Spring cleaning just got a whole lot cheaper! Organize for less with these creative dollar store organization and storage ideas. There are ideas for every room in your house (kitchen, bathroom, laundry, closet, office and more!)

Kitchen Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Dollar Store Pantry Makeover
square glass containers + large plastic bulk containers + glass round containers
+ plastic “disposable” containers + white plastic bins

Under The Kitchen Sink Organization
locker bins + stackable bins + shower caddy

Under The Kitchen Sink Organization II
tension rod + plastic tote + plastic crates + small wire rack

Under The Sink Brush Holders (using command wire hooks)

Pantry Organization
wire stacking shelves + various sized containers with lids + large tubs + labels

Pots and Pan Organizer (using a wire rack organzier)

Pot Organizer (using a basic towel rod)

Pot Lid Storage (using command hooks)

Pantry Organizer for Miscellaneous Items (using small tension rods)

Pan Organizer (using a metal file sorter)

Dollar Store Spice Cupboard
cheap spice jars + metallic spray paint + labels

Kitchen Utensil Organizers

mason jars + acrylic paints + chalkboard tags + chalk

Magnetic Spice Rack for Refrigerator
strong magnets (or command hooks) + long plastic basket

Spice Organizer
plastic long baskets (3 for $1)

Spice Storage
small glass jars with lids + labels

Jar Storage
spray paint + labels + empty plastic jars

Roll Organizer (for foil, wax paper, plastic wrap and more)
self adhesive hooks + tape measure

Roll Organizer II (using a magazine holder)

Measuring Spoon and Cup Organizers
measuring spoons + adhesive hooks

Cutting Board Storage
small wire rack + screws

Canned Food Storage (using wire racks)

Canned Food Storage (for half sized cans)
magazine holder + bobby pins (to keep cans from falling out)

Canned Food Storage Idea
empty 12 pk soda carton + contact paper

Plastic Wrap Holder (for inside of the cabinet door)

Fridge Organization
small plastic baskets (3 for $1) + medium sized baskets (2 for $1) + slotted baskets with single-end handles

Chest Freezer Organization
stackable plastic baskets + slotted plastic crates + plastic locker bins with handles

Refrigerator Storage
(especially a great idea if you don’t have many shelves in your fridge)
plastic bins + bins with handles + plastic pitcher

Pantry Dry Goods Organization
small and large dry food containers with lids

Kitchen Drawer Organizer
all you need is some small or medium drawer organizers

Tupperware Lid Storage
plastic slotted basket + small cooling rack + lids

Kitchen Cabinet Organizer
stackable plastic bins

Miscellaneous Organizer (using clear plastic organizer trays)

Cupcake Liner Storage
mason jar + cupcake liners

DIY Cutlery Tray
great idea if you have lots of misc. silverware
that won’t fit in standard trays or there isn’t enough space
All you need is these long plastic baskets (3 for $1)

Pantry Organization
dish pans + wire racks + labels

Trash Bags on a Roll
curtain rod brackets + wooden dowel ($2 at Walmart) + white spray paint ($1 at Walmart)

Over the Door Shoe Organizer for Small Snacks

Lazy Susan Organizer
marbles + 2 round cake pans
Place the marbles in the bottom cake pan and add the second pan over the top of the marbles. It will spin around smoothly.

Bathroom Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Cardboard Box Basket
jute twine + cardboard + white fabric

Wall Baskets for Bath Linens
3 different sized baskets

Bath & Body Organizers
small clear plastic boxes + black permanent marker

Towel Bar Organizer
towel bars + bins or baskets + s-hooks

Bathroom Organizer
small pails + suction cup hook + white rope + s-hooks

Bath Product Organization
shower curtain rod + curtain rings with clips

Shower Storage
small mesh over the door shoe organizer + curtain rings with clips

Tiered Tray
glass taper candleholder + white plate + white saucer

Makeup Organizer (using a cutlery tray)

Storage Jars
round candleholder + 3 glass taper candleholder + E-6000 glue + urn candleholder + hurricane candleholder
You just have to glue the taper candleholder to the bottom of the other candleholders

Bathroom Organizer
jars with lids + saw tooth hanger + chalkboard paint + small wood pallet + E600

Under the Sink Makeover
nesting bins + metal shower caddy

Under The Sink Organization

3 magazine holders + 1 plastic tub

Under Sink Organization
stackable bins

Drawer Makeup Organizers
Assorted Plastic Drawer Organizers

Hair Appliance Storage
file folder box + hair straightener , blow dryer, etc.

Hair Appliance Storage
all you need for this is command hooks

Inside Cabinet Door Storage
plastic baskets + command hooks

Shower Storage
shower rod + hangable bins or baskets with handles + curtain rings

Makeup Organizer
clear plastic organizers + double-sized tape

Makeup Storage
makeup brushes + river pebbles + square candleholder

Magnetic Strip Organizer
(for the inside of the medicine cabinet door)
magnetic strip + tweezers, bobby pins, etc.

