Fall is my favorite time of year – pumpkin everything, cool weather, autumn foliage, and fun Fall activities. So, obviously, I LOVE decorating for Fall. Over the years, I’ve learned how to decorate for fall without spending much money and I want to share my money saving fall decor ideas with you.

If you want to have great fall/ halloween decor and save money, make your own decor. It’s not as hard or as time-consuming as you think it would be. In fact, most of these projects take less than 15 minutes! Not only does it save you money, but it gets you into the spirit of the season and it’s a fun project to do with your kids. Play some spooky music and sip a pumpkin latte while you work!

About the only crafting materials you will need for these projects are:

  • Hot glue gun (my favorite one is this one from Amazon, it’s a mini so it’s great for small projects like these and it comes with the glue sticks). You can also find them for a similar price at Walmart.
  • Mod Podge
  • Scissors
  • Small paint or sponge brush. You can get them for $0.50-$1 at Walmart (I recommend a variety pack if you are doing more than one project like this one from Amazon so you’ll have the right brush for each project)
  • Wire cutters for the florals. You can also get wire cutters at Dollar Tree.
  • Acrylic paint or spray paint. You can get small bottles of acrylic paint for $0.50 at Walmart, but you will probably need a bigger $1 bottle if you are doing multiple projects.

The following articles will show you how to preserve pumpkins, leaves, acorns, etc for decorating:

Candle Cheap Fall Decor Ideas

maple mason jar Autumn Leaf Mason Jar
Mason Jar  + Maple Leaves Pack (Dollar Tree) + Twine (Dollar Tree) + Mod Podge

cinnamon stick candle holderCinnamon Stick Candle
Cinnamon Sticks ($1.50 per pack at Walmart) + Twine (Dollar Tree) + Small Vanilla Pillar Candle (Dollar Tree)

Rustic Stick Candle
Round Glass Candleholder + Small Pillar Candle + Sticks + Hot Glue Gun

Apple Tea Light Candles
Lemon Juice (preservation) + Tea Light Candles + Apples + Melon Baller

maple candle centerpieceFall Candle Wreath
Glass Pillar Candleholder (Dollar Tree) + Grapevine Wreath ($2 – Walmart) + Maple Leaf Pack (Dollar Tree) + Natural Raffia (Dollar Tree) + Large Orange Pillar Candle

Mason Jar Fall Luminary
Mason Jar + Adhesive Vinyl + Orange Paint + Twine + Tea Light Candle

maple leaf dishLeaf Tray Candles
3 Maple Leaf Dishes (Dollar Tree or thrift store) + Pack of White or Harvest Tealight Candles (Dollar Tree) + Fall Berries

cranberry candleholderCranberry Filler Candleholder
Glass Bowl Candleholder ($0.97 – Walmart) + Small 2″ Vanilla Pillar Candle (Dollar Tree) + Cranberry Vase Filler (Craft Store) + Jute or Hemp Twine ($1-$1.50)

pumpkin gourd tea candlesGourd Candles
Decorative Gourds (Walmart – $3 per pack) + Tealight Candles (Dollar Tree).
You will need to carve a hole for the candles to fit into.

Branch Candle
Branch + Drill with Large Drill Bit + Tea Light Candles

mason candle acorn jarAcorn Mason Jar Candleholder
Mason Jar – with metal handle (Dollar Tree)  + White Tealight Candle (Dollar Tree) + Acorn Pack (Dollar Tree)

Pinecone Candle Centerpiece
Wood Bowl + Pinecones + Tall Glass Vase + Pillar Candle

Pottery Barn Candle
Seamless Wine Glass + Grapevine Wreath + Tea Light Candleholder + Pillar Candle + Acorns and Mini Pinecones

kernel-candlePopcorn Kernel Filled Candleholder
Popcorn Kernels + Natural Raffia + 6” Glass Hurricane Vase ( $0.97 – Walmart) + Small White Pillar Candle (Dollar Tree)

maple wreath candleFall Wreath Candleholder
Brown Willow Wreaths (Dollar Tree) + Maple Leaf Garland + Glass Pillar Candle Holder(Dollar Tree) + Small Pillar Candle (Dollar Tree)

candle moss fall centerpieceMossy Autumn Candleholder
Orange Pillar Candle ($8 – Amazon) + Floral Moss (Dollar Tree) + Mini Pumpkin Pack (Dollar Tree) + Fall Berry Bushes (Dollar Tree) + Glass Cake Stand (Goodwill – $3-4)

candy corn candleCandy Corn Candles
Candy Corn (Dollar Tree) + Candleholder  (Dollar Tree) + Tea Light Candle  (Dollar Tree) + Candle Tray ($5 at a Craft Store or Walmart)

