diy backyard ideas

Patio furniture, fire pits and other outdoor items are SO expensive! With the right tools and a tutorial, you can easily make them for half of what it would cost you to buy them. So save some money with these DIY backyard ideas! Most of these projects can be completed in one weekend or less.

Supplies and Tools You Will Need: 

  • Hammer (with nail puller) & Nails OR Nail Gun
  • Screwdriver and Screws (wood screws)
  • Drill and Drill Bits
  • Reciprocating Saw
  • Safety Glasses and Gloves
  • Tape Measure and/or Ruler
  • Orbital Sander
  • Sandpaper
  • Jig Saw
  • Wood Glue
  • Circular Saw.
  • Hand Saw
  • Pry Bar

Money saving tip: For the projects that require pallets, you can get them for free on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace

Patio and Outdoor Furniture DIY Backyard Ideas

Pallet Daybed
pallet + casters + polyurethane + pipes + flange + connectors + thick mattress + pillows

Hanging Outdoor Bar
pallet + extra lumber + sure-ties + piano hinges + slide bolts + chain

DIY Outdoor Entertainment Table
planter + PVC pipe & end cap + Round Plywood + concrete + pipe cement + paint

Pallet Outdoor Table
pallet + planter box +  mending plates + concrete half-blocks + primer + exterior paint

Wooden Pallet Benches
pallet + paint primer + acrylic paint

Pallet Patio Bench
pallet + carpenter’s square  + 2×4s + no-drill-needed deck screws

Outdoor Pallet Bar
8 pallets + patio pavers

$40 X-Leg Wooden Bench with Crate Storage
wood boards + crates + deck stain

Reclaimed Wood X-Stool
wood +  outdoor pocket hole screws + wood glue + concrete stab

Outdoor Crate Cart
crates + wood stain and sealer + caster wheels

Patio Pallet Daybed 
pallets + 6 planks + screws + mattress + pillows + fence pain

Pallet Sectional Soda
pallets + extra wood + high density foam sheets + outdoor fabric + outdoor paint

Patio Pallet Lounger
4 pallets + scrap 2X4s  + outdoor paint

DIY Outdoor Seating 
low-cost concrete blocks + foam pad +fabric

Block Table Legs

Simple Outdoor Bench
cinder blocks + wood posts + Drop cloth + Concrete adhesive + exterior paint + wood stain

Cinder Block Bench
cinder blocks + ply wood + foam + battling + fabric
Get used cinderblocks off Craigslist to save money

DIY Cinder Block Bench
cinder blocks + 4×4’s

$45 DIY Patio Sofa and Love Seat
pallets + plywood + trim + paint + brackets

Pallet Outdoor Seating
ll you need is pallets, paint and some basic tools

Outdoor Pallet Table
pallet + 4×4 wood + 4 caster wheels with nuts & bolts + L-brackets & screws + gray stain

Backyard Pergola
lag bolts with washers + cedar posts + cedar lumber + louvered deck covering kit

$45 Five Piece Outdoor Adirondack Furniture Set

$15 Bistro Table
2x4s + basic tools + outdoor paint

Super Frugal Pergola

DIY Fence Table
screws + heavy duty tee hinges + 2×2 board + pine dog ear picket boards

DIY Accent Table
terra cotta pot and base + white spray paint + twine

Terracotta Pot Table
large terra cotta pot + a large terra cotta base + outdoor paint

Barrel Table (original source unknown)
large barrel + glass top + moss + string lights

Bucket Outdoor Coffee Table
metal bucket + plywood + 2×6 boards + outdoor caulk + liquid nails + wood stain

Rope Ottomans Chair 
old tire (junkyard) +sisal rope + nylon rope + hot glue gun & glue sticks

DIY Rustic Cooler
eclaimed wood + cooler + wood dowel

Wood Deck Cooler
pallets + cooler + stain & paint + lld hinges and arm + hose bib + flexible tube

DIY Rolling Cooler Ottoman
plywood  + Styrofoam cooler + paint + casters + leather handles + screws

Outdoor Rolling Cart
lumber + outdoor stain + castor wheels

Sew Easy Outdoor Cushion Covers
fabric + cushion + thread + sewing machine

Fire Pits DIY Backyard Ideas

$50 Fire Pit Using Concrete Tree Rings
portable charcoal grill + concrete tree rings + pebbles

$10 DIY One Hour Upcycled Firepit
1 Recycled Washing Machine Drum + High heat black paint (optional)

$60 DIY Fire Pit
 gray pavers + square pavers +  triangle pavers + paver sand

Stone Fire Pit
Concrete +  limestone screenings +  quarry stone mixed rock + mortar mix  + pea gravel

