Hello and welcome to my blog where I explore ways to save money! Some of the topics that I discuss here include:

  • inexpensive meals & recipes
  • savvy shopping (yard sales, thrift stores, dollar stores, discounted grocery stores, etc.)
  • how to maintain a successful budget and reduce spending
  • free tools (lists, planners and more)
  • ways to earn a little extra money

I started Prudent Penny Pincher in July 2016.



My name is Stephy. I became a “penny pincher” in college to save what little money I had after tuition, books and transportation expenses sucked my budget dry. Once I graduated with my master’s degree and couldn’t find employment within my field, those thrifty skills I learned came in handy again because every penny mattered when I was unemployed and living on what was left of my savings.

Since then, my circumstances have improved because of what I learned about budgeting and saving money which allowed me to stretch my money further. I wanted to share my experiences with others struggling with finances or those who simply wanting to learn to save money.

Want to know more? Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I LOVE coffee!
  • One of my favorite hobbies is traveling, which I am only able to do by saving money & budgeting.
  • I am 30 years old
  • I have a BA in English Literature and an MA in Library and Information Science
  • My goal is to earn a living by working at home.
  • I listen to classical music.
  • I have two cats.
  • In my down time, I enjoy cuddling with my cats and reading a good book
  • Last but not least, I am a Frugalista and am passionate about saving money!

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