Candy Corn Candles II
Tall Glass Candleholders +Pillar Candles + Candy Corn

candy corn candleCandy Corn Spray Painted Jar Candle
Glass Jar Candles, 8″ (Dollar Tree) + Orange and Yellow Spray Paint ($2 each at Amazon or Walmart)

maple leaf burlap candle holderBurlap Maple Leaf Candleholder
Burlap Ribbon + Glass Candle Holder  + Maple Leaves Pack + Small Pillar Candle
All these items can be found at Dollar Tree

Fall Centerpiece
Wine Glasses + Small Pillar Candles + Mini Pumpkins + Burlap Ribbon + Fall Leaves

maple leaf candleMaple Leaf Twine Wrapped Candle
Pillar Candle (Amazon for $4) + Twine (Dollar Tree) + Maple Leaf

Rustic Sweater Candle
Old sweater + Needle & Thread + Cotton Twine + Fall Leaf + Glass Candleholder + Candle

Decorative Pumpkin Cheap Fall Decor Ideas

glass pumpkinMercury Pumpkin
Ceramic, Glass or even Foam Pumpkins (Dollar Tree or Thrift Store) + White Paint ($1 on Amazon or Walmart) + Krylon or Rust-Oleum Glass Mirror-Like Spray Paint ($9 at Amazon). Paint white first and then spray on the mirror paint.

Dry Brushed Chalk Painted Pumpkins
Assorted Fake Pumpkins + Chalk Paint + Acrylic Paint

Thrift Store Pumpkin Makeover
Glass or Ceramic Pumpkins +  Silver and White Spray Paint

pumpkin fruit basketPumpkin Basket
Black Fruit Basket (Thrift Store – Goodwill – $3) + Polyfoam Pumpkin and Gourds (Dollar Tree or Walmart)

burlap pumpkinBurlap Pumpkin
Burlap Pumpkin  (Dollar Tree) + Twine  (Dollar Tree). For the swirly tendrils effect you coat those strands of twine with Mod Podge and wrap them around a pencil. Allow it to set for about 10 minutes and then remove the pencil

rope pumpkinTwine Pumpkin
Green Burlap Ribbon (Dollar Tree) + Small Styrofoam Cone (Craft Store – $2) + Styrofoam Pumpkin (Dollar Tree) + Sisal Rope + Brown Twine (for stem)

jar pumpkinMason Jar Lid Pumpkin
Cinnamon Sticks ($1.50 per pack at Walmart)  + Mason Jar Lids with Bands ($3 a pack on Amazon)+ Orange Spray Paint ($2 on Amazon)+ Orange Yarn ($1 on Amazon)

ducting pumpkinDuct Hose Pumpkin
Ducting Hose (Walmart $6) + Orange Spray Paint (Walmart – $1-2) + Floral Moss  (Dollar Tree)  + Cinnamon Sticks (Walmart- $2)

mini glitter pumpkinGlittery Gold Pumpkin
Foam Pumpkin (Dollar Tree) + Gold Glitter ($2 Walmart) + Metallic Rust-oleum Spray Paint ($5 Amazon) + Silver Candle Holder ($2 at Goodwill)

Confetti Pumpkin
Pumpkin + White Spray Saint + Confetti + Glue

Paper Roll Pumpkins
Paper Toll Roll + Decorating Material + Twine + Cinnamon Sticks + Burlap Scraps

dolly pumpkinDoily Pumpkin
Medium Sized Pumpkin ($6) + Doilies (Dollar Tree or thrift store)

Book Page Pumpkin 
book + spray paint + stick forested + ribbon

Pumpkin Lantern
leaf template + green paper + pipe cleaners + wire frame + fishing line + $1 paper lantern

Home Accent Cheap Fall Decor Ideas

burlap table clothBurlap Table Cloth
White Table Cloth ($9 to $15, depending on size) + Burlap Cloth ($1.99/yd at Jo Ann) + Twine (Dollar Tree)

DIY Leaf Stamped Napkins
Leaves + Napkins + Craft Paint + Rolling Pin

leaf garlandFall Leaves Garland
It goes great down stair cases, across fireplace mantels or around the frame of your door. You can add orange lights in it for a more festive look. $1 for 20 orange lights at Dollar Tree.

