halloween decor diy ideasStop buying overpriced halloween decorations and make your own for less. These halloween decor DIY ideas are cheap and easy to make. There are over a hundred spooktacular ideas to choose from.

Here are some basic crafting supplies that you may need for these halloween decor DIY ideas:

  • hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • craft glue
  • small paint or sponge brush. You can get them for $0.50-$1 at Walmart
  • acrylic paint or spray paint. You can get small bottles of acrylic paint for $0.50 and basic spray paint for $1-$2 at Walmart
  • tape
  • scissors
  • craft knife

Haunted Figurines
black spray paint + thrift store figurines + painter’s tape + red chalk paint

Spooky Crystal Ball Halloween Candlesticks
inkjet transparency film + candlesticks + clear bulbs + hot glue + candle + crystal ball shape pattern

Halloween Village
Halloween village buildings (Dollar Tree) + black spray paint ($0.99 Walmart) + plastic bats (Dollar Tree) + acrylic paint + candleholders and/or boxes

DIY Poison Bottles
glass stain + chalkboard paint + glass jars & bottles
You can buy the jars and bottles at Dollar Tree

Spooky Halloween Bottles 
empty medicine bottles + glue gun + chalk paint + cork +  dark brown& orange-yellow acrylic paint

DIY Halloween Paper Towel Candles
paper towel & toilet paper rolls + glue gun + tape + plastic tea lights + glass pebbles + craft paints

DIY Spell Books
hardcover books + adhesive craft foam + tissue paper + craft paint + mod podge + glue gun

Potions Book
old books. + free printable book covers

DIY Witches Brooms

Halloween Wine Glasses (Candle Holders)
wine glasses, spray paint, felt, craft foam, sharpie (black and red), cheesecloth, raffia, glue gun

Crystal Ball DIY
black tulle + fishbowl + printed image

Scary Portrait 
printable portrait  + black craft paint + card stock + X-Acto knife + red mini LED lights

Creepy Fake Portraits 
black foam board + glue sticks + printed images or images from a history book
You can get the foam board and glue sticks at Dollar Tree

creepy terrarium Creepy Terrarium 
3 empty jars + crows, mini skulls, spiders, skeleton  + spanish moss  + pebbles + floral foam
You can get all these items at Dollar Tree

creepy jarCreepy Jars
halloween knick-knacks + crows, rats, etc  + Spanish moss + jars or vases
You can get all these items at Dollar Tree

Creepy Halloween Candles
glass candle holders + Mod Podge + spray paint  + printable pictures of victorians + sand paper

Creepy Windows
spiderwebs + black felt (for bats) + white taper candles + candelabra
You can find the candelabra at a thrift store for a good price

Creepy Lamp
creepy cloth + plastic spider

Crow Tree
branches + vase + Spanish moss + crows
You can get everything at the Dollar Tree

Tortured Candles
black carpet tacks  + white pillar candle + red taper candle

Bloody Handprint Window Clings
glue + red & blue food coloring + plastic wrap + wax paper + tape

Hand Candles
candle wax (off white and red) + latex gloves + candle wicks + 20 gauge wire + clamps + duct tape

Drippy Candles
PVC pipes + white spray paint + glue gun + white glue sticks + sponge + tealight + wax paper

witch hat Floating Witch Hats
witch hat (Dollar Tree) + glow stick (Dollar Tree) + safety pins (Dollar Tree) + fishing line + hooks

Skull String Art
2’x3’ piece of wood + white nails + black paint + white string + skull printable

Pottery Barn Halloween Votives
vellum + printer + template + LED tea light + tealight holder + double sided tape

Black Lace Candle
black lace trim + needle and black thread + glass candleholder + white candle

Yarn Spiderweb
yarn + scissors + scotch tape + spiders

Trash Bag Spiderwebs 
black trash bags + scissors + tape

web doorSpider Web Door  
black tape + spider (Dollar Tree)

Ghostly Spider Mantel
white taper candles (Dollar Tree, 2pk), glass taper candle holder (Dollar Tree), white spray paint ($1 Walmart), plastic spiders (Dollar Tree) + spider webs (Dollar Tree)
Paint the candleholders and vase white. Glue spiders to candles. Add spider webs

