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Looking for pumpkin decorating ideas to give your pumpkin a spooktacular makeover? Here are over a hundred of the best painted and no carve pumpkin ideas so that you can avoid the goopy sticky mess of pumpkin carving this year. These creative pumpkin decorating ideas are sure to impress the trick-or-treaters and boost your curb appeal!

If you plan on using real pumpkins, here is a very helpful article for how to preserve pumpkins and gourds.

Painted Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Polka Dot Pumpkin Porch Display
wide orange ribbon + small and large hay bale + two pumpkins + acrylic paint + stencils

Candy Corn Painted Pumpkins
pumpkins + white and yellow spray paint

Ombre Spiderweb Pumpkins
white tape + pumpkin + shades of orange, yellow and white acrylic paint + foam pounce

Boo Pumpkins and Mums

Monogram Pumpkin
Pumpkin + Cream/Ivory Spray Paint + Painters Tape + Transfer/Graphite Paper + Acrylic Paint

Hand Painted Pumpkin Topiary

Falling Leaves Pumpkin
Adhesive Stencils in Leaves + Pouncer + White Craft Paint

Chevron Patterned Pumpkin 
white spray paint + painter’s tape  + pumpkin

Black Cat O’Lanterns
small and large pumpkin + mini pumpkin + cucumber, black felt + battery operated tea light candles + black spray paint

Halloween Black Cat Decorations
mini pumpkins + foam craft balls + black acrylic paint  + felt + glue gun  + black pipe cleaners  + black yarn  + decorative ribbon
You can get the foam balls, pipe cleaners and ribbon at Dollar Tree

Scaredy Cat
painter’s tape + black acrylic paint + pumpkin

Scary Silhouettes
adhesive stencils + flat black spray paint

Boo Dripping Paint Pumpkin
vinyl sticker letters + black acrylic paint + craft knife

Black & Gold Pumpkins
small, medium, large sized pumpkins + gold metallic spray paint + flat black spray paint ($1- Walmart)+ Painter’s tape + gold glitter spray paint

Chic Pumpkins
black acrylic paint + chalkboard, satin and metallic craft paints + gem stickers

Jack O Lanterns
Sharpie + printable faces to trace + pumpkins

Chalkboard Pumpkin
chalkboard paint + chalk or chalk pen + pumpkin

Boo Pumpkins
tiny pumpkins + black craft paint + paint pens

DIY Glow In The Dark Pumpkins
Plastic Pumpkins + Glow in the Dark Paint

Jack Skellington Painted Pumpkin (source unknown)

Modern Metallic Pumpkins
fake pumpkins + Bronze, Rose Gold and Gray metallic paints

Dye Dipped Pumpkins
white spray paint + gold paint

Dry Brushed Chalk Painted Pumpkins

DIY Donut Pumpkins
pumpkins + various colored acrylic paints + paint brushes

DIY Pumpkin Decor with Fabrics
fabrics + coordinating acrylic paints + Flat paintbrush + Kraft paper

Pumpkin Calligraphy 

DIY Watercolor Pumpkins
. craft pumpkins +. White spray paint + Watercolor paints + Sponges + Sealant

Indigo Marble Pumpkins

Cinderella Pumpkin
glitter blast spray paint + butterfly template + Rhinestones + Gold glitter cardstock + faux pumpkin

Baseball Pumpkin
white pumpkin + permanent black & red marker + brown stain

Mininon Pumpkins
yellow, blue, black and pink acrylic paints + mason jar lid and label (for the eyes)

Caterpillar Pumpkins
green spray paint + adhesive-felt dots + googly eyes + pipe cleaners

Other Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Pumpkin Bowls DIY
pumpkin + carving tools + drill with various sized drill bits
You can use the pumpkin bowls as lanterns or as flower pots

Spider Pumpkins
mini pumpkins + tea light candles + black pipe cleaners

Pumpkin Centerpieces
clear glass hurricane shade + floral U-pins + votive candles

Fanged Pumpkins
mini white pumpkin + plastic vampire teeth

Magnolia Pumpkin
white pumpkin + magnolia flowers + glue gun + gold metallic paint pen

Black and White Glam Pumpkins
acrylic paint + craft pumpkin + Boo! rhinestones letters + paper mache hat + ribbon + feather pick

