloring + toothbrush or spray bottle + gold paint

Naturally Dyed Eggs
red cabbage + white vinegar + eggs

Galaxy Eggs
plastic eggs + variety of colors acrylic paints + sponge brushes + stiff brush

Concrete Eggs
grape juice + white vinegar + eggs + gold paint

Silk Tie Eggs
silk tie + twist-ties + white vinegar + vegetable oil

Decoupage Eggs
Raw eggs + patterned paper napkins + decoupage glue

Golden Seismograph
eggs + silk neckties + tissue paper + vinegar + coffee filters + floss + gold paint pen

Bowl of Eggs
eggs + glittered double-sided tape strips

Tissue Paper Eggs
tissue paper+ decoupage glue + patterned paper

Baker’s Twine Easter Eggs
plastic easter eggs + Baker’s twine + mod podge

Yarn Eggs
plastic eggs + colorful yarn + tacky glue + craft sticks

Embroidery Eggs
embroidery threads in various bright colors

Vintage and Natural Easter Egg Decorations

Antique Silver Eggs
plastic egg + tin foil + tacky glue + black acrylic paint

Natural Eggs
twine(jute and cotton) + sprig, small flowers + brown eggs

Pottery Barn Eggs
paper mache eggs + empty egg carton + acrylic paints + toothbrush + Clearcote Hi-Shine Glaze

Vintage Printed Eggs (No tutorial)
printed sheet music + printed cursive lettering + paper mache eggs + black acrylic paint + mod podge

Stamped Eggs
eggs + chalk paint + dollar section stamps + stamp pad

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs
eggs + onion skins + rubber band + small leaves and flowers

Chalkboard Eggs
chalkboard paint + paper mache eggs + chalk

Silhouette Eggs
eggs + white tissue paper + silhouette images + copy paper + glue stick

naturally dyed easter eggs

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs
purple cabbage + beet + red onion skins + yellow onions skins + paprika + tumeric + blueberries

Botanical Eggs
eggs + egg blower + leaves or herb sprigs + nylon stocking + string + liquid food coloring + white vinegar

Easter Egg Decorations

Grass Eggs
green origami paper + white glue + craft-punched butterfly(optional) + candlesticks

Colorful Egg Centerpiece

Egg Votives
needle + eggs + food coloring + egg holders + old candles + wax colorant + wire-core wicks

Easter Egg Vase
clear jar+ drinking glass + dyed, hard-boiled eggs + flowers

Eggshell Planters
moss + succulents + small flowers + soil

Eggshell Flower Centerpiece
12 eggs + egg carton or ceramic + mixed bouquet of flowers

Flower Easter Egg Tree
styrofoam eggs + pearl push pins + mini flowers + mini easter tree (optional)

Nest Cake Stand
wood eggs + blue, yellow, green & brown acrylic paint + dry grass (or natural raffia)

Egg Topiary Tree
plastic eggs + foam cone + chalky finish paint + brown acrylic paint + floral moss

Egg Tree
plastic eggs + ribbon + branches with flowers + small bucket + river pebbles

Dollar Store Easter Vases
hurricane candleholders + glass candleholders + floral moss + polyresin birds + spray paint + decorative eggs

Rustic Egg Wreath
grapevine wreath + flowers + painted eggs

Spring Grass Easter Wreath
2 old picture frame + fake grass + plastic eggs + spray paint + brown acrylic paint + ribbon

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