100 Cheap and Easy DIY Christmas Wreaths

Your Christmas decorations won’t be complete without these creative and affordable DIY Christmas wreaths. The majority of these wreaths cost between $5 and $10 to make. Many of the supplies can be found at Dollar Tree or Walmart. These Christmas wreaths are festive and easy to do. Most of them take less than 30 minutes to make!

Supplies Needed to Make DIY Christmas Wreaths:

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks. A mini glue gun is all you will need. They are about $3 at Walmart and the glue sticks are $1 a pack.
  • Wreaths – foam, straw, grapevine and wire wreaths. All of these can be found at Dollar Tree. Sizes are between 10″-14″. Bigger wreaths can be found at craft stores or Walmart.
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Small paint or sponge brush. You can get them for $0.50-$1 at Walmart.
  • Wire cutters for the florals. You can get wire cutters at Dollar Tree.

Things You Can Get at Dollar Tree:

  • Christmas Ribbons
  • Christmas Wreath Hangers
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Christmas Picks
  • Twine
  • Burlap
  • Floral supplies (floral tape, floral wire, etc)
  • Floral Stems and Bushes (poinsettias, berries, etc.)
  • Wreath Forms
  • Deco Mesh in Christmas Colors
  • Crafting Supplies (glue sticks, spray adhesive, glitter, etc.)

DIY Christmas Wreaths

Twine Star
Wood Shims + Jute Twine + Wood Glue + Glue Gun

Easy One Hour Pinecone Wreath
Pine Cones + Wire Wreath Form + LED Fairy Light + Evergreen Branches + Berry Sprigs

Mason Jar Lid Ornament Christmas Wreath
Mason Jar Canning Lids + Twine + Round Ornaments + Garnish

Rustic Burlap Christmas Wreath
Foam Wreath + Burlap Ribbons & Bow + Twine  + Burlap & Pinecone Spray  + Plaid Ribbon

Giant DIY Christmas Wreath
Hula Hoop + Twine + Letters + Spray Paint + Eucalyptus

Farmhouse Wreath
olive branches + floral wire + jingle bell ornament + white ribbon

Birch Wreath
Birch Branches +  Evergreen & Winterberry Clippings + Floral + Saw + E600 Glue

Holiday Magnolia Wreath
Foam Wreath + Magnolia Leaf Garlands + Floral Tape
You can also add some red berries to give it a pop of color
Also, if you have a Magnolia tree in your backyard (like me) you can DIY the garland to save even more money

Lighted Grapevine Snowman Wreath
Grapevine Wreaths + Pine Clippings + White Lights + White Spray Paint + Black Card Stock + Tulle + Letter  + Decorative Accents

DIY Christmas Wreath
Foam Wreath + Decorative Ribbon + Christmas Floral Sprays + Large Poinsettia + Floral Pins

Let it Snow Holiday Wreath
Foam Wreath + Plaid Ribbon  + White Fringe Yarn + Bottle Brush Trees + Wood Slice Rounds + Straight Pins + Sharpie

Burlap Candy Cane Wreath
Candy Cane Wire Wreath + White & Red Burlap Ribbon + Chenille Stems + Christmas Pick  + Christmas Sign

Burlap Santa Wreath
Wire Wreath + Red Burlap Ribbon + Felt For Belt + Poster Board, Gold Glitter And Mod. Podge For Belt Buckle

Rustic Wreath
Grapevine Wreath + Evergreen Clippings + Berry Stems + Pinecones.+ Floral Wire + Burlap Ribbon

Rudolph Wreath
Foam Ball + Wire Wreath + Burlap Ribbon + Red Bow + Foam Sheet (for Antlers) + Brown & Red Acrylic Paint + Glitter + Mod Podge

Family Photo Wreath
Foam Wreath + Straight Pins + Photos + Decorative Brads  + Ribbon + Circle Stencil + Adhesive + Scrapbook Paper

DIY Frozen Wreath
Foam Wreath + White & Blue Tulle + Small Christmas Round Ornaments + Snowflake Ornaments + White Ribbon

Christmas Ornament Wreath
Silver Ribbon + Silver Ornaments + Straw Wreath + Floral Pins

Poinsettia Wreath
Red & Green Deco Mesh + Small Round Gold Ornaments (for center) + Wire Wreath

DIY Christmas Candy Cane Wreath
Candy Cane Wire Wreath + White & Red Deco Mesh Ribbon + Glitter Chenille Stems

Snowman Wreath
Wire Wreath + White Deco Mesh + Pipe Cleaners + Wood Circles  + Orange felt + Acrylic Paint + Black Poster Board + Foam Hat
You can get most of these supplies at Dollar Tree