 Pinecone Garland
Pinecones + Twine + Mod Podge + Gold Glitter

Fall Leaf Canvas Art
fall leaves + stick + hot glue gun + wood board + dark walnut wood stain

Burlap Fall Banner
burlap banner + stencils (letters and maple leaf) + black and red acrylic paint

Fall Leaves Banner
fall leaves + twine + book page leaves + clothespins

Fall Leaf Tree
poster board + fall leaves + brown spray paint + hot glue gun

f03c8e1dd2093d9207eb70aa09df6554Pumpkin Lantern
Black Lantern (Thrift Store – Goodwill – $4) + Polyfoam Pumpkin and Gourds (Dollar Tree) + Pinecones

maple leaf bucketTwigs & Fall Leaves Bucket
Milk Bucket (Dollar Tree) + Sticks  + Maple Leaves Pack  (Dollar Tree)

Autumn In A Jar
Acorns + Pinecones + Mini Pumpkins + Fall Leaves + Apothecary Jar
You can get an apothecary jar at thrift stores for under $5
You can also make your own apothecary jar from Dollar Tree items

Pinecone Basket
Basket (Thrift Store – $2) + Pinecones + String Lights, 20 ct

stacked pumpkin decorStacked Pumpkin Topiary
2 Mini Pumpkins ($1 each at Walmart) + 2 Maple Leaf Garland + Glass Taper Candleholders (Dollar Tree) + Glass Plate Candleholder (Dollar Tree) + Brown Spray Paint or Bronze Rustoleum Spray Paint.
The base won’t look exactly the same as in the picture.

fall printableFramed Fall Art
Free Fall Printables + Paper + Picture Frame (Dollar Tree or Thrift Store for $1).
Printables are a easy and great way to accent your decorations. There are plenty of blogs that offer free fall printable such as http://lollyjane.com/fall-free-printables/ or  http://www.onsuttonplace.com/2014/08/10-free-fall-printables/ or http://www.thedatingdivas.com/free-printables/printables/65-fall-printables/ 

leaf bowlFall Leaf Bowl
4 Maple Leaf Packs (Dollar Tree) + Plastic Serving Bowl (Dollar Tree) + Mod Podge (and sponge brush).

metallic maple leavesMetallic Leaves
Krylon Premium Metallic Finish ($5 – Amazon) + Maple Leaves +  Liquid Gilding ($4 on Amazon)

Gold Acorns
Hot Glue Gun + Metallic Gold Paint + Acorns
great for vase fillers, in a bowl or as a table decoration

Glittery Fall Leaves Garland
Pack of Fall Leaves (Dollar Tree) + Ribbon + Glitter + Glue

Cinnamon-Scented Pinecones
Pinecones + Essential Oil

DIY Candy Corn Pine Cones
Pinecones + Orange, White & Yellow Spray Paint + Glitter

Hanging Leaves Garland
Fishing Line + Fall Leaves

Fabric Leaf Garland
Fabric Scraps + Fusible Interfacing + Embroidery Needle

Candy Corn Button Art
Buttons + Burlap + Frame (Dollar Tree) + Acrylic Paint + Mod Podge

Wreath Cheap Fall Decor Ideas

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.40.06 AMFall Leaves Wreath
Grapevine Wreath ($2 – Walmart or Craft Store) + Maple Leaf Garlands (Dollar Tree)

DIY Burlap Fall Wreath
Straw Wreath + Ribbon + Glue Gun + Fall Leaves + Wire Cutters

Easy DIY Fall Berry Wreath
Berry Stems + Grapevine Wreath + Wire Cutter + Brown Ribbon

Cheap Easy DIY Fall Wreath
Fall Leaves + Cardboard + Glue Gun + Twine + Parchment Paper

hydrangea-wreathFall Hydrangea Wreath
Faux Fall Hydrangea Bushes (Dollar Tree) + Grapevine Wreath + Black and White Ribbon (Dollar Tree)

Apple Wreath
Foam Wreath + Burlap Strips + Faux Apples + Moss
The fake apples are pretty cheap when you buy them in bulk online and the rest of the items you can get at Dollar Tree.

deco mesh pumpkinMesh Pumpkin Wreath
Wire Wreath  + Orange Mesh  + Green Deco Mesh + Orange Chenille Stem
It only cost $5 to make this pumpkin wreath and you can get all of the items at Dollar Tree

leafy letterMonogramed Fall Letter
Large Wood Letter ($5 at Michael’s) + Maple Leaves Pack + Ribbon + Wreath Hanger + Glue Gun

