diy outdoor Christmas decorations

Make your home the most festive on the block with these creative and affordable DIY outdoor Christmas decorations! From yard decor to lawn ornaments, there are over a hundred DIY outdoor Christmas decor ideas to choose from.

Christmas Crate Train
Wood Crates  + Dollar Store Tins & Decor + Spray Paint + Hot Glue + Chain + Screws & Drill

Holiday Gift Box Concrete Block Craft
Concrete Blocks + Silver and Red Metallic Spray Paint + Frog Tape + Sealer

Giant Pool Noodle Lollipops
Pool Noodle + Colored Duct Tape + Glue Gun + PVC Pipe + Craft Knife + Cellophane Roll + Ribbon

outdoor-lollipopGiant Lollipops
Paper plates + Wooden Dowel + Cellophane + Red Ribbon+ Green and Red Acrylic Paint

DIY Candy Lights
Corsage Boxes + String Lights + Pipe Cleaners + Cellophane Rolls + Tape

Christmas Front Porch Sign

Giant Hanging Ornaments DIY
Plastic Ball + Pint-size Deli Container + Coat Hanger + Silicone Glue + Spray Paint + Garden Hook

Giant Christmas Wreath DIY
Glue Gun + Ornaments + Pool Noodles + Duct Tape + Ribbon for Hanging

Candy Cane Lollipops (source unknown)
Foam Discs + Wood Dowels + Glitter Red Acrylic Paint

PVC Lighted Candy Canes
PVC drain, P-trap, pipe, street elbow + Frog Tape + Primer & Spray Paint + Christmas Lights + Bow

Christmas Sparkleballs
Plastic Cups + Mini-Lights + drill + Stapler + Clothespins

Plastic Cup Snowman
Stapler + Staples + Plastic Cups  + Christmas Lights + Large Pom Pots + Fabric Ribbon of Scarf + Felt for Mouth

Plastic Pumpkin Snowman
Pumpkin Pails + Glue Gun + White Spray Paint + Acrylic Paints  (For Face). + Scarf + Plastic Party Hat + Bird Ornament + Twigs

DIY North Pole Sign
PVC pipe + Red Glitter Duct Tape + Globe Light + Rope Lights + Battery Operated Light + 3M Hooks

North Pole Decorations
Globe Light + PVC Pipes + Red Duct Tape + 3M hooks + Rope Lights + Light Socket + Zip Ties + Rebar

Glowing Gift Boxes
Frosted PVC Box + Large Ribbons + Battery Operated LED Candle
Only disadvantage is that the boxes are hard to come by and you’d probably have to order them online.


Lighted Christmas Presents
Wood  + Wide Christmas Ribbons + Clear Christmas Lights + Christmas Fabric + Hammer & Nails

Lighted Christmas Gift Boxes
1×4 Wood + Hammer & Nails +  Staple Gun + Twinkle Lights + Mesh Ribbon

Giant Silver Bells
Plastic Pots + Large Plastic Ornaments + Eye Bolt With Nut + Rope + Silver Spray Paint

$2 Large Silver Balls (source unknown)
$2 Plastic Balls + Silver Spray Paint + Red Ribbon And Bows

Christmas Present Topiary 
Urn Or Planter + Rebar Or Dowel + Wrapped Boxes Of Varying Sizes + Double Sided Tape

Giant Ornaments from Old Tires
Tire + Scrap Plywood + Liquid Nails + Large Stencil + Spray Paint + Staple Gun + Saw + Drill + Small Galvanized Bucket + Wire

Giant Ornaments (using Dollar Tree Cake Pans)
Kids Play Ball + Gorilla Glue + 9 Inch Round Cake Pan + Silver Ribbon + Hammer & Nail

Hanging Santa Suit (source unknown)
Christmas Lights + Santa Suit

Melted Snowman (source unknown)
White Corrugated Plastic Sheet +  Saw + Drill + Christmas Lights + Foam Ball + Glue Gun + Felt for Facial Features = Garland + Mittens + Small Hat

Lighted Spire Ornament
Drill + Painter’s Tape + Clear Shipping Tape + Christmas Lights + White Corrugated Plastic Sheet + White Electrical Tape + Landscape Pins

outdoor decorations 1

Christmas Reindeer Logs
Twigs + Branches + Logs + Thin Sliced Wood Pieces for Ears (Free)
+ Wood Balls for Nose ($1.50 – Craft Store)+ Wood Oval Shape for Eyes ($.50)
+ Red, Black and White Acrylic Paint ($0.50 a piece at Walmart)

