The ULTIMATE Budget Halloween Party Guide

Budget Party Decor Ideas, Free Printables, Cheap Party Supplies, Free Party Fun and $1 Halloween Snacks and Treat Ideas

Did you know that the average person spends $74 for Halloween?! And probably much more than that if you are hosting a Halloween bash! The following halloween party tips will help you stay on budget. so you can throw the spookiest party in your neighborhood without scaring your wallet!

Halloween Party Decor

spider web jar

Spider Web Mason Jar

webs with spiders (Dollar Tree) + LED tealight candle (Dollar Tree) + mason jar (Dollar Tree)
spider web trash bag

Trash Bag Spider Webs

black trash bag + scissors.
Tutorial here: http://www.fastforwardfun.com/easy-diy-trash-bag-spiderwebs

bleeding candle

DIY Bleeding Candle

White taper candles (2 pack – Dollar Tree) + red taper candle (2 pack – Dollar Tree).
Just light the red candle and drip it over the top of the white candle.
Tip: You can put the candles inside an empty wine bottle and put a creepy label on the bottle.

Creepy Cloth (Dollar Tree)
Add it to your table, halloween scene, lamp shades and curtains for a budget-friendly spooky touch!

fake blood

DIY Fake Blood
8 Easy Recipes found here


Bloody Bathroom Scene: Cheap white shower curtain ($3 – Walmart) + paint brush (for writing on toilet bowl and strokes of blood on shower curtain )+ cheap white towel ($2 – Walmart) + fake blood + red food coloring in toilet bowl + cheap white bath mat ($3 Walmart) – An entire room’s decor for under $15!

hand print

DIY Bloody Handprint Window Clings
Made with supplies you probably already have at home.
Tutorial here: https://feltmagnet.com/crafts/do-it-yourself-bloody-handprint-window-clings
skull candle holder

Skull Candle Holder

3 skulls (Dollar Tree) + 2 terra cotta saucers ($0.75- Walmart) + black spray paint (Walmart -$0.99) + Halloween candle(Dollar Tree).
Here’s the tutorial – http://endlesslyinspired.com/2014/10/22/diy-skull-candle-holder-31-days-halloween-day-20/

chalkboard tombstones

Chalkboard Tombstones
Chalkboard Tombstone (Dollar Tree) + Chalk (Walmart – $0.47)

ghostCute Hanging Ghosts
Cheese cloth or white  creepy cloth + craft balls (Dollar Tree) + googly eyes (Dollar Tree) + fishing line to hang them

white bag ghosts

Ghost Paper Bags
white paper bags (Dollar Tree)  + LED tea light candles (Dollar Tree, 2 pack) + black permanent marker (Dollar Tree)

orange streamer witch hat

Witch Hat Chandelier 
orange streamers (Dollar Tree, 2 pack) + basic witch hat (Dollar Tree) + orange gift wrap for top (Dollar Tree)
Just cut the streamers in half, vertically into smaller strips. Tie a orange ribbon around gift paper

ca. 1995, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA --- Skeletons sits at a dining room table during a Halloween party at the home of William Joyce, well-known children's writer and illustrator. --- Image by © Philip Gould/CORBIS

Candles are cheap and they create a spooky ambiance.

ghost garland

Ghost Garland
basically, you just need white lantern lights and white fabric
Tutorial here: http://designdininganddiapers.com/illuminated-ghost-garland/

Free Printable Halloween Party Ideas

Spooky Bottles, Jars and Vases

Buy a bunch of various sized $1-$2 glass vases, jars and bottles (or use the ones you have) and print out these spooky labels. You can get some small and medium sized ones at Dollar Tree. Large ones are $2-$3 at Goodwill. You can also use old pickle and jam jars that you already have. halloweenjars

Creepy Halloween Treat Labels

apothecaryjars Halloween Apothecary Labels

apothecaryjarsHalloween Apothecary Labels II 

poison jars Poison Bottle Labels

halloween jarsHalloween Treat Jar Labels

creepy jarsCreepy Apothecary Labels

labelsHalloween Potion Labels

  • Tip 1: Spray paint some of the bottles. Walmart has $0.99 black spray paint.
  • Tip 2: Add spooky looking liquids and creepy candies like worms, eyeballs, etc.
  • Tip 3: Add spiderwebs, insects and creepy cloth accents around bottles

