Looking for more great advice about saving money and frugal living?

There’s a lot of talented bloggers out there that cover a variety of different subtopics of personal finance. Here’s a list of my favorite frugal bloggers (in no particular order, other than the order that I bookmarked them):


The Budget Mama- Real Life on a Budget explores how to reduce debt and spending. This blogger also discusses how to save money with DIY’s and how to make money through blogging. She’s got a lot of great money tips! You should try these articles: 11 Ways to Save $1,100 This Year and How We’re Saving Money on Diapers


Frugality Gal has a lot of creative and delicious frugal meal plans and recipes on her blog. I highly recommend this blog if you are looking for new frugal food ideas. Some of my favorite posts from this blog:   25 Frugal Pantry Staples25 Frugal Side Dish Recipes, and Quick and Easy 30 Minute Meal Ideas


$5 Dinners helps people spend less on groceries by sharing affordable dinner ideas, lunchbox recipes, meal plans, healthy snacks and much more! Some great ideas from this blog are: Sloppy Joe Bites and Ham snd Cheese Sliders


Thrifty Frugal Mom – This blogger gives frugal food, family and finance advice. Recommended articles: White Pizza Grilled Cheese Sandwiches ,  How to Start Building a Grocery Stockpile and her meal plans.


Frugally Blonde explores DIY Ideas, household tricks, frugal living tips, and budget-friendly recipes. Some of my favorite articles include: 20 Snack Ideas Under $0.25 each7 Things Thrifty People Reuse and Homemade Laundry Booster


Today’s Frugal Mom provides practical suggestions about frugality. Some of the topics covered are: frugal cleaning, gardening, organizing, cheap activities and homeschooling.  Popular articles: 85 Freezer Meals from Costco for $140Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub Recipe with Coffee + Vitamin E, and 24 Free Printable Planning Resources For Busy Moms


Making Sense of Cents is a personal finance and lifestyle blog that offers recommendations about saving money, reducing debt, budgeting. It also talks about some ways to earn extra money. My favorite posts: 75+ Ways To Make Extra MoneyHow To Live On One Income and Best Ways To Save Money In The Summer


Cow Country Housewife gives finance, budgeting and lifestyle tips. This blogger also talks about how to save and make money. I recommend reading these articles: The Trick to Keep Grocery Spending Under Control and Living on $17,000, What Our REAL Budget Looked Like


Beautiful Budgets – This blog explores frugal fashion, makeup, travel, decor and food. Here are some great posts: How To Make Your Apartment Look Expensive On A BudgetTop 5 Affordable Clothing Sites and Frugal Ways To Save Money At Home


Premeditated Leftovers focuses on frugal living, gardening, DIYs and recipes. I especially like the Leftover Recipes section. It shows you how to create new meals out of old meals. The $20 Grocery Budget  and 15 Healthy Leftover Chicken Recipes are two helpful articles.


The Frugal Navy Wife discusses ways to save money on food, clothes, home decor and bills. Also, this blogger offers money saving tips for military and homeschoolers. Check out:16 Savings Hacks for Winn-Dixie40 Breakfast For Dinner Ideas and Living Room Decorating Ideas on a Budget


The Peaceful Mom explores ways to save, simplify and organize your life.  How Much Should I Spend On Groceries? is an interesting article.


Mom On Purpose writes about saving money, living frugally, inexpensive recipes, and “simple ways to create a home you love without overspending”. My favorite posts: 4 Reasons Why Using the Cash Envelope System Will Simplify Your Life and Baby on a Budget: How We Saved on Baby Gear


 A Cultivated Nest has many frugal living ideas for your home and garden including ways to organize, cook and decorate on a limited budget. Popular articles are: 11 Small Bathroom Organization Ideas11 {More} Ways to Repurpose Old Jeans and Creative & Inexpensive Organizing Ideas


The Frugal Girls – frugal recipes, crafts, gift ideas, decorations, organization, travel tips and party ideas. I love the crockpot and pumpkin recipes.


Frugal and Thriving provides money saving tips, frugal (& healthy) recipes, household ideas, small space living tricks.  It’s an Australian blog with Australian focus, but really anyone could benefit from the information in this blog. Two greats posts: Cheap Meals for Tight Budgets: Loaded Baked Potatoes 12 Ways and 13 Essential Kids’ Craft Supplies That Foster Creativity Without Breaking The Budget


The Busy Budgeter helps people who have less money make the most of what they have. Topics include: money, food, organization, family and DIYs. If you are new to budgeting, I recommend checking out Step by Step Fail-Proof Meal Planning  and How to Create a Calendar Budget; They are very useful posts.