Fire Pit
Roughly 40 “old” bricks + spray paint + landscaping stones

DIY Tabletop Firebowl
pea gravel + terracotta flower bowl + sterno clean burning gel

Tabletop Fire Pit
ShapeCrete + large bowl  + lava rock +fire glass + disposable grill topper + gel fuel can

Easy DIY Inexpensive Firepit
concrete retaining wall blocks + chisel + hammer

Cinder Block Fire Pit
cinder blocks + small bag of mortar + red lava rock

Swings and Hammocks

Pallet Swing Bed
pallet + rope +  mattress (with cover)  or cushion

DIY Tree Swing
wood + rope + drill + saw

Rope Swing
round wood + carabiner + rope

$40 DIY Hammock
wood boards + long bolts + 1/2″ nuts + 1/2″ washers

Macrame Hammock
5 hardwood dowels + 200 yards macrame cord + 8 yards rope

Swing Chair
pallet + metal chain and u-bolts + carriage bolts and nuts

Pallet Swing 
pallet + twin headboard (thrift store) + heavy duty chain + outdoor paint

Swinging Chair
cotton rope + outdoor fabric + cushions + tree branch or small wood post

Lighting DIY Backyard Ideas

DIY Grapevine Lighting Balls
grapevine wreath + string lights + wire + wire cutters + beach ball + twine
You can get the wreath and beach ball at Dollar Tree

Dollar Store Hanging Lanterns
basket hangers + solar lights

Rope Light Walkway
power cord + garden staples or u stake+ end caps + rope lights

DIY Outdoor Light Poles
8 ft dowels + wood stain + eye hooks + paint + concrete planter + lights + cement + pea gravel

Rustic Garden Gate
scrap wood + wood stain + polyurethane + string lights

Hula Hoop Light
hula hoop + “icicle” white lights+ lace ribbon + hot glue gun
You can get the hula hoop and lace ribbon at Dollar Tree

Faux Fire Pit
battery powered copper-wire lights + wooden logs + cast iron fire bowl

DIY String Light Poles with Concrete Bases
cement + wood planter + string lights + 5-gallon buckets + WD-40 + Hooks + tree trucks

Tree Branch Candles
tree branch + drill and large drill bit + tea light candles

Rock Candles
gravel + empty glass jar + tiki fluid + wire basket + wicks

Tree Trunk Lights

Grapevine Chandelier
grapevine balls + white lights with brown wires + twine + branch + burlap ribbon
Here is a tutorial on how to make the grapevine balls.
You can buy the grapevine wreaths, twine and burlap at Dollar Tree

Lighting Posts
fence post + 4 solar outdoor lights + extra long screws + 4″ x 4″ wood

DIY Solar Chandelier
chandelier + wire cutters + solar light  + heavy duty adhesive + spray paint
You can get the chandelier at thrift store for under $10 and the solar lights at Dollar Tree

DIY Landscaping Lighting
string lights + orbs

Wine Bottle Tiki Torch
wine bottle + wick + reducing connector +  thread sealant tape + pea gravel + Citronella Torch Fuel

Cheap Outdoor Lantern (using a tuna can)
thrift store hurricane glass + empty tuna can + wood screw + copper adapter + spray paint + votive candle + paint stick

Tin Can Lanterns
recycled tin cans + bailing wire + pliers + tea light candle + spray paint

Recycled Wine Bottle Torch
wine bottle + teflon tape + copper connector, coupling and cap + threaded rod + torch fuel + wick

Walkways and Deck DIY Backyard Ideas

Pallet Wood Deck
pallets + concrete half blocks + stain and/or exterior paint + gravel and sand

Simple Floating Deck

DIY Walkway (source unknown)
wood boards + gravel

Pallet Walkway Idea
pallet wood + exterior wood stain and sealer (optional)

Easy Patio Makeover
sledgehammer + gravel + pavers

Cement Cobblestone Path
cement + rock design frame + powdered colour + bag of sand

Rubber Door Mat Stepping Stones
steel mesh + concrete  + rotating wire brush
You can get these rubber door mats at Dollar Tree or other dollar stores

DIY Walkway (Using Picture Frames)
concrete mix + picture frames

Other DIY Backyard Ideas

DIY Bottle Opener
wood scraps + wood glue + finishing nails + bottle opener + brackets

DIY Hose Holder 
wood post + scrap wood + finials + wall mount holder + black spray paint

DIY Sturdy Planted Posts
large whiskey barrels + cement mix + large “L” brackets + lumber posts + scrap wood

DIY  Pallet AC Cover
pallets + wood screws + basic tools

Stump Table

Basic Tree House
wood  + small cut branch logs + saw, drill, nails and screws

Glass Marble Fence 

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