Pallet Candles
Pallets + Paint/Stain + L Brackets + Screws + Garland + Twine. + Burlap Ribbon + Jingle Bell

Wood Log Snowmen
Various Sized Wood Rounds (for body) + Small Log (for top of hat) + Twigs (for arms) + Black and Orange Felt (Dollar Tree) + Red Felt for Scarf (Craft Store – $2)

DIY Log Snowman
Logs +  Scarf + Pine Cones + Ribbon + White, Orange & Red Paint + Wood Screws + Wood Glue + Drill + Saw

Wood Block Candles (source Unknown)
Wood Blocks + Red and White Paint. + Drill with Large Drill Bit + Battery Operated LED Tealight Candle + Twine + Christmas Pick + Painter’s Tape (for the stripped “candle”)


Wood Block Snowmen
Wood Blocks + White Spray Paint + Christmas Fabrics + Black & Orange Acrylic Paint + Twine


Pallet Christmas Tree
Pallet + Dark Green Spray Paint + Red Bow  + Clear Lights
You can gets pallets free if you don’t already have one. People give them away on all the time and if you ask, many businesses will let you have one for free as well.


Pallet Christmas Tree
If you don’t have a saw, you can do this instead. Just use the pallet as a frame and spray paint it white. All you need is a small log, Christmas star, ornaments and clear lights.

Rustic Nail-Head Christmas Trees
Plywood + Cardboard + Saw + Sandpaper + Wood Stain + Penny Nails + Hammer + Wood + Drill + Wood Screws

Pallet Christmas Tree III
Scrap Wood + Hammer & Nails + Ornaments + Sticks + String or Twine

outdoor-santaSanta Logs
White, Red and Black Acrylic Paint + Logs + Christmas Ribbon + Pompom

Ho Ho Ho Pallet (source unknown)
Pallet Wood + Nails & Hammer + Large Wood Letters + Red Spray Paint + White Acrylic Paint + Black Felt + Cardboard + Mod Podge + Gold Glitter

outdoor-snowmenShutter Door Snowmen (source unknown)
Slatted Closet Doors + Black and White Spray Paint  + Burlap Ribbon + Christmas Pick + Wood Chip (for nose) + Orange Acrylic Paint
At Habitat for Humanity, you can get the doors for less than $10.

Joy Pallet Sign
Large Wood Letters + Pallet Wood + Red & White Paint + Pine Wreath

outdoor-fenceCandy Cane Fence
Wood + Painter’s Tape + Red and White Paint
Put tape on diagonally and paint unpainted areas. Let dry and put the tape on the painted areas and paint the other spots.  You can get the bows at the Dollar Tree (2 for $1).

Snowman Pallet (source unknown)
Pallet + Navy Spray Paint + White & Black Acrylic Paints + Red Bow + Cardboard (for hat) + Pencil

Happy Lighted Snowman
Particleboard + Saw + Wood Dowel + Drill + Coffee Can + Spray Paints +  Christmas Lights + Grapevine + Scarf + Greenery & Berry Stems + Construction Adhesive + Caulk Gun

outdoor1Christmas Spindle Decorations
White Paint + Spindles + Battery Operated LED candles + Red Ribbon + Evergreen Clippings and Berry Bushes + Pinecones + Square Wood Base

Wood Snowflakes with Lights
Sandpaper + Saw + Drill + Fishing Line + String lights + Wood Glue + 1×2 Wood + Screws + White Spray Paint

Reclaimed Wood Reindeer
Scrap wood + 4 spindles + Reclaimed wood + Screws + Paint or Stain + Drill + Jigsaw

Wooden Moose Decoration
Saw + Drill + Sandpaper + Wood Rasp + Wood Glue + Pine Board + Wood Stair Balusters + Screws

outdoor-luminariesPaper Bag Christmas Luminaries
White Paper Bags  + LED White Tealight Candles
Christmas designs to print here

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree Lights
String Lights + Tomato Cage + Rubber Band

Snow Lanterns
nowballs + Battery Operated Tea Light

outdoorMason Jar Snowy Candles
Mason Jars  + Epsom Salt  or Fake Snow + White Votive Candles
Here’s how to make fake snow

outdoor-candlesCranberry Votive Candleholders
Candle Holders + White Votive Candles+ Cranberries + Evergreen Clippings

Tree Ball Ornaments
chicken wire +wire cutters + gloves + zip ties + String Lights + wire dry cleaning hangers

outdoor-mason-lightsMason Jar Lights
Mason Jars + White Christmas Lights + Burlap Ribbon + Command Hook (Dollar Tree)

outdoor-hangingChristmas Light Planters
Hanging Planters  + Clear Lights + Ornaments