Spooky Soda Labels

 halloween-soda-labels-free-printableCute Halloween  2 Liter Soda Labels

bottled soda labelHalloween Soda Bottle Labels

soda labelsHalloween 2 Liter Soda Bottle Labels

cute soda labelsCute Halloween 2 Liter Soda Label

halloween soda labels 1Spooky Halloween 2 Liter Soda Labels

Bat Wall Scene

bat wall scene

All you need is black construction paper or card stock, scissors and tape! The tutorial is here

You can also:

  • add these to your lamp shades
  • make a garland (hole punch + black string)
  • make a bat tree (with a black vase, sticks and bats glued to the sticks)!
  • add googly eyes (Dollar Tree)

Creepy Mice Silhouettes


All you need black construction paper
You can download the template here

Spooky Book Covers

Kraft paper or brown paper + free printable + any book + glue stick

book coverHalloween Book Covers

spell book coverSpell Book Cover

harry potter book coversHarry Potter Look Alike Book Covers

  • These book covers would go great with these witch labels and this witch party set
  • Tip 1: Books looks great with a crow or skull decor (both of which you can get at Dollar Tree).
  • Tip 2: You can also use Aged Parchment Cardstock or scrapbooking paper ($2-$4)
  • Tip 3: If you don’t have the right sized book, you can go to Goodwill or any Thrift Store and get a book for under $0.50.

Halloween Candles

candle holder wrap printableCandle wrapper printables

printable candle holder wrapper + LED candles (or glass candle holder) (Dollar Tree)

spooky shadow

Scary Candle Silhouettes

black construction paper or foam board (Dollar Tree) + wire (Dollar Tree) + glass jar pillar candles (Dollar Tree)

Printable Halloween Art 

free printable + black frame (Dollar Tree).

witch's ball printableWitch’s Ball Printable

halloween printables Halloween Framed Printables

black and white printables6 Black and White Halloween Art Printables

halloweenprints212 Halloween Art Printables

black and white halloween printBlack and White Halloween Printables

halloweenart20+ Halloween and Fall Art Printables

wall art setHalloween Wall Art Set

subway art halloweenSubway Art Printable

edbs art

Eat Drink and Be Scary Printable

subway artSubway Art Printable

Full Party Set Printables

halloween party printablesHalloween Party Printables

witch party setHalloween Witch Party Printables 

includes invitation, treat tags, cupcake toppers and cootie catchers.

Printable Cupcake Toppers

free printable + plastic picks or toothpicks

tombstone topper

Zombie Cupcake Topper

Want more Halloween printable ideas? Here is a comprehensive list of 100 Halloween printables. Also, check out this Pinterest board for Halloween printables

$1 Halloween Party Supplies – Dollar Tree

Mostly Dollar Tree just has basic colors available like black, orange, purple, red, maroon, gray, green, white. There are a handful  of halloween printed things like plates, wine glasses, plastic cups etc.

  • plastic skull goblets
  • halloween wine and beer glasses
  • plates –  24 count
  • bowls  – 10 count
  • napkins – 24 count
  • utensils – 48 count
  • party cups – 12 count
    •  TIP: add googly eyes to the tops of the cups for a spooky look
  • table covers
  • streamers – 2 pack
  • ballons – 15 pack
    • TIP: Add ghost faces to white balloons and pumpkin faces on orange balloons with a black permanent marker
  • cauldron – use as a serving bowl for apples or candies
  • spider web candy bowl – Party City
  • round black plastic sectioned serving tray
  • plastic punch ladles, 12″
  • plastic tongs, cake cutters, scoops
  • crystal glass bowls
  • clear fluted serving bowls – great to put colorful candies in
  • halloween ice cube trays
  • plastic shot glasses – 24 count
  • glass martini glass
  • glass wine glass
  • wine corkscrew
  • plastic halloween partnered cups
    party supplies

Tip 1: while not $1, you can get glass punch bowls set (with cups) for $5 at Goodwill
Tip 2: If you are looking for speciality barware or servewear, check out Goodwill for that too. You can get most glass items there for under $5