Flying Bat Pumpkin
printable bat template + black cardstock or poster board  + glue dots

DIY Pumpkin Flower Pot
pumpkin + flowers + urn + mulch + knife

Pumpkin Lollipop Holder

Gold Leaf Pumpkins
mod podge + gold leaf + pumpkins

Sequin Striped Pumpkin
sequin pins + sequins + pumpkin

Melted Crayon Rainbow Pumpkin
pumpkin + unwrapped crayons + tacky glue + hair dryer

Confetti Pumpkins 
confetti paper + mod podge

Blinged Out Pumpkin
foam pumpkin + orange glitter blast spray paint + glue +  toothpick + sequins

Gold Polka Dot Pumpkin
gold push pins + pumpkin

Doily Pumpkin
Pumpkin + 4-6 Doilies (Dollar Tree) + Liquid Starch

Pumpkin Bow 
Grosgrain ribbon + Pumpkin + Stick Pins

Gold Bling Pumpkin
tacky glue + plastic bead necklaces (Dollar Tree) + mini pumpkin

Leopard Print Pumpkin
patterend duct tape + craft pumpkin + black duct tape

Golden Doily Pumpkins
Pumpkins + Spray Adhesive + Paper Doilies (Dollar Tree) + Gold Spray Paint

Burlap Pumpkins
narrow, wired burlap ribbon + pumpkin + glue gun

Tulle Wrapped Pumpkins (source unknown)
pumpkins + black tulle (Dollar Tree) + halloween ribbons (Dollar Tree)

Lacy Pumpkin
lace fabric or stocking + masking tape + black spray paint

Confetti Pumpkin
Pumpkin + White Spray Saint + Confetti + Glue

Gold-Leaf Pumpkin
leaves + gold spray paint + mod podge + white pumpkins + gourds

Sequin Polka Dot Pumpkin
craft glue + sequins + pumpkin

DIY Copper Striped Pumpkins
metallic copper tape  + pumpkins

Herringbone Pumpkins
Copper Paint Pen  + white mini pumpkins

Gold Confetti Pumpkin
craft pumpkin + Washi tape + scissors

Succulent Pumpkins

Metallic Foil Pumpkins
foam pumpkin + chalk paint + metallic foil sheet +  Rub’n’Buff wax

Floral Pumpkin
temporary tattoo + pumpkin

Silhouette Pumpkin
printed silhouette photo + black & white paper + Mod Podge + doilys (Dollar Tree) + black spray paint

Fall Leaves Pumpkin
leaves template + orange, yellow and dark red tissue paper + decoupage glue + flat-head bristle brush

Gold Glitter Pumpkins
pumpkins + colored glitter + spray adhesive + brown craft paint + craft paper

Googly Eyes Pumpkin
various sized google eyes (Dollar Tree) + pumpkin

Spider Web Pumpkin
Straight pins + Cotton twine + Pumpkins + Plastic spiders

String Art Moon Pumpkin
craft pumpkin + glitter acrylic paint + floss + pins  + glue gun

Floral Moon Pumpkin
Craft Pumpkin + Drill + Fresh Flowers

Washi Tape Pumpkins
washi tape + spray paint + pumpkin + scissors

Modern Swirly Pumpkin
caulk + white spray paint + painter’s tape

Creepy Crawly Pumpkin 
2 packs of mini creatures + foam pumpkin
Both items can be found at Dollar Tree

Lacy Pumpkin
fishnet tights + black ribbon + pumpkin

Boo Pumpkin (source unknown)
black acrylic paint (for stem) + wide black ribbon + various sized black buttons + printable boo letters (to trace on pumpkin)

Mummy Pumpkin
white Duck Tape+ self-adhesive eyeballs + pumpkins

DIY Marquee Light Letter Pumpkins
marquee light letters + pumpkins
You can save.a lot of money if you make the marquee lights instead of buy them.
Here is a tutorial for how to DIY them 

Address Pumpkin 
foam pumpkin  +  hot knife + printed address numbers + needle + tape

Giant Pumpkin Spider 
3 pumpkins + bamboo skewers + small plastic plates + buttons + pins + branches

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