4th of July

Check out these creative 4th of July decoration ideas that are easy to make and easy on the wallet. These patriotic DIY projects are sure to impress your 4th of July party guests.  There are wreaths, banners, centerpieces, garlands, table decorations and so much more! These patriotic ideas would be perfect for Memorial Day too!

Craft Supplies You May Need:

  • double sided tape
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • scissors
  • glue
  • Mod Podge
  • acrylic paint
  • spray paint
  • paint and foam brushes

Things You Can Get at Dollar Tree:

  • American Flags – 3 for $1
  • Bandanas
  • Ribbons
  • Twine
  • Burlap
  • Star Stickers
  • Candles
  • Glass Candleholders and Vases
  • Mason Jars
  • Red, White & Blue Party Supplies

Lights, Garlands, Streamers, & Banners

Patriotic String Lights
red, white and blue yarn+ balloons + glue + petroleum jelly + wire + string lights

red, white, and blue paper streamers + big-bulb outdoor lights

Denim and Burlap Lighted Garland
white mini lights +  red and white burlap rolls + denim roll

Tin Can Windstocks
empty cans + blue spray paint + twine + star stickers

Paper Wind Streamers
Empty oatmeal container +  Kraft paper + star stickers or punch + twine + ribbons

DIY Patriotic Windstock 
embroidery hoop +  various ribbons + jumbo ric rac + tulle + fabric scraps + twine

Patriotic Outdoor Garland
plastic table covers in red, white and blue + 1 string of 100 lights (clear)
You can get all these items at Dollar Tree

Patriotic Paper Chains
red and blue construction paper + glue

Outdoor Patriotic Tassel Garland
plastic table covers + plastic clothes line

Patriotic Tissue Paper Tassel Garland
tissue paper of various colors and patterns + baker’s twine + ribbon

Plastic Cup Twirlers

Paper Star Garland 

Star Streamer Garland
red, white and/or blue streamers

3D Star Garland
stars of various sizes + twine + scoring board and scoring tool + hole punch

Burlap Flag Banner
burlap fabric  + jute twine  + thread
If you have basic sewing skills and a sewing machine this will be an easy project

Burlap Star Banner

DIY American Flag Bunting
American flags + thin sequin ribbons + awl

Patriotic Dolly Banner
White Doilies + blue & red spray paint + string or ribbon

Pom Pom Garland (Scroll down to #2)
red, white and blue yarn + bakers twine
Here is a good tutorial for how to make yarn pom pops

Bandana Banners
bandanas + twine


Cupcake Liner Wreath
patriotic cupcake liners + stars + twine + large red flower

Easy Patriotic Wreath
foam wreath +  burlap ribbon  + ribbon and/or deco mesh + sparkly star garland + flag spray + pins
You can get all these supplies at Dollar Tree

Patriotic Paper Wreath
red, white, and blue cardstock  + bakers twine + white scrapbook paper + paper mache star + silver spray paint

Pinwheel Wreath 
red,white, and blue paper + patriotic popsicle sticks + foam star stickers
(it’s easier to make than it looks!)

Patriotic Paper Straw Wreath
striped paper straws + pipe cleaner + printed stars + cardboard

Patriotic Clothespin Wreath
clothespins + blue, red & white spray paint  + foam stars + wire wreath
You can get everything but the spray paint at Dollar Tree

Patriotic Yarn Wreath
red, off-white and blue yarn + foam wreath + foam stars

DIY Felt Wreath
foam wreath +  red, white and blue felt sheets + pins  + yardstick + silver wire

Easy Bandana Wreath
foam wreath form + red, white, and blue bandanas
You can get these items at Dollar Tree

Table and Seating Decorations

Bandana Pillows
2 large bandanas (per pillow) + thread  + stuffing

Bandanna Cushions
bandanas + outdoor cushion + rubber bands + thin ribbon
You can get everything but the cushions at Dollar Tree.

Bandana Tablecloth
red, white and blue bandanas + thread
If you have basic sewing skills and a sewing machine this will be an easy project.
Also, you can get the bandanas at Dollar Tree!

Bandana Placemat

Festive Placemat
striped and denim fabric + thin white yarn + thread (or iron on adhesive)

Woven Table Runner
white paper tablecloth + blue and red crepe paper + double sided tape

DIY Flag Table Runner
yardstick + tailor’s chalk + burlap +  painter’s tape + 1″ star stickers + blue and red spray paint

Burlap Flag Pillow
burlap pillow cover + painters tape + star stickers + spray paint, red & navy blue

DIY Star Table Runner
foam + acrylic paint (red, white and blue) + paint roller + burlap

Patriotic Burlap Table Runner
burlap + red ribbon + blue ribbon

Centerpieces and Party Ideas

Recycled Bottles Patriotic Centerpiece
empty glass bottles + white spray paint + embellishments (stickers, twine, etc.) + flags, flowers, foil stars, etc. for inside bottle
You can get everything but the spray paint at Dollar Tree.