Fairy Light Globe DIY
Wire Hanging Basket Frames + Cable Ties + Silver Spray Paint + Fairy Lights + Pliers

outdoor-yardstick-starGiant Christmas Star
5 Yardsticks + White Spray Paint + White Christmas Lights


Garage Door Christmas Tree 
Ornaments + Christmas Lights + Large Red Bow  + Command Light Clips + Fishing Line


Christmas Light Balls
Chicken Wire + Christmas Lights

DIY Oversized Ornaments
Globe Lights + Empty Tuna Can + Screw Eye Hooks + Battery Operated Candle + Letter Stickers

Ice Lanterns
Large Plastic Containers & Cups + Water + Food Coloring


Christmas Light Tree
Clear Christmas Lights ($2.28 for 100) + Command Light Clips


Terra Cotta Snowman
Small, Medium & Large Terra Cotta Pots + Wood Blocks  + Black Acrylic Paint + Wood Balls + White & Black Spray Paint


Ornament Window Box
Garland  + Colorful Large Ornaments

Christmas Window Box (source unknown)
Pine Garland or Evergreen Clippings + Wood Blocks + Red Spray Paint + Christmas Ribbon + Pinecones

outdoor-pailsChalk Pen Galvanized Buckets
Galvanized Milk Pails+ Red Fabric + Clippings of Evergreens + White Sharpie
Also, you could frost the evergreens with fake snow.

outdoor-bucketsChristmas Garden Pot Decoration
Urn or Garden Pot + Wood, Pinecones, Evergreen, etc. + 20 Count Clear Lights (Dollar Tree) + Poinsettia Leaves or Large Ornaments (Dollar Tree)

outdoor-lanternsChristmas Lanterns
Lanterns + Ornaments + Pinecones
The lanterns in the picture come from IKEA ranging from $8 to $15.

outdoor-candycanesCandy Cane Decoration
Large Plastic Candy Canes + Red Ribbon + Urn or Pot

outdoor-candycaneCandy Cane Pails
Plastic Candy Canes + Tin Pail  + Fake Snow + Red Ribbon

Paper Snowflakes
Paper + Fishing Line
You can use printer paper and get it laminated at your local library for free or trace the pattern onto white foam.

Christmas Porch
Fishing Line or Ribbons to Hang Ornaments + Assortment of Decorative Ornaments

outdoor-snowman-wreathSnowman Wreath (source unknown)
3 Basic Pine Wreaths + Cardboard Top Hat (tutorial here) + Sticks + Scarf & Gloves
Here is a similar tutorial for how to make this wreath


Christmas Porch Presents
Empty Boxes + Kraft Paper + Christmas Ribbon + Pine Branches + 20 Count Christmas Lights+ Ornaments + Evergreen Clippings

Christmas Light with Greenery
evergreen clippings + berry sprigs + floral wire

outdoor-lampRed Bow Lantern
Simple yet stylish! You can get the bow at Dollar Tree

outdoor-lamp2Rustic Christmas Lamp
Burlap Ribbon (Dollar Tree) + Pinecones

outdoor-fence3Porch Garland
Even just some red bows and plain garlands can look festive.

outdoor-giftbowWrapped Front Door
Red Fabric Strips ($2.50 – JoAnns) + Decorative Bow ($1-$2)

wreath-6Pinecones and Ribbons
All you need for this project is red ribbon and pinecones!
Just glue the pinecones to the ends of the ribbons.

Red Bow Mailbox (source unknown)
Large Red Ribbon + Evergreen & Pine Clippings + Berry Picks + Floral Wire + Pinecones
Here is how to make a layered bow like the one shown

garagebowBow Wrapped Garage

DIY Starburst Ornaments
Straws + Red Spray Paint + Zip Ties

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree
clear lights + tomato cage + garland + zip ties

Old Sled with Evergreen and Pinecones

Merry Christmas Front Yard Sign
Tree Trimmings + Blocks of MDF + Cricuit Cutting Machine + Vinyl
If you don’t have a Circuit you could use stencils and acrylic paint

outdoor-ornamentChristmas Grapevine Wreaths
3 Grapevine Wreaths + Small, Medium and Large Ornaments + Evergreen clippings + Christmas Bow

Tire Snowman
White Paint + Tires + Plywood + Orange & Black Acrylic Paints + Scarf & Hat
If you happen to have old tires or know where to get them for free, then this would be a cheap and easy project.

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