Magnetic Spiders
plastic spider rings (Dollar Tree) + magnet sheets + hot glue gun

spider web jarSpider Web Mason Jar
webs with spiders (Dollar Tree) + battery operated tealight candle (Dollar Tree) + mason jar (Dollar Tree)

framed-doily-spiderwebSpooky Spider Picture Frame
black picture frame + white dollies + large black spiders
You can get all these items at Dollar Tree

Spider Candle Jars
empty baby-food jars + yarn + Elmer’s glue + LED tealight candles + plastic spiders
You can get the LED tea light candles at Dollar Tree (2 for $1)

DIY Ghost Candy Stand
barrel stand + white bed sheet + Halloween candy bowl + white spray paint + black felt

Floating Ghost
cheesecloth + black felt + cornstarch + water + bows

floating-cheesecloth-ghost-6Floating Ghost
2 liter soda bottle + cheesecloth + styrofoam ball (Dollar Tree) + wire (Dollar Tree)

ghost candlesGhost Candles
glass jar candle, 8″ (Dollar Tree) + black permanent marker

white bag ghostsGhost Paper Bags
white paper bags (Dollar Tree) + LED tea light candles (Dollar Tree, 2 pack) + black permanent marker (Dollar Tree)

Ghost Jugs
empty milk jugs + black permanent marker (Dollar Tree) + craft knife + string clear lights

Halloween Black Cat Decorations
mini pumpkins + foam craft balls + black acrylic paint  + felt + glue gun  + black pipe cleaners  + black yarn  + decorative ribbon
You can get the foam balls, pipe cleaners and ribbon at Dollar Tree

pumpkin cauldronsPumpkin Cauldrons
black spray paint ($0.99 – Walmart) + 3 jack o lantern treat pails (Dollar Tree) + creepy cloth (Dollar Tree)

Spider Pumpkins
mini pumpkins + tea light candles + black pipe cleaners

Creepy Crawly Pumpkin 
2 packs of mini creatures + foam pumpkin
Both items can be found at Dollar Tree

Paper Mice Decoration
black construction paper + scissors + tape + mice templates

Candy Jar DIY
round glass candleholder (Dollar Tree)+ 6 inch terra cotta pot + terra cotta saucer + wooden knob + paint + ribbon (Dollar Tree)
Even though you can’t get the pot, saucer and knob at Dollar Tree, you can get them for $1 or less at Walmart or a home improvement store

Fanged Pumpkins
mini white pumpkin + plastic vampire teeth

Boo Candles
small wood letters + candleholders + black spray paint + mini craft pumpkins
You can get the candleholders from a thrift store for cheap

Boo Sign
wood letters + black acrylic paint + orange ribbon or tulle

Candy Corn Decoration
yellow, orange, and white yarn + poster board + staples

Candy Corn Bottle Centerpiece
Empty Wine Bottles + Orange, Yellow and White Spray Paint + Candy Corn (Dollar Tree) + Silver Serving Tray (Dollar Tree)

Candy Corn Candles II
Tall Glass Candleholders +Pillar Candles + Candy Corn

candy corn mason jarsCandy Corn Mason Jars
3 Mason Jars + Orange, Yellow and White Spray Paint ($1 each at Walmart) + Black Ribbon (Dollar Tree)

DIY Candy Corn Halloween Water Beads
water beads – yellow, orange and clear + tall glass vases  + water

Pumpkin Door Decor
$1 plastic pumpkin + craft paint + tissue paper + mod podge  + halloween ribbons
You can get the pumpkin, tissue paper, and halloween ribbons at Dollar Tree

Framed Plastic Pumpkin
$1 plastic pumpkin + orange spray paint + brown acrylic paint + black frame  + scrapbook paper + ribbon
You can get the pumpkin, frame and ribbon at Dollar Tree

burlap pumpkinBurlap Pumpkin
Burlap Pumpkin  (Dollar Tree) + Twine  (Dollar Tree).
For the swirly tendrils effect you coat those strands of twine with Mod Podge and wrap them around a pencil. Allow it to set for about 10 minutes and then remove the pencil

