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Celebrate Fall with these cheap and easy DIY Fall wreaths. Many of these wreaths can be made in under an hour with minimal supplies required and most of the materials needed can be found at Dollar Tree! What makes a lot of these wreaths budget-friendly is that they are made from things you find in nature (fall leaves, cornhusks, twigs, pinecones and bittersweet).

The following articles will show you how to preserve leaves, acorns, etc for decorating your wreaths:

Supplies You Can Get at Dollar Tree:

  • burlap (brown, orange, green)
  • fall florals
  • fall picks
  • pack of fall leaves
  • wreaths (foam, wire, and willow)
    • Dollar Tree no longer carries grapevine wreaths, but you can get them from Walmart for a few dollars
  • fall ribbons
  • floral wire
  • raffia
  • twine
  • mini pumpkins and gourds
  • wreath hangers

Crafting Supplies You May Need

  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • paint
  • paint brushes
  • tape
  • craft knife

Flower and Leaves Fall Wreaths

Dollar Store Fall Wreath
18 inch wreath + 1 garland  + 4 picks with leaves + 3 picks of pumpkin, squash, and cat tail.

Easy and Inexpensive Fall Wreath
grapevine wreath + leaf garland, leaf stems + floral stems

DIY Burlap Fall Wreath
straw wreath + ribbon + glue gun + fall leaves + wire cutters

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.40.06 AMFall Leaves Wreath
grapevine wreath  + maple leaf garlands

Cheap Easy DIY Fall Wreath
fall leaves + cardboard + glue gun + twine + parchment paper

leafy letterMonogramed Fall Letter
large wood letter ($5 at Michael’s) + maple leaves pack + ribbon

Fall Leaves Tree Branch Door Decoration
fake fall leaves + sticks + bow + command hook

hydrangea-wreathFall Hydrangea Wreath
faux fall hydrangea bushes + grapevine wreath + ribbon
You can get the hydrangeas from Dollar Tree

Easy DIY Fall Berry Wreath
berry stems + grapevine wreath + wire cutter + brown ribbon

Metallic Fall Wreath 
fall florals + metallic spray paint + grapevine wreath + wood letter

Burlap Fall Wreaths

Burlap Wreath
burlap ribbon + wire wreath + fall floral

Burlap Wreath With Accent Ribbon
wide burlap ribbon + wire wreath + accent ribbons

Orange Pumpkin Wreath
orange & green burlap + wire wreath + chenille stems + zip ties + raffia + brown grapevine wire + wire cutters

Fall Burlap and Flower Wreath
fall florals + straw wreath + pins + burlap ribbons + fall ribbon

Burlap Fall Wreath
wire wreath + burlap + fall picks + floral wire + jute twine

Rustic DIY Fall Wreath
grapevine wreath + wired sisal vine + burlap ribbon + twine + pine cones + chalkboard tag

$10 Fall Wreath
fake mini pumpkins + wood letter + grapevine wreath + burlap + spray paint + felt

Natural Fall Wreaths

Indian Corn Wreath
mini indian corns + straw wreath + hot glue gun

Corn-Husk Wreath
Corn husks + Straw wreath + T pins + Glue gun
You can get the t pins at a hardware store for $3

Corn Husk Wreath
dried corn husks + a straw wreath + u-pins + dried flowers + ribbon (for hanging)

DIY $5 Fall Wheat Wreath
wire wreath + paddle wire +wire cutters + wheat

DIY Fall Wheat Wreath II
straw wreath + wide burlap ribbon + floral pins + 5-6 bundles of wheat

Wood & Burlap Wreath
flat wooden wreath + wood discs + burlap + glue + saw + fall florals

acorn wreathAcorn Wreath
grapevine wreath + lots of acorns (Dollar Tree or free if you have them in your yard) + burlap ribbon

Pinecone Wreath 
various sized pinecones + floral wire + cutter cutters + spray paint (optional)

Popcorn Kernel Wreath
foam wreath + burlap + Modge Podge + Elmer’s Glue + 2 packages popcorn kernals

Sunshine Wreath

Other Fall Wreaths

deco mesh pumpkinMesh Pumpkin Wreath
wire wreath + orange & green mesh + orange chenille stem

Apple Wreath
foam wreath + burlap strips + faux apples + moss
The fake apples are pretty cheap when you buy them in bulk online and the rest of the items you can get at Dollar Tree.

Coffee Filter Fall Wreath
foam wreath + 200 coffee filters + decorations of your choice

candy corn wreathCandy Corn Wreath
candy corn + foam wreath + orange mesh ribbon

Rolled Book Page Wreath
This is certainly a cheap and easy project. However, it’s probably very time consuming!

Fall Leaves Laurel Wreath

Moss and Mini Pumpkin Wreath
You can get the moss and fake pumpkins at Dollar Tree

Fabric Fall Wreaths

Neutral Fall Wreath
Wire Wreath + Drop Cloth + Scissors

DIY Fall Pom Pom Wreath
yarn + straw wreath + U-pins

Yarn Fall Wreath 
yarn + foam wreath + fall picks + fabric scraps + acrylic paint + letter stencils

Fall Wreath with Felt Rosettes
free rosette template + grapevine wreath + felt  + double stick tape + fall berry picks

Candy Corn Colored Wreath
foam wreath + muslin + canvas fabric (orange, yellow & white) + pins

Autumn Fabric Wreath
scraps of fabric + ribbon + a wire hanger

Felt Leaves Wreath
craft felt + hot glue gun + scissors + foam wreath

Non Traditional Fall Wreaths

Fall Rake
old rack + berry garland + twine

Harvest Rake

Scarecrow Straw Hat Wreath
straw hat + fall leaves + fall florals + natural raffia + ribbon + felt or fabric scraps + marker

Vintage Tray Wreath Door Hanger
chalkboard paint + fall berries + fall leaves + vintage tray
You see these trays all the time at thrift stores for $2-$3

Hello Fall Door Hanger
Wood hanger + white adhesive vinyl & transfer paper + various fall stems
if you don’t have a silhouette machine, you could use stickers or stencils to achieve the same effect.

Fall Letters Wreath
wood letters + Mod Podge + Patterned scrapbook or tissue paper + wide ribbon

Pinecone Door Decor
pinecones + silk ribbon + hot glue gun

Harvest Hat

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