Twig Letter 
Wood Letter + Sticks (cut to size) + Hot Glue Gun

acorn wreathAcorn Wreath
Grapevine Wreath ($2 – Walmart)+ Lots of Acorns + Burlap Ribbon  (Dollar Tree) + Wreath Hanger  (Dollar Tree)

Burlap Ribbon + Pinecones + Floral Wire

Rustic DIY Fall Wreath
Grapevine Wreath + Wired Sisal Vine + Burlap Ribbon + Twine + Pinecones + Chalkboard Tag

Burlap Wreath
Burlap Ribbon + Wire Wreath + Fall Floral

Corn-Husk Wreath
Corn Husks + Straw Wreath + T pins + Glue Gun
You can get the t pins at a hardware store for $3

DIY $5 Fall Wheat Wreath
Wire Wreath + Paddle Wire + Wire Cutters + Wheat

Neutral Fall Wreath
Wire Wreath + Drop Cloth + Scissors

candy corn wreathCandy Corn Wreath
4 Bags of Candy Corn (Dollar Tree) + Foam Wreath (Dollar Tree) + Orange Mesh Ribbon (Dollar Tree).

Autumn Fabric Wreath
Scraps of Fabric + Ribbon + Wire Hanger

Centerpiece Cheap Fall Decor Ideas

burlap fall mason jarFall Mason Jar Centerpiece
4 Mason Jars ($1 or less each)+ Twine (Dollar Tree) + Burlap Ribbon (Dollar Tree)
+ Acrylic paints in fall colors + Fall Florals (Dollar Tree).
This one would cost about $15 to make so it costs a bit more than the others, but it would look really great on top of a fireplace mantel.

Rustic Fall Mason Jars Centerpiece
Mason Jars +  Acrylic Paint (brown & white) + Twine + Vinyl Stickers or Stencils for Letters + Wheat Stalk

Rustic Fall Centerpiece
Jars and Vase (Dollar Tree) + White Burlap + Twine + Stencil + Craft Paint + Brown Paper Bag

Candy Corn Bottle Centerpiece
Empty Wine Bottles + Orange, Yellow and White Spray Paint + Candy Corn (Dollar Tree) + Silver Serving Tray (Dollar Tree)

fall centerpiecePumpkin and Fall Berry Tray Centerpiece
Foam Pumpkins and Gourds (Dollar Tree) + Fall Berries (Dollar Tree) + Maple Leaf Pack (Dollar Tree) + Candle Tray

Fall Harvest Centerpiece
Basket + Fall Leaves Garland + Lantern + Acorns + Fall Berry Vines
You can get the basket from a thrift store for cheap

pumpkin vaseMini Pumpkins Vase
Mini Pumpkins  + Large Glass Vases (Goodwill – $2-3)

Copper Pumpkins Fall Centerpiece
$1 Plastic Pumpkin Pails + Flowers  + Copper Spray Paint + Rice

candy corn mason jarsCandy Corn Mason Jars
3 Mason Jars + Orange, Yellow and White Spray Paint ($1 each at Walmart) + Black Ribbon (Dollar Tree)

Rustic Fall Centerpiece
Sticks + Coffee Can + Fall Florals + Burlap Ribbon + Brown Paint

Fall Leaf Vase
Sticks (Free) + Maple Leaves (Dollar Tree)+ Glass Vase (Dollar Tree)

Rustic Fall Tray Centerpiece 
Wood Tray + Wood Stain + Candleholders + Berry Garland  + Candles

burlap fall floralHydrangea Burlap Square Vase
Floral Blocks (Dollar Tree) + Burlap Fabric (Walmart – $3) + Twine (Dollar Tree) +  Burlap Hydrangea Bushes (Dollar Tree)

Pumpkin Flower Arrangement
Fresh Pumpkin + Floral Foam + Flowers & Berries + Ribbon

A lot of these ideas have the same supplies (e.g. foam pumpkins, maple leaves, paint, twine), but with different outcomes so you can use the same supplies for a lot of these projects to save even more money. Like you could use the twine for burlap tablecloth, burlap pumpkin, fall mason jars and the maple leaf candle; so that $1 twine will last you for several projects.

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100 Cheap and Easy DIY Fall Decor Ideas100 Cheap and Easy DIY Fall Decor Ideas

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