diy halloween decor

DIY Halloween Decorations From The Dollar Store

Did you know that you can make spooky halloween decorations with just a few things from Dollar Tree?  Well, you can! And it doesn’t even require much time or effort to make these halloween decorations! So here are some simple and affordable spooky DIY ideas:

spider web jar

Spider Web Mason Jar
webs with spiders (Dollar Tree) + LED tealight candle (Dollar Tree) + mason jar (Dollar Tree)

spider web trash bag

Trash Bag Spider Webs
black trash bags (Dollar Tree) + scissors
Tutorial here:

bleeding candle 2DIY Bleeding Candle
White taper candles (2 pack – Dollar Tree) + red taper candle (2 pack – Dollar Tree).
Just light the red candle and drip it over the top of the white candle.
Tip: If you don’t have a candelabra, you can put the candles inside an empty wine bottle
and put a creepy printable label on the bottle.

creepyclothCreepy Cloth (Dollar Tree)
Add it to your table, halloween scene, lamp shades and curtains for a budget-friendly spooky touch!

fake bloodDIY Fake Blood
8 Easy Recipes found here


Bloody Bathroom Scene: white shower curtain (Dollar Tree) + paint brush (for writing on toilet bowl and strokes of blood on shower curtain) + cheap white towel (Dollar Tree) + fake blood + red food coloring in toilet bowl + cheap white bath mat ($2 Walmart) – An entire room’s decor for under $15!

hand print

DIY Bloody Handprint Window Clings
Made with supplies you probably already have at home.
Tutorial here:
skull candle holder

Skull Candle Holder
3 skulls (Dollar Tree) + 2 terra cotta saucers ($0.75- Walmart) +
black spray paint (Walmart -$0.99) + Halloween candle (Dollar Tree).
Here’s the tutorial –

chalkboard tombstonesChalkboard Tombstones
Chalkboard Tombstone (Dollar Tree) + Chalk (Walmart – $0.47)

white bag ghostsGhost Paper Bags
white paper bags (Dollar Tree) + LED tea light candles (Dollar Tree, 2 pack) + black permanent marker (Dollar Tree)

orange streamer witch hat

Witch Hat Chandelier
orange streamers (Dollar Tree, 2 pack) + basic witch hat (Dollar Tree)
Just cut the streamers in half, vertically into smaller strips.

Decorations for a Halloween PartyCandles
Candles are cheap and they create a spooky ambiance.
Dollar Tree sells all kinds of candles in different sizes and colors

paper lanternsHalloween Paper Lanterns
light up paper jack o’ lantern (Dollar Tree)

You can hang them from the ceiling with fishing line
or hang them across orange lights (Dollar Tree)
Tip: You can add your own jack o lantern faces on the blank orange paper lanterns (with sharpie)


Spooky Halloween Vase
small glass vase (Dollar Tree) + black spray paint (Walmart -$0.99)
It does require some drawing skill for the spider web detail
Here’s the Tutorial

skull knockerMetallic Skull Knocker
plastic skull knocker (Dollar Tree) + metallic Rust-Oleum spray paint
nstructions here

halloween candleHalloween Candles
glass jar candle, 8″ (Dollar Tree) + halloween stickers, ribbons or scrapbooking kits ($1.50-$8)

ghost candlesGhost Candles

glass jar candle, 8″ (Dollar Tree) + black permanent marker
If you aren’t good at drawing (like me) you can use this printable
as printable stickers or traceable paper.

Various Tombstones (Dollar Tree) + wooden yard stakes ($4 at Home Depot, 12pk)
Hammer stakes into ground and attach them to tombstones with a staple gun
tombstone idea

Tip: You can add detail with floral moss around the tombstones,
skeletons, spider webs, skulls, rats (all of which can be found at Dollar Tree)
eyes-in-the-darkSpooky Eyes
Paper towel or toilet paper rolls + glow sticks (Walmart or Dollar Tree)
Cut paper towel roll in half. Cut out eye designs and put glow sticks inside.
Place in bushes for a scary effect!


