75 Easy DIY Couples Halloween Costumes

Dress up with your significant other this Halloween! Here you will find over 75 creative and easy DIY couples Halloween costume ideas. From movie and tv show themed costumes to scary and funny Halloween costumes, there is something for every couple!

Movie & TV Couples Halloween Costumes

Alice in Wonderland Costumes
Alice: blue dress, white apron, white stockings, black high heels, black bow for hair
White Rabbit: dark/gray pants, red long sleeved jacket, large bow tie, bunny ears, $1 clock, chain, super glue

Jurassic Park’s Alan & Ellie Costumes
Alan: jean button up shirt, khaki pants, brown belt & shoes, cowboy hat, red bandana
Ellie, button up long sleeve shirt, khaki shorts, blue t-shirt

Stranger Things Couples Costume

Clark Kent & Lois Lane
superman t-shirt, black skirt & pants, white dress shirts, black framed glasses, tie

Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia
turtle neck white dress, white belt, black vest, white shirt, black paints

Doctor Who and Tardis
Tardis dress, blue hair dye, black stockings, bow tie and spenders

Disney Up’s Carl and Ellie
overalls, button down shirts, sweater vest, tan/khaki pants, aviator helmets with googles

Peter Pan & Wendy
Peter Pan: green t-shirt, dark green pants, brown shoes, Peter Pan hat
Wendy: light blue dress, blue satin ribbon for waist & hair, flats

Scooby Doo Costumes
Velma: long sleeve orange turtleneck top, maroon skirt, orange knee highs, black frame glasses
Shaggy: green t-shirt, olive pants

Scooby Doo & Shaggy
brown flared jeans/pants, green t-shirt, brown fleece pajamas, dog ear headband, DIY Scooby collar

Popeye & Olive
sailor hat, navy blue pants, black button up shirt, yellow belt, fake pipe, black skirt, red top

Mary Poppins Couple Costumes
black skirt & pants, black shoes, white button up shirt, red bow tie, black umbrella, black derby bowler hat, vest, dress shirt, walking stick

Princess Bride Costumes

James Bond Couples Costume
black suit & tie, 60s dress, blonde wig, pink headband

Lilo and Stitch Costumes
red top, blue shirt and pants, green Hawaiian skirt, leaf headband, stitch beanie

Grease Couples Costume
off the shoulder black top, black shirt, black/dark denim pants, red heels & lipstick

Space Jam’s Bugs and Lola 
white gym shorts, white tank tops, white gloves, rabbit ears, acrylic paint, head sweatband

Squints & Wendy Peffercorn from The Sandlot
Squints: jean pants & jean button up t-shirt with undershirt, black frame glasses, black hat,
Wendy: white shorts, red tank top, retro white cat eye sunglasses, red ribbon for hair

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable
olive & khaki cargo pants, black t-shirts, black gloves

Napolean Dynamite and Deb

Harley Quinn and The Joker
sequin short shorts, Harley Quinn t-shirt, baseball bat, fishnet stockings, boots, black pants, temporary green hair dye, red button up shirt, makeup, fake gun, sharpie

Mickey & Minnie Mouse
red pants, white felt, circle punch, fabric glue, red tutu, Mickey Mouse headbands, white gloves, yellow shoes, black t-shirts, black stockings

Dirty Dancing Couples Costume
denim shorts, white button up tank top, black t shirt, dark denim pants

Cruella and Dalmatian
black dress, red heels & leash, white & black wig, white shirt, black sharpie, black shorts/pants, dog ears headband, black collar

Pregnant Winnie the Pooh
yellow dress, red tee shirt, plastic flower pot, pooh ears, yellow shirt, blue shorts, calf socks, red shoes

Forrest Gump and Jenny
blue plaid button up shirt, khaki slacks, red cap, white dress, flower crown

Pulp Fiction
white dress shirts, black pants, bolo tie, black sport coat

Sheldon and Amy from Big Bang Theory

McDreamy & Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy
scrubs, lab coats, fake hospital id badges

DIY Batman & Catwoman Costumes

Other Couples Halloween Costumes

Deer & Hunter Costumes
hunting outfit, tan leggings, white sweater, fur vest, deer antler headband, black & white makeup

Fire Fighter & Dalmatian
orane duct tape, pants, t-shirt, firefighter helmet, red suspenders, black pants, white shirt, black fabric paint, black makeup, dog ears

Mario and Luigi
overalls, fake moustaches, white gloves, train hat, and red and green shirts

Mario and Princess Peach
red t-shirt, white long sleeve shirt, jeans, blue suspenders, Mario cap, pink tutu, pink top, fairy want, princess crown

Waldo Couples Halloween Costumes
red stripped long sleeve t-shirts, jeans, black framed glasses, Waldo beanie (or red beanie)

Burglar Couples Halloween Costumes
black stripped long sleeve t-shirts, black gloves & mask, black pants or jeans, canvas bags, sharpie

Cookies and Milk
nude tights, cardboard cookies, white t-shirt and pants, white foam core, markers, letter stickers

Lyft and Uber
hot pink wig, hot pink mustache, hot pink dress, black suit, black sunglasses
You could even add Uber and Lyft decals to your outfits

Storm and Chaser
polyfill stuffing, iron on letters, t-shirt
Here is a tutorial for how to make a t-shirt with text

Lightning Strike
yellow foam, black outfit, white button shirt, umbrella

Tooth & Tooth Fairy
pillows, white sheet, big needle, thick white thread, white tutu, white cami, fairy wings, wand & tiara

Salt and Pepper
white T-shirt,  black T-shirt and corresponding colored shoes, white & black felt (for letters)

Hugh Hefner & Playboy Bunny
red velvet robe, pipe, sailor hat, black sweatpants, black bodysuit, bunny ears, pantyhose

Silent Movie Stars
white makeup, black flapper dress, black suit & tie, white gloves, fake short mustache

Pizza & Delivery Boy
yellow dress, cardstock, cardboard, yellow & red streamers, plain white pizza box, t-shirt, baseball cap, jeans

Magician and Rabbit

Chip & Joanna Gaines
shiplap t-shirt, button shirt, skinny jeans, duck boots, dark hair wig, gray tee-shirt, jeans, belt, tool belt, boots

JFK & Jackie O
black suit, white dress shirt, red tie, dark sunglasses, blue skirt  & top, white gloves, white pillbox hat

Scary Couples Halloween Costumes

Zombie Couple
black dress attire, fake blood, white makeup

Purge Couples Costume
purge/blank face masks, suit & tie, dress

Morticia and Gomez Addams
pinstriped suit, black bow tie, creepy black dress

Lydia and Beetlejuice
black stripped suit, black & white makeup, wide brimmed black hat, long black dress, boots, black wig

Doll & Smiley Costume


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