Halloween Bandana Pumpkins
bandanas (Dollar Tree) + embroidery floss + polyfil + needle & thread

halloween candleHalloween Candles
glass jar candle (Dollar Tree) + halloween tape or stickers

Halloween Frames
photo frames (Dollar Tree)+ black ribbon (Dollar Tree0 + halloween ribbon (Dollar Tree) + vinyl stickers + paint pens + paint

Toilet Paper Covers
Halloween napkins + toilet paper

Ruffled Tree Trio
crepe paper + glue stick + paper mache cone

DIY Paper Lanterns for Halloween Decorations
black metallic paper + half sheet of white vellum + battery operated tea lights

Spooky Bat Lamp
adhesive dots + black cardstock + printable bat  + lamp with shade

Bat Lantern
paper lantern + black card stock + adhesive dots + bat template

Black Bats
black construction paper (Dollar Tree) + printable bat template

Spooky Bat Chandelier
quilting hoops + foam bats + black craft paint + black string

Halloween Tin Can Luminaries
Sharpie +  empty tin cans + hammer and nail  + paint + candles

K Cup Pumpkin Garland
clear contact paper + sharpie + used k cups + orange string lights

Paint Chip & Washi Tape Candy Corn Garland
scissors + paint chip samples + orange washi tape

DIY Halloween Candy Door Hanger
chalkboard + half pumpkin + wood burning tool + drill + hammer & nails + black & white paint

DIY Ghost Face Picture Frame
picture frames +acrylic paint + cheesecloth + foam heads + petroleum jelly + starch spray + glue gun
You can get the picture frames, petroleum jelly and starch spray at Dollar Tree

DIY Spooky Halloween Mirror
old frame + old book  + razor blade + glossy black spray paint
You can get the book and frame at a thrift store

Skull Candle Holder
3 skulls (Dollar Tree) + 2 terra cotta saucers ($0.75- Walmart) +
black spray paint (Walmart -$0.99) + Halloween candle (Dollar Tree).

Skeleton Dish DIY
plastic skeleton + glass taper candle holder + glass tealight holder + e6000 glue + white spray paint + silver spray paint + black acrylic paint
You can get the candleholders and plastic skeleton at Dollar Tree

Boneyard Lantern
bag of mini plastic skulls + glass cylinder vase (Dollar Tree) + skull necklaces (Dollar Tree) + white spray paint ($1 – Walmart) +  caulking +  battery operated tea lights (Dollar Tree)

Vase of Skulls (#6)
small skeletons + tall glass vase + spanish moss
All of these are items you can get at Dollar Tree

Upcycled Skull
glossy white spray paint + plastic skull + craft knife + florals

Skull Candlesticks
skulls (Dollar Tree) + battery powered tealight candles (Dollar Tree) + wooden candlesticks (thrift store) + glitter

halloween-dollar-store-spiderweb-vaseSpooky Halloween Vase
small glass vase (Dollar Tree) + black spray paint (Walmart -$0.99) + hot glue
It does require some drawing skill for the spider web detail

Eyeball Flowers
eyeball flowers + purple vase + liatris or similar flowers
You can get all these items at Dollar Tree

Halloween Apothecary Jars
acrylic paint in (black, gray, purple) + insects + plastic candy jar
While you can’t get these exact jars at Dollar Tree, you can get a similar one and you could use e6000 glue to attach a glass taper candleholder to the bottom

Halloween Hand Soap
confetti + mini creatures + hand soap
All these items can be found at the Dollar Tree

door matCustomized Halloween Door Mat
floor mat (Dollar Tree) + stencils  + acrylic paint

DIY Witch Legs
pool noodle (Dollar Tree) +  stockings (Dollar Tree) + large black heels (thrift store)

Witch Broom DIY
$1 broom + black spray paint (Walmart – $1) + glitter + ribbons (Dollar Tree) + gems

Halloween Spellbooks
books + small plastic Halloween items (Dollar Tree) + letters + hot glue gun  + black & metallic craft paint
You can get the books at Dollar Tree or thrift stores.

Mummy Door
white streamers (Dollar Tree – 2pk) + black construction paper (Walmart -$0.75) + printer paper

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