My Frugal Home – discusses how to live well for less by providing frugal tips for food, DIYs, crafts, gardening, coupons, health and much more! Homemade Hair Conditioner Recipe and How to Re-Dye Clothes are two of my favorite articles.


Mending the Piggy Bank provides tips for saving money on groceries through discounts, deals and coupons. This blog has sample $50 weekly meal plans. I suggest checking out this article too: Top Freezer Aisle Finds For a Tight Grocery Budget


Don’t Waste the Crumbs is dedicated to helping families eat and live healthy on a budget. Some topics that this blog covers include: DIY natural living, meal plans, kitchen hacks, frugal recipes and more! Some awesome posts:  DIY All-purpose Cleaner (no vinegar)Clean Eating Meal PlanHow to Make Ice Cream without a Machine


Creative Savings – shows readers how to make the most of their budgets and manage their money more wisely. There’s a lot of great money tips on this blog. Also, this blog talks about ways to make money from home, frugal recipes, and home and lifestyle tips. Articles that I love: Meal Planning Cheat Sheet, How to Stop Going Over The Budget Once and For All15 Frugal Things to Do When You Get Bit By The Travel Bug


Family Balance Sheet  helps families live well on less by providing practical tips and recipe ideas. Topics include debt freedom, family actives and travel, finances, grocery budgets, home management and various ways to save money around the house and at the store. Popular posts: Crispy Parmesan Chicken Tenders31 Days to Find $1000 and How to Watch Great TV Without Cable



Penniless Parenting shares money saving tips from the basic frugal strategies to the extreme. Tips include things you can make at home, frugal charts and tools, cheap recipe ideas and extreme frugality. Favorite posts: Figuring Out the True Cost of MeatPlanning For A Frugal and Fun Summer by Being Organized and Cheap Paleo Chocolate Cake Recipe



Living Well Spending Less has tips for saving money, time management ideas, simple & healthy recipes, lifestyle and home advise for people on a budget. My favs: 5 ingredients or less recipe section, and How to Take Back Your Time in Just 5 Simple Steps,


My Frugal Adventures features healthy (& affordable) recipes, shopping deals, DIY projects, children’s activities and organizational tips. Check out: Simple Homemade Salsa Recipe and DIY Children’s Tent 


Frugal Family Home offers budgeting help, coupon deals, homemaking tips and frugal recipe ideas. Try these posts: 4 Weeks of Frugal Recipes and 3 Weeks to a Cleaner Home Series


Wise Bread is a community of bloggers that help people who live on budgets lead better lives by giving shopping tips, financial and career advice, and money-making ideas. Their philosophy is “You can have fun saving money!” Good reads: 10 Cool DIY Home Improvements for $20 or Less and The 8 Best Ways to Stream TV and Movies for Free


Meet Penny explores topics like family, finances, homeschooling, travel and food. Cool articles: 25 Things to Sell from Home (and boost your income) and School Lunch Ideas for a 2 Week Rotation


Six Figures Under shares frugal living Ideas, budgeting, debt and finance advice, and suggestions for increasing income. There are many great frugal and financial tips on this website! Popular posts: Homemade Dishwasher DetergentHow to Get Started Paying Off Debt, and Cooking from Scratch Recipes


Frugal Living Mom helps readers use frugal strategies in their everyday lives in order to achieve financial security. Great reads: Budget Tweaks That Will Save You a Bundle and How To Match Up Sales and Coupons


Sarah Titus shows women how to quit working and stay home with their kids. Featured categories: saving money, easy DIYs, recipes, organizing and cleaning tips, faith & inspiration, and blogging techniques. Great articles: Top 5 Habits to Create a Better Life and 5 Real Ways to Add $500/month Steady Income


Mommies with Cents gives frugal advice for fashion, parenting, beauty and entertainment. Also this blog features deals, giveaways, freebies and coupons. My favorite posts: More for Less: 5 Ways to Save on Name-Brand Fashion and Raising Savers: Tips for Nurturing Frugal Kids


Thrifty Decor Chick shares easy and affordable ways to decorate your home. This blog has lots of inspiring and creative DIY’s to improve your house. Great reads: The Epic How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Tutorial and DIY Wood Shelving (Laundry Storage)

 **Note, There are still MANY other fantastic frugal bloggers out there that I have not gotten around to adding to this post, so this list is a work in progress. 

If you have a frugal/thrifty blog that you would like me to add to the list, please leave a comment with your website information

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