Painted Bushel Basket
bushel basket + red & white acrylic paint + bandana

Patriotic Tin Cans
paint + tin cans + ribbon + small flags

Lollipop Bouquet

glass candleholders + red, white and blue candy + various sized flags

Easy Sand Candles
sand + votive candle + drinking glass + clear glass vase or jar + funnel
You can get all of these items at Dollar Tree
Here is a tutorial on how to make colored sand (you just need food coloring)

Patriotic Bug Away Candleholders
rice + red and blue food coloring + lemongrass + glass votives + candles

Star Candles
star stickers + pillar candles

4th of July Table Decor

4th of July Centerpiece
If you don’t already have the jars, you can get them at thrift stores for cheap!

Star Votive Candle Holders
glass votives + red, white and blue tissue paper + Mod Podge + votive candle
You can get all of these items at Dollar Tree

American Flag Mason Jars
acrylic paint + foam stars + tape + spray paint + sandpaper

Red White and Blue Mason Jars
mason jars + red, white and blue acrylic paint + chalkboard paint + chalk

Decorated Utensils
Dress up Dollar Tree plastic utensils with washi tape

Patriotic Silverware Holders
paper sacks + ribbon + washi tape + free printable + circle punch + glue dots + napkins, straws, silverware, etc.

Napkin and Utensil Holder Mason Jars
silverware + bandanas + mason jars

Bandana Napkin
bandanas + thread or twine + silverware

Patriotic Yarn Wrapped Mason Jars
Mod Podge + mason jars + red, white and blue yarn

Patriotic Sand Art Mason Jar Decorations

4th of July Sparkler Station
empty jars + chalkboard paint + chalk + natural raffia

Paper Sparklers
wood skewers + vellum paper + striped paper straws

Patriotic Pedestal Candy Dish
star candy dish + glass candle stick holder + red spray paint + E6000 glue
You can get the star dish and candleholder at Dollar Tree

Patriotic Glasses
stemless glasses + star stickers + patriotic star straws

Scrapbook Pinwheels
Scrapbook paper + wooden dowels + double-sided tape + star stickers

July 4th Firecracker Centerpiece
tubes + red, white and blue construction paper + silver tassels + star paper punch + ribbons

Rockets Centerpiece
small bucket + sand + scrapbooking paper + toilet paper & paper towel rolls  + ribbon + wood dowel

Patriotic Banner
white paper + fabric + spray starch + double-fold wide bias tape +  fusible bonding tape

FREE Patriotic Party Printables
free printable banners, cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, treat labels, and napkin rings

Embellished Tin Pails (no source found)
small galvanized buckets + flags + patriotic ribbons + washi tape
Use the ribbons for handles and decorate around the middle of the buckets with washi tape, paper, stickers, etc.

American Flag Water Bottles
water bottles + $1 flags + mod podge


Red, White and Blue Flower Centerpiece

Patriotic Flower Centerpiece
mason jars + white, red & blue craft paint + twine + star stickers + painter’s tape + flowers

DIY 4th of July Vase
empty tin can + construction paper + scrapbook paper, in red, white and blue patterns + medallion ornament

Patriotic Daises 
galvanized buckets + red, white & blue paper + glue + potting soil + daisies

Patriotic Flower Pot
acrylic paints + painter’s tape + star stickers + terra cotta pot

Patriotic Paper Flowers
scrapbook paper + small paper brads + floral wire + red & blue washi tape + empty can + twine

Lanterns and Other Outdoor Decorations

Easy Patriotic Luminaries

Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns
star and dot stickers + chalky paint (red, white and blue) + painter’s tape + mason jar

Striped Lanterns
Add patriotic ribbons to basic Dollar Tree paper lanterns using double sided tape
You could also add star stickers to them

Painted Lawn Stars

Rustic Wood Decoration Ideas

These projects require some basic woodworking skills and tools (e.g. saw, sandpaper, drill)

Wooden Flag Decoration
pine craft boards + round poplar dowel + paint (red, white & blue) + steel wire

4th of July Candles
barn wood stars + candles + red burlap ribbon  + jute twine
You can get everything but the wood stars at Dollar Tree

4th of July Firework Blocks 
red, white and blue acrylic paint  + drill + wood blocks + 1 wooden star + wire + twine

Flag Blocks
lumber + handsaw  + red, blue & white craft paint + exacto knife + sandpaper

Flag Pallet
pallet + nails & hammer + wood glue + red, white and blue paint + star stencil

Patriotic Shutter
shutter  + primer paint + paint + painter’s tape
If you happen to already have a shutter, this is a cheap project.
You could also find them at Habitat for Humanity for a good price

DIY Wood Firecrackers
wooden fence post  + wood boring drill bit  + painter’s tape + red white & blue spray paint + rope

4th of July Firework Display
wood scraps + spray paint + large ribbon +  $1 foil stars centerpieces

Wood Flag Wreath
wood  + red, white blue paint + wire + wood stain + painters tape + star stickers

Patriotic Wood Star
pallet wood + wood glue + star stencil + acrylic paints

Patriotic Star Canvas
wood block or canvas + acrylic paint + metal star + tape

DIY Independence Day America Sign
wood board + wood letters  + boards + craft paint + painters tape + wood glue + saw

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