100 Best Fall Crafts

Celebrate everything autumn with these fun and creative fall crafts. From pumpkin crafts to mason jar crafts, there’s something here for every crafter (beginner to expert) so grab a pumpkin spice latte and get to crafting!

Pumpkin Fall Crafts

Yarn Pumpkin Garland
orange yarn, green pipe cleaners, twine

Yarn Pumpkins
orange yarn, white glue, balloon, brown & green pipe cleaner

Terracotta Pumpkins
terracotta pot & lid, acrylic paint, adhesive, wooden knobs, coiled floral wire

jar pumpkinMason Jar Lid Pumpkin
cinnamon sticks, mason jar lids with bands, orange spray paint, orange yarn

Wine Cork Pumpkin 
wine corks, orange acrylic paint, glue gun, green felt, twine

Easy No-Sew Burlap Pumpkins
burlap, twine, polyfill stuffing, rubber bands, mod podge, faux leaves

Halloween Bandana Pumpkins
bandanas (Dollar Tree),  embroidery floss,  polyfil, needle & thread

Painted Wood Slice Pumpkins
wooden plaques, acrylic paints, coiled floral wire, wire cutters, wood sticks, glue gun

Rustic Wood Pumpkins
wood scraps,  wood glue, clamps, sandpaper, paint

Paper Roll Pumpkins
paper toll roll, decorating material, twine, cinnamon sticks, burlap scraps

Book Page Pumpkin 
book, spray paint, stick forested, ribbon

DIY Pumpkin Wine Glasses
orange, green, yellow & blank paint, paint brushes, wine glasses, hemp rope, orange pillar candles

Wood Block Pumpkins

Pumpkin Monogram Wreath
chipboard pumpkin, craft paint, sand paper, ribbon, craft glue

Painting Pumpkins Tutorial

Pumpkin Tree Stump 
wood stump plaque, orange & white craft paint, 1/2″ wooden dowel, drill and and 1/2″ drill bit

Scrappy Pumpkin
scrap wood, chalk. jigsaw, thin boards, wood screws, wire

Pumpkin Button Art 
picture frame, burlap, various sized orange & brown buttons, super glue,  embroidery floss, needle, white craft paint

Framed Plastic Pumpkin
$1 plastic pumpkin, orange spray paint, brown acrylic paint, black frame, scrapbook paper,  ribbon

Pumpkin Door Decor
$1 plastic pumpkin, craft paint, tissue paper, mod podge, halloween ribbons

Pumpkin Craft With Mason Jar Lid
mason jar lids, orange spray paint, twine

Easy Diy Tin Can Pumpkins
tin can, nail, twigs, green floral leaves, wire, acrylic paint, raffia

Magnolia Pumpkin
faux white pumpkin, faux magnolia leaves and blooms, glue gun, paint pen, mini gold beads

DIY Farmhouse Pumpkin Bucket
galvanized steel bucket + brown, gray and black paint + paint pouncer + stencils

Distressed Pumpkins
glue, acrylic paint, brown & black craft paint, small wooden branches, glue gun

Twine Pumpkins
twine, white school glue, drinking glass, saran wrap

Paper Pumpkin
orange, green & brown construction paper, stapler and staples, string, scissors

Paper Pumpkins
patterned paper, paper cutter, double sided tape, glue gun, sticks, twine, scissors

Dryer Vent Pumpkins
dryer vent hose, orange  & cream spray paint, stick, moss, glue gun, wire cutters

Scrub Pad Pumpkins
copper scrubbing pads, sticks, green felt, twine, wire, glue

Pom Pom Pumpkins
orange yarn, green felt, twig,  glue gun, wire cutter

Easy No-Sew Shirt Pumpkins
long-sleeved shirt, twine, rubber bands, fiberfill, mod podge, scissors, foam brush, burlap

Velvet Pumpkin 
velvet fabric, foam pumpkin, glue gun, craft knife, scissors, twine, green felt

Pumpkin Magnets
decorative paper, mod podge, glass rocks, sharpie, magnets, pipe cleaners,  glue gun

Jack-O-Lantern String Art
wood sign, orange paint, paint brush, hammer, nails, black string

Sparkling Gold Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins
mason jar lids, glitter, mod podge, scrapbook paper, cinnamon stick, burlap, glue gun

Fabric Pumpkins
fabric, wood, outdoor mod podge, stick, faux leaves

Leaves & Pinecone Fall Crafts

Fall Luminary Craft
. empty tin can, a straight nail, leaf template, hammer, tea light, spray paint

Book Page Fall Leaves 
book pages, highlighter, mod podge, fine glitter

Fall Leaves Banner
fall leaves, twine, book page leaves, clothespins

Glittery Fall Leaves Garland
pack of fall leaves, ribbon, glitter, glue

Leaf Bowl DIY Craft
artificial maple leaves, plastic bowl, mod podge, krylon triple thick glaze, plastic wrap