Mason Jar Organizers
mason jars + hose clamps + scrap wood + picture hanging kit + screws

Closet Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Gift Wrap Organizer
wooden rod or curtain rod + gift wrapping accessories

Gift Wrap Storage
fabric + over the door organizer

DIY Wrapping Paper Holder
all you need is a garment bag

Belt Organizer
board + clothespins + glue

Belt Organizer II
shower curtain rings + shower rod

Purse Organizer
curtain rings + shower curtain rod (or you could just attach the rings to hangers)

Tights Organizer
clothespins + ruler + glue gun

Scarf Organizer
shower curtain rod + curtain rings + scarves

Hat Organizer
curtain rings + hanger

Tank Top Organizer
shower curtain rings + hanger

Bra Organizer Using Metal Racks or Towel Hook Rack
You could do the same thing with 2-3 of these Dollar Tree hooks

Winter Accessory Organzier
towel bar + curtain clip rings

Flats Organization
plastic clips + hangers
You can also use bent wire coat hangers to

Shirt Organizer (using a soda tab)

Shirt Organizer (using s hooks)

Tie Holder
screws + decorative drawer handles (you can them at Walmart for $2-$3)

Closet Makeover
bins + totes + baskets

Linen Closet Makeover
using $1 plastic totes

Broom and Mop Organizer
wire hook rack

Cleaning Supply Organization
Slotted Plastic Storage Baskets

Cleaning Supply Organization
(using over the door shoe organizer)

Basket Shelf
hangable basket (with handles) + hooks

Jewelry & Nail Polish Dollar Store Organization

Jewelry Tower
cups + saucers + taper candle holders + spray paint + glue
These dishes were found at Thrift Stores, but you can also find similar ones at Dollar Tree too.

Jewelry Hanger
towel rack + s hooks

Jewelry Organization
screw hooks (you can get a pack for $3 at Home Depot) + jewelry for hanging

Fingernail Polish Display Stand
black foam board + picture frame

Nail Polish Storage
cookie jar with a metal lid + decorative knob (optional)

Jewelry Holder from a Cutlery Tray
cutlery tray + knobs + cup hooks

Jewelry Accordion Rack Organizer
accordion hooks + tape + jewelry

Earring Organizer (using an ice cube tray)

Necklace Hanger
glass mirrors + acrylic knobs + e6000 glue

DIY Jewelry Organizer
decorative metal sheets + picture frame + decorative knobs + primer & paint + glazier points

Necklace Holder
cooling rack + picture frame + wrapping paper + adhesives

paper towel holder + gold spray paint

paper towel roll + glass taper candleholder + white spray paint

Jewelry Rack
Wire Hook Rack + jewelry + scrap wood + foam stickers

Hear Accessory Organizer
plastic compartment container

Decorative Ideas for Dollar Store Bins and Buckets

Chic Buckets
vinyl numbers + black acrylic paint + buckets

Stylish Bins
plastic bin + white spray paint ($1 at Walmart)+ fake leather scraps + leather punch + rivets + washers + rivet gun

Burlap Dollar Tree Bins
burlap fabric + plastic bins + spray paint + labels

Metal Storage Bins
storage bins + metal and oil rubbed bronze spray paint + wooden chalkboard tags

Vintage Storage Bins
plastic bins + gray automobile primer + chalkboard paint + silver craft paint

Vintage Locker Bins
metallic spray paint + vintage tag printables + plastic bins

Storage Bin Makeover
spray paint + metal pulls + plastic bins

Industrial Farmhouse Storage Drawers
storage drawers + ORB Spray paint + metal labels + antique fasteners + balsa wood + furniture buttons + wood stain

Plastic Container with Ribbon
various colored ribbons + plastic basket with holes

Cereal Box Storage Bins

Coffee Canister Storage
spray paint + labels + empty coffee jars

Other Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Key Frame
picture frame + gold hooks + paint

According Rack Organizer for Accessories

DIY Cube Organizer
wood crates + bins + drywall screws with anchors

Key Organizer
key hooks + super glue + picture frame

Organization Hub
wire mesh utensil tray + small nails

Miscellaneous Storage
for small items like rubber bands, tacks, paper clips, and keys
Silicone muffin cups + egg carton

DIY Storage Shelving
plastic crates + drill + anchor + screws + metal washers

Office, Craft and School Supply Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

DIY Desk Organizer
Dollar Tree’s Drawer Organizers or various sized drawer organizers: medium, small and large)

DIY Storage Pails for Supplies
small pails + hook metal rack

Mason Jar Supply Organizer
mason jars with lids + chalk paint + chalk + large label

Decorative Pencil Holder
(using a toothbrush holder)

Office Supply Organizer
ice cube tray + paper clips, thumbtacks, staples, etc.

Power Strip Cord Organizer

Cord Organizer (using binder clips)

Binder Clip Cable Organizer

Ribbon Organizer (using a paper towel holder)

Ribbon Organizer
Large Rectangular Slotted Plastic Storage Baskets + saw + wooden dowel

Craft Closet Door
2 small wire baskets + small pegboard + tin cans + scrap fabric

Tool Organizer
ice cube tray + screws, nuts, bolts, etc

Floating Storage Space
small jars with lids + adhesive

CD Case Cord Organizer

Toilet Paper Roll Cord Organizer

Cereal Box Desk Organizer
decorate the boxes with wrapping paper, decorative tape or fabric

Laundry Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Metallic Rope Throw Basket
round laundry basket + paint + jute rope + 1 yard felt

Laundry Makeover
plastic totes + storage buckets + spray bottles + clothespins + labels

Laundry Basket Idea for Extra Storage
s hooks + plastic totes

Laundry Bin Organizers
Collapsible Storage Containers with Handles

Cookie Jar Laundry Pod Holder

Iron Board Storage (using wall hooks)

Small Space Laundry Room Organization
wire basket + small plastic containers + screws

Car / Travel Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Car Organizer
All you need is a small over the door shoe organizer to hang over the back of the seat

Car Trash Can
cereal storage container with lid + small trash bags

Travel Cord Organizer (using eyeglass cases)

Travel Jewelry Organizer (using a pill organizer)

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