Floating Ghost
2 liter soda bottle + cheesecloth + styrofoam ball (Dollar Tree) + wire (Dollar Tree)
Tutorial here
witch hat Floating Witch Hats
witch hat (Dollar Tree) + glow stick (Dollar Tree) + safety pins (Dollar Tree) + fishing line + hooks
Here’s the tutorial

witch broomDIY Witch Broom

twine (Dollar Tree) + large stick + twigs

halloween villageHalloween Village
Halloween village buildings (Dollar Tree) + black spray paint ($0.99 Walmart) + printable bats
+ twigs + 20 ct Halloween lights (Dollar Tree)

halloween mantelSpooky Mantel
large branch (free) + black spray paint (Walmart – $0.99) + small crows (Dollar Tree) + tall candleholders (Thrift Store -$3)  + small orange pillar candles  ($2 – Walmart) + wood letters spelling “Boo” ($1.50 a piece – Walmart or Craft Store)
+ orange string lights, 20 ct (Dollar Tree)
You can make this whole mantel display for under $15!

Just paint the branch and boo letters. Glue the crows to the branches and the letters together.

spider wreathSpider Web Wreath
foam wreath (Dollar Tree) + white or black spray paint ($0.99 Walmart) + spiders (Dollar Tree) + spider webs (Dollar Tree).
Spray paint the wreath white or black. Spin the web around the wreath and add spiders

white spider mantelGhostly Spider Mantel
white taper candles (Dollar Tree, 2pk), glass taper candle holder (Dollar Tree), white spray paint ($0.99 Walmart), plastic spiders (Dollar Tree) + Spider webs (Dollar Tree), small glass vases (Dollar Tree) + twigs + black spray paint ($0.99 Walmart).
Create the whole look for $10

Paint the candleholders and vase white. Paint the twigs black. Glue spiders to candles.

framed-doily-spiderwebSpooky Spider Picture Frame
black picture frame (Dollar Tree) + white dollies (Dollar Tree) + large black spiders (Dollar Tree or Walmart)

lacy candlesLacy Candles
candles of various sizes (Dollar Tree) + lacy fabrics of different patterns ($3-$7- Jo-Ann’s or Walmart)

creepy terrarium Creepy Terrarium 

3 empty jars (free, if you save your pb&j jars) + crows, mini skulls, spiders, skeleton (Dollar Tree or Walmart – $1 each or less) + floral moss (Dollar Tree)+ pebbles (Dollar Tree) + white tray ($5- Walmart)
tombstonesMake Your Own Tombstone
cardboard + spray paint + stencils + decoupage glue

Here’s how:

ghost bagsGhost Leaf Bags
white trash bag + black permanent marker

creepy jarCreepy Jars
halloween knick-knacks (Dollar Tree) + crows, rats or other creepy critters (Dollar Tree or Walmart – $1)
+ floral moss (Dollar Tree) + any jar or vase you have.
You could even use an old picker jar and just turn it upside down

crime-sceneCrime Scene
crime scene tape (Dollar Tree) + thin wooden yard stakes ($4 at Home Depot) + bag of bones (Dollar Tree or Walmart) + dirt + skull (Dollar Tree)

body-bagBody Bag
 cheap white trash bags (Dollar Tree) + rope or twine (Dollar Tree)

Create an outline of a body with trash and wrap it up in the trash bag and rope.
(Ex: use a milk jug for the head)

web doorSpider Web Door  
black craft tape + spider (Dollar Tree)
instructions here:

pumpkin cauldronsPumpkin Cauldrons
black spray paint ($0.99 – Walmart) + 3 jack o lantern treat pails (Dollar Tree) + creepy cloth (Dollar Tree)

yard ghostsYard Ghosts
styrofoam balls (Dollar Tree) + lawn stakes ($4 for 12 at Home Depot) + lightweight white fabric

Full tutorial here

door matCustomized Halloween Door Mat
old welcome mat (free) + stencils ($3.50 – Craft Store) + acrylic paint ($0.50 – Walmart)

crepe-paper-mummy1Mummy Door
white streamers (Dollar Tree – 2pk) + black construction paper (Walmart -$0.75) + printer paper

Tutorial here:

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