Fall Leaf Lanterns 
glass globe, mod podge, fall leaves

 Pinecone Garland
pinecones, twine, mod podge, gold glitter

DIY Candy Corn Pine Cones
spray paint (white, orange & yellow), spray sealant, mod podge, glitter

Ombre Pine Cones
pinecone, acrylic paint, angled paint brush, old toothbrush

Leaf Stamped Napkins
leaves, napkins, craft paint, rolling pin, paper towel

DIY Fall Acorns
easter eggs, spray paint, twine, pinecones, glue gun

Painted Acorns 
acorns, acrylic paints, aluminum foil

Scarecrow Fall Crafts

DIY Terracotta Scarecrow
terracotta pots, twine, burlap, straw,  markers, glue

Flower Pot Scarecrow 
flower pots, tan, brown, orange, red & blue craft paint, waterproof sealant, flowers, straw hat, jute rope, industrial glue

Popsicle Stick Scarecrow
popsicle sticks, paint, raffia, googly eyes, orange felt, fall flower, hot glue gun
This craft is more for kids, but its just so cute that I had to include it!

DIY Reversible Scarecrow To Snowman Pallet
pallet, paint/stain, paint pens, sealer, ribbon, raffia

Clay Pot Scarecrow
clay pots, acrylic paint, wood buttons, raffia, orange felt, sunflower, bandanna, wood dowel,  E-6000

Mason Jar Fall Crafts

Candy Corn Mason Jars
mason jars, craft paints (white, yellow & orange), painter’s tape, twine, sandpaper

Mason Jar Fall Luminary
mason jar, adhesive vinyl, orange paint, twine, tea light candle
You can get the jar, twine and candles at Dollar Tree

Pumpkin Mason Jars
mason jars, brown spray paint , orange acrylic paint & brown acrylic paint, fall colors card stock, wood pegs, embossing tools

maple mason jar Maple Candle Jar
mason jar,, maple leaves pack (Dollar Tree), twine, glue gun or mod podge
Adhering the leaves to the jar is done easier with Mod Podge, but a glue gun worked fine for me when I made this.

burlap fall mason jar

Fall Mason Jars (source unknown)
fall colored & black acrylic paint, mason jars, burlap ribbon, stencils, twine, $1 fall flowers, glue gun, sandpaper
Paint the mason jars fall colors. Distress with sandpaper if you wish to. Measure the burlap you need to fit around the mason jars and cut. Make four strips. Stencil the letters on the burlap ribbon with black paint (paint under newspaper or paper plate). Glue the burlap around the mason jar. Tie twine around neck of jar. Fill with flowers.

Fall Owl Mason Jar Craft 
mason jars, glitter spray paint , metal leaves, glass marbles, wire, metal sheet for beak, metal findings, $1 flowers

Scarecrow Mason Jar (source unknown)
mason jar, brown chalky paint, buttons, craft paints for face, sharpie for mouth, natural raffia, glue gun, burlap ribbon with lace trip, faux sunflower
You can get everything but the craft paints at Dollar Tree.

Maple Tree Leaf Globe
mason jar, glue gun, twigs, twine, silk leaves, fall colored confetti

Apple Mason Jar Craft
mason jars, red spray paint, green card stock, twine

Fall Candy Corn Jars 
terra cotta saucers, glass vases, wooden candlesticks, wooden knobs, acrylic paint, glue gun, ribbon, candy corn

Buffalo Check Mason Jar DIY
mason jars, white chalky paint, painter’s tape, dark blue, gray & black acrylic paint, wood tags, sandpaper

Rustic Fall Mason Jars Centerpiece
mason jars,  acrylic paint (brown & white), twine, vinyl stickers or stencils for letters, wheat stalk

Fall Sunflower Jars
empty jars, chalk paint, burlap ribbon, lace trim, fake sunflowers and “grass”
All of these items can be purchased at Dollar Tree except for the chalk paint

Other Fall Crafts

Fall Bucket List
small tin bucket, large popsicle sticks, fall filler, clip-on chalk board sign, chalk, sharpie

Candy Corn Button Art
buttons, burlap, frame,  acrylic paint, mod podge

Coffee Filter Candy Corn 
coffee filters, food color, cardboard, glue gun, ribbon

Candy Corn Bottle Centerpiece
empty wine bottles, spray paint, candy corn, silver serving tray

Owl Tree with Handmade Ornaments
wood slice ornaments, wood-look buttons, yellow felt, brown pipe cleaners, hot glue, wood burning tool

DIY Wood Slice Owl
wood slice, sawtooth picture frame hanger,  jar lids, pop bottle caps, serving spoon, forks, branch, e6000 glue

Fall Yard Stakes
stakes, wood post, outdoor craft paint, stencils, spray paint in fall colors

Fall Door Hanger
wood squares, black acrylic paint, letter stencils, wide wired burlap ribbon, glue gun, faux leaves

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