Snowman Wreath II
White Deco Mesh + Wire Wreath + Ribbon + Elf Mittens + Christmas Hat Ornament + Felt (for facial features)

Fluffy Tinsel Wreath
Foam Wreath + Tinsel Garland + U-shaped Pins

Snowman Wreath (source unknown)
White Yarn Pom Poms + Sample Pack of Yarn Colors (for “scarfs”) + Wire Wreath + Ribbon + Sharpie
Here is a tutorial for how to make the pom poms

wreath4Candy Cane Wreath
Candy Canes + Snowflake Ornament + Red Ribbon
Glue the candy canes together, facing opposite directions
then add the snowflake ornament to the center

wreath-snowflakes2Snowflake Wreath
Packs of Snowflakes + Red Ribbon + Glue Gun

outdoor-snowman-wreathSnowman Wreath
3 Plain Wreaths + Red Fabric  + Red Mittens + Cardboard Top Hat + Sticks

snowball-wreathSnowball Wreath
Foam Wreath + Various Sized Foam Balls + White Acrylic Paint + Fake Snow + Red Ribbon

wreath-berryDIY Berry Wreath
Red and White Berry Bushes + Grapevine Wreath

wreath-bowsGift Bow Wreath
Bags of Gift Bows  + Foam Wreath + Glue Gun

wreath5Poinsettia Wreath
Poinsettia Bushes  + Grapevine Wreath + Wire Cutters

wreath-goldDollar Store Wreath
Glitter Gold Poinsettia Bushes + Foam Wreath + Gold Spray Paint

wreath-burlapBurlap Christmas Wreath
Burlap Ribbons  + Foam Wreath  + Garland Ties  + Pinecones + Snowflake Ornament  + White Berry Bush + Decorative Burlap Ribbon + Twine

wreath-candycanePeppermint Wreath
Peppermints  + Foam Wreath + Large Bow
Use a glue gun to glue the peppermints to the wreath.
This project will probably take a least an hour.


wreath-cane2Christmas Yarn Wreath
White & Red Medium-Weight Yarn  + Red Bow + Foam Wreath

wreath-1Christmas Ornament Wreath
Wire Coat Hanger + Ribbon + Red Ornaments + Evergreen Sprig

wreath-pineconesPinecone Wreath
Pinecones + Wire Wreath Frame + Floral Wire

Pinecone Ribbon Hanger
Pinecones + Red Ribbon + Glue Gun
Just glue the pinecones to the ends of the ribbons

wreath-cardinalsFrosty Pinecone and Cardinal Wreath
Pinecones + Wire Wreath + Floral Wire  + White Spray Paint + Snow Spray  + Cardinals + Small Round Red Ornaments

a5ee948933f559f1167dea6d41bb8533Snowy Pinecone Wreath
Wooden Paint Stirrers + Wire Wreath  + Glue + Pinecones + White Spray Paint

wreath-pompomChristmas Pom Pom Wreath
Foam Wreath + Christmas Pom-Poms + Glue Gun

wreath-giftboxesFoil Gift Box Wreath
Assorted Foil Gift Box Ornaments + Metal Frame Wreath

DIY Jingle Bell Wreath
Jingle Bells + Wire Coat Hanger + Red Ribbon & Embellishments

wreath-ornamentChristmas Ornament Wreath
Small and Medium Round Ornaments  + Foam Wreath + Glue Gun

wreath-snowflakeSnowflake Door Hanger
Various Sized Snowflake Ornaments (Dollar Tree)
Use a glue gun to glue them together. You can also make a garland using these snowflakes.

wreath-redwhiteHolly Berry Wreath
Red Striped Ribbon  + Foam Balls + Foam Wreath  + Green Felt  + Red Glitter + Red Acrylic Paint

wreath-rectangleRustic Rectangle Wreath
Wood Boards or Picture Frame + Garland + Pinecones + Large Burlap Ribbon + Wood Letters + Twine

