70 Thoughtful DIY Photo Christmas Gifts

Give your family and friends something special this Christmas with one of these thoughtful and unique DIY photo Christmas gifts. They will definitely appreciate and cherish these personalized gifts. Plus, most of these gift ideas are affordable and easy to make!

Ceramic Coasters
ceramic tiles, photos + clear acrylic spray, small felt circles


Mason Jar Lid Magnets
mason jar lids, photos to trace & cut, magnets

Photo Clock
photo, Mod Podge, paint, clock parts, MDF board

Monogrammed Pop Up Photo Box 
scrapbook paper, ribbon, pictures, unfinished box, wood stain, stencils & paint

10 Minute Photo Keepsake Ornament
round wood ornaments, twine, Mod Podge, printed photos, hole punch

DIY Wood Slice Photo Transfer
printer, wood slice, Silhouette temporary tattoo paper
You don’t need a silhouette machine to do this project

Hair Dryer Photo Candles
candles, tissue paper, printer paper, wax paper, hair dryer, tape

Wood Block Photo Ornament
wooden blocks, twine, acrylic paint, screw eye hooks, mod podge, photos

$3 Photo Display
Wood board, wood stain, drill, hooks, glue gun, upholstery tacks, hammer

Slow Globe Photo Ornament
clear plastic ornaments, glitter, clear tape, ribbon

Photo Blocks
cube plain wood blocks, pictures, Mod Podge

Glowing Photo Luminaries
blank sheets of vellum, double sided tape, round glass jars, tea lights

DIY Photo Candle
white pillar candles, white tissue paper, printer paper, wax paper

Picture Frame Luminaries
5 x 7 frames + vellum, printed photos, square mirror, LED Candles

DIY Popsicle Stick Photo Bracelet
super jumbo craft sticks, small photos

magnetInstagram Magnets
oak veneer plywood, printed photos, stain, sealer, white paint, strong round magnets

Friends Picture Holder
wood board, wood stain, twine, clothespins, paint pen (or letter stickers), photos

Chalkboard Photo Wreath
wood circle, chalkboard paint, chalk, clothes pins, acrylic paint, photos

DIY Photo Pendant (Under $2.50)
diamond glaze, E-6000, clear circle glass pieces, silver plated circle pendant

Photo Coasters
ceramic tiles, 4×6 photos, Mod Podge, clear acrylic spray, craft paint

iPhone Case
clear iPhone case, iPhone case, picture. hole punch

Monogram Photo Letter
wooden letter, spray paint, photo, mod podge

Photo Planters
mini trash can  + clear adhesive backed vinyl, 8 x 10 photo, potting soil, plants

Copper Wire Photo Holders
heavy copper wire, wooden blocks, wire cutters, drill, hot glue

Engraved Photo Box
wood craft box, wood stain, paint, ribbon, photos, black cardstock, wood burner, double-sided tape

Wood Photo Clipboard
wood board, dark walnut wood stain, finishing wax, sander, mini clips, nails

Wood Block Picture Frame
wood block, dark walnut stain, twine, chevron burlap ribbon, photo, glue

Twig Picture Frame
wood frame, twigs, glue gun, photo mat, photo, Sharpie

Pallet Photo Frames
mod podge, printed picture, pallet wood or wood shims, dark wood stain, wood glue

Picture Frame Memory Wreath
grapevine wreath, small picture frames, photo paper, floral wire

DIY Photo Canvas
poster print of your photo, Mod Podge, foam brush, duct tape, scrap of canvas fabric

Grandkids Wood Photo Sign
wood board, tan craft paint, silhouette, vinyl, transfer tape, mini clothespins, glue

Canvas Portrait
stretched canvas, gel medium, paint brush, the image you want to transfer, spray bottle

DIY: Memories In A Jar
black and white photo, jar, olive oil, dried flowers/branches

DIY Photo Bookmarks with Tassels
embroidery floss, needle, cardboard, scissors

Rock Photo Holders
Smooth Rocks, Copper Wire, Needle Nose Pliers, Acrylic Paint, Mod Podge

DIY Christmas Photo Ornament
wallet-size photo print, clear fillable ornament ball, glitter, ribbon

DIY Family Photo

Embroidery Hoop Photo Display
wood embroidery hoops, mini clothespins, gel stain

Miniature Resin Photo Charms
popsicle sticks, craft knife, drill, mod podge, paper glaze, jump ring

Mini DIY Photo Calendar

DIY Glass Magnets
$1 Glass gems, pictures, Mod Podge, magnet backing, foam brush

DIY Photo Mug
mug, white cardstock, clear nail polish, dishwasher safe Mod Podge, foam brush

DIY Heart Shaped Photo Display

How To Transfer Prints To Wood
printed photo, wood, gel medium, sand paper, mod podge, brackets

Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase
mason jar, spray paint, vinyl shape or sticker, painter’s tape

Photo Pendants
glass tiles, bails, diamond glaze, super glue, chains

Brag Book
bristol board, vellum, embroidery mounting board, fabric scrap, ribbon, thread, scrapbook glue, double-sided tape

DIY Photo Magnets
mounting board, magnets, glue, white paint

DIY Thankful Photo Board

Christmas Photo Ornaments
clear fillable ornaments, paper shreds, ribbon, wallet-sized picture

DIY Photo Keychain

Lid Picture Magnets
gloss mod podge, dimensional magic mod podge, images or pictures, lids, circle puncher, magnets

Bottle Cap Photo Magnets
jumbo bottle caps, magnets, E6000 glue, epoxy dots, hole punch

DIY Photo Lampshade
lampshade, glue, vellum, craft knife, photo, printer

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