Under $1 Halloween Party Food (Per Serving)

pumpkin fluff dip

2 Ingredient Pumpkin Pie Dip – recipe here


Brain Jello = jello (peach and watermelon) + brain mold (Dollar Tree)

cheeseplatterHalloween Cheese Platter

candyCandy + Bowls + Sharpie

pumpkin orangeOrange with Celery Stem

caramel-apple-barCaramel Apple Bar
get the list of ingredients and great tips here

orange and black cakeHalloween Cake
dark chocolate cake with orange cream cheese frosting

pumpkin brownies2 Ingredient Pumpkin Brownies

candy corn bark3 Ingredient Candy Corn Bark

pumpkin sugar cookiesPumpkin Sugar Cookies

halloween snack mixHalloween Snack Mix

popcornEasy Caramel Corn – recipe here

roasted pumpkin seedsRoasted Pumpkin Seeds

candy corn poke cake5 Ingredient Candy Corn Poke Cake –  recipe here

candy-corn-pizzaCandy Corn Pizza
Just use different colors (e.g. mozzarella and mild cheddar) of cheeses with a white sauce

pumpkin-dip-5Caramel Toffe Fruit Dip

honey-carameled-apples-horizTwo Ingredient Honey Caramel Apples

witch punchWitches Bubbly Brewed Punch

applecider3 Ingredient Spiced Apple Cider

vampire-punch-ay-xVampire Punch

wicked punch2 Ingredient Witch’s Wicked Punch

apple mouthApples + Marshmallows
Spread a little peanut butter the inside of the apple slices so the marshmellows stick

spiders on a logcelery + peanut butter + plastic spiders

witch broompeanut butter cups + pretzels sticks

ghost lollipop lollipops + tissue + small ribbon

sugar cookie cakeHalloween Sugar Cookie Cake

candy barkHalloween Candy Bark


Put snacks and candy in a witch cauldron for a creepy look!
You can even add a witch label.
Dollar Tree sells cauldrons for $1

Tip: choose foods that match the colors of your tableware to make your decorations pop


Budget Friendly Halloween Alcohol

BYOB  – I highly recommend asking your guests to bring their own alcohol to the party because it will get pretty pricey trying to buy alcohol for everyone! After all, you are supplying everything else so it’s a reasonable request that I’m sure your guests would be willing to do. If you insisting on buying the alcohol, here are some cost effective and festive Halloween alcoholic drink ideas. They all have less than 2 alcoholic ingredients.

candy corn shotsCandy Corn Jello Shots

sangriaCaramel Apple Sangria

black widow shotBlack Widow Venom

ice shotHalloween Ice Shots

black velvet2 Ingredient Black Velvet

caramel apple pie shotCaramel Apple Pie Shot

butterbeer5 Ingredient Non-Alcoholic Butterbeer

witch's hat cocktailWitch’s Hat Cocktail

ghost cocktailGhost Cocktail

black devil martiniBlack Devil Martini

Tip 1: If you choose to buy beer in addition to alcohol, skip the craft pumpkin and cider beers. Even though they are festive, it will cost double, if not triple, the price of regular beer. Pick whatever beer is on sale and is the cheapest. Look for deals at your local liquor store. You can add some free Halloween beer printables to make them look extra spooky!

Tip 2: You can do without the garnishes that these recipes suggest to save money.  It doesn’t need to look super fancy, just taste good!

Budget Halloween Fun

  • 43 Free Halloween Party Games for Adults
  • Halloween Beer Pong (plastic party cups + beer + plastic ping pong eyeballs (Dollar Tree)
  • Horror Movie Trivia
  • Pumpkin Ring Toss (pumpkin + small glow stick necklaces)
  • Monster Mash Dance Contest
  • Scary Movie Character Name Game
  • Guess the Candies in the Jar (with a cheap prize of some sort)
  • Horror Movie Drinking Game
  • Finish My Scary Story
  • Bobbing for apples

Halloween Candy

The best choice is Dollar Tree. They have a large selection and every bag is only $1. You may catch some good sales at CVS/Walgreens too though so keep an eye out. Of course, the best time to get Halloween candy is after Halloween when everything is 50%-75% off.


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