Picture Frame Christmas Door Hanger
Picture Frame  + Spray Paint + Ribbons + Christmas Pick for Accent + Wood Letter + Small Ornaments

wreath-sticksNatural Christmas Wreath
Grapevine Wreath + Sticks + Pinecones + Burlap Ribbon + Evergreen Sprigs + White Spray Paint
Lightly coat sticks and wreath with white spray paint. Glue sticks and pinecones to wreath. Attach sprigs with ribbon

wreath-wood-joyChristmas JOY Wreath
Wood + Wood Stain + Nails + Lettering + Christmas Picks + Ribbon

wreath10JOY Wreaths
Grapevine Wreaths + Wood Letters  + White Acrylic Paint + Gold or Burlap Ribbon  + Evergreen and Pinecones for Accent

wreath-joyJoy Wreath
Small Grapevine Wreath + Silver Berry Bush or Silver Ornaments + Twine + 2 Large Wood Letters + White Acrylic Pain

wreath-candycane3Ribbon Candy Wreath
Candy Cane Ribbon + Gauge Wire

wreath-ribbonChristmas Ribbon Wreath
Red Grosgrain Ribbon + Foam Wreath

wreath-santaSanta Tulle Wreath
Santa Hat + Foam Wreath  + White Tulle

wreath-yarnFluffy Christmas Wreath
Foam Wreath + Stripped Ribbon  + Eyelash Yarn

wreath1DIY Burlap Wreath
Burlap Ribbon  + Wire Frame Wreath  + Red Ribbon, Flowers, Christmas Picks, Ornaments (or whatever accents you want)

wreath-burlap2Christmas Fabric Wreath
Burlap Fabric + Foam Wreath  + Red Fabric Straps + Buttons or Beads
Here is a tutorial for the little flowers Fabric Flower Tutorial

wreath-jarMason Jar Lid Wreath
Twine + Mason Jar Lids + White and Red Paint

wreath-mossChristmas Moss Wreath
Foam Wreath + Bag of Moss + Ribbon + Christmas Pick

wreath-gold1Christmas Ribbon Wreath
Glittery Gold Ribbon + Foam Wreath + Gold Accents like Ornaments or Christmas Picks

wreath-ribbonsChristmas Ribbon Wreath
Wire Wreath  + Wired Christmas Ribbon

wreath-paperDIY Wrapping Paper Wreath
Foam Wreath + Christmas Wrapping Paper + Invisible Tape + Ribbon

img_0245Tinsel Garland Wreath
Foam Wreath + Red and White Garlands
Just cut the garland into smaller pieces and wrap them around the wreath and glue in place with a glue gun

wreath-hoDeco Mesh Christmas Wreath
White Mesh + Wire Wreath Frame + Small Santa Hat  + Wood Letters & Red Glitter  +  Chenille Stems

wreath-pinecones-redPinecone Wreath
Pinecones + White Spray Paint + Jingle Bells  + Wire Wreath Frame + Floral Wire  + Glue Gun

wreath-boaChristmas Feather Boa Wreath
White feather boa (Dollar Tree) + String Lights+ Foam Wreath  + White Acrylic Paint
Paint the foam wreath white and wrap the boa around it. Then, add the lights.

wreath-boaGrinch Wreath
Foam Wreath + Green Feather Boa + Red Ornaments

wreath-fluffyChristmas Wreath
Mircrofiber dusters (Dollar Tree) + Christmas Ribbon + White Chenille Stems

wreath-clothespinsClothespin Christmas Wreath
Wire Clothes Hanger + Red Ribbon + Clothespins  + Green Spray Paint + Red Pony Beads

Christmas Paper Wreath
Christmas Ribbon + Cardstock or Construction Paper + Foam Wreath


Paper Straw Christmas Wreath
Foam Wreath + Red Ribbon + Striped Straws

wreath-greenDoor Swag
Spruce Sprigs + Small Ornaments + Green Ribbon
Use twine to knot ornaments onto a floral pick. Then, push pick tightly into the boughs. Add a bow-tied ribbon.


Cotton Ball Wreath
Cotton Balls + Burlap Ribbon + Foam Wreath.

wreath-marshmellowDIY Marshmallow Wreath
Foam Wreath + Toothpicks + Marshmallows + Accents like Ribbons or Ornaments

wreath-popcornPopcorn Wreath
Popcorn + Floss + Paper Plate + Ribbon (for hanging)

wreath-gold-leavesEmbossed Foil Leaf Wreath
Wire Wreath Frame + Gold Spray Paint + Foil Baking Pans

wreath-pinecones1Basic Pinecone Wreath
Wire Wreath Frame + Floral Moss + Floral Wire + Pinecones + Burlap Ribbon

wreath-plasticPlastic Christmas Wreath
Plastic Bags + Wire Coat Hangers

wreath-pompom2Christmas Yarn Pom Pom Wreath
Yarn + Foam Wreath + Floral Pins + White Acrylic Paint ($0.50) + Christmas Ribbon

wreath-craft-sticksLet It Snow Wreath
Craft Sticks  + Wood Discs + White Acrylic Paint + Glitter

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