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Looking for some fun and creative elf on the shelf ideas for this Christmas? Then look no further! There are hundreds of funny, cute, and mischievous elf on the shelf ideas here

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Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Elf in a Ball Pit

Elf Held Hostage by Army Men

Elf Captured The Grinch

Elf Got into the Bandaid Box

Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggins Elf

Elf Gone Fishing

Elf Caught a Shark in the Sink

Elf with Melted Snowman

Elf Meets Elsa

Elf Using the Toilet

Elf Using the Toilet II

Elf Taking a Selfie

Elf Tied up on the Train Tracks

Elf on Gift Paper Stilts

Elf Found the Stickers

Elf Copying His Butt

Elf Candy Cane Lock Up (free printable)

Worst “Cookies” Ever

Spin the Bottle

Elf Poops Chocolate Kisses

Leg Lamp Gift

Elf and Barbie Having a Romantic Sled Ride

Elf and Barbie Sharing Maple Syrup

Elf on a Date with Barbie

Elf Riding a Hot Air Balloon

Taking an “Elfie”

Cute Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Free Elf Kisses

Elf Bundled Up in the Fridge

Elf Making a Flour Angel

Elf Enjoying a Bubble Bath with Rubber Ducky

Elf Kissing Booth (free printable sign)

Elf Taking a Nap in a Tissue Box

Elf Swinging

Elf Picking up a Christmas Tree in a Truck

Elf Taking a Nap in a Christmas Tree Hammock

Elf Dressed up as Harry Potter

Super Elf

Elf Meets Darth Vader

Elf Stuck in a Glass

Elf in Igoo

Elf Locked Outside

Elf Repairing Car

Elf Zip Lining

Elf Lifting Weights

Elf Having a Snowball Fight

Elf Winning a Sack Race

Elf “Rocking Climbing”

Elf Riding a Raptor

Elf Sleighing with Cars

Upside Down Elf

Elf Telling a Story

Elf Sledding with Friends

Elf Sledding with “Reindeer”

Sick Elf

Elf Doctor’s Note Printables (3 Days of No Moving)

Elf Making a Grocery List

Elf Hats for the Whole Family

Elf Packed Lunch

Kneeling Elf

Elf Count Down Until Christmas

Elf Catching Goldfish

Elf Sunbathing

Elf Making Snowflakes

Skiing Elf

Elf Just Out of the Shower

Elf Shaving

Elf Photoshoot

Elf Doing the Laundry

Elf Pretending to be a Fork

Elf Riding in a Hot Air Balloon

Elf Offering Holiday Help

Elf Relaxing at the Beach

Elf Drummer

Elf Builds a Plastic Cup Pyramid

Elf Camping in a Tent

Elf Slinkies

Elf Car Race

Pinecone Bowling

Feeding Ducks

Elf Doctor

Elf Making Ornaments

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