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  • football party platterFootball Party Platter
    This is a cheap and easy Super Bowl appetizer. Not only is it festive, but it’s also super simple to make. It took less than 5 minutes to chop […]
  • 100 Cheap & Easy Super Bowl Appetizers
    When you’re throwing a Super Bowl party, these cheap and easy recipes are guaranteed to please your guests. Most of these recipes are under 5 […]
  • Save Money & Earn Gift Cards with Dealspotr
    Are you interested in saving money when you shop AND getting free gift cards at the same time? Then I have found the perfect website for you! I never […]
  • 1,000+ Cheap & Easy Recipes
    This is the COMPLETE collection of my cheap and easy recipe series. It includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, soups and dessert recipes. 300 Cheap […]
  • 100 Cheap & Easy Breakfast Recipes
    These easy, cheap and delicious breakfast recipes will help you start the day off right without breaking the bank. These recipes are also perfect for […]
  • dirt cheap120 Dirt Cheap Recipes for When You Are Really Broke
    Say goodbye to ramen noodles! Check out these flavorful dirt cheap recipes: Dirt Cheap Breakfast Recipes Breakfast is cheaper than lunch or dinner so […]
  • 100 Cheap & Easy One-Pot Dinner Recipes
    These cheap and easy one pot meals are perfect for busy families. With only one pot needed to make these delicious dinners, cooking and clean up will […]
  • 200 Cheap & Easy Desserts
    These dessert recipes are quick, cheap and easy to make. Most of these recipes are under 5 ingredients and take less than 10 minutes to prepare. […]
  • 200 Healthy & Cheap Lunch Recipes
    Tired of the same boring lunch every day? Looking to find some new budget friendly lunch recipes that you won’t feel guilty eating? Then […]
  • How My Blog Went from 0 to 100,000 Monthly Page Views in 6 Months
    How My Blog Went from 0 to 100,000 Monthly Page Views in 6 Months Are you struggling to get more traffic to your blog? Then read these quick and easy […]

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  • Budget Basics
    The first step to managing your finances and saving money is to create a budget. Before you start out, you need to determine what your financial […]
  • road trip20 Ways to Save Money on a Road Trip
    I prefer road trips to flying. The main reason is because it’s significantly cheaper. Gas prices are dropping so it’s a great time to plan a road […]
  • 75 Mason Jar DIY Christmas Decorations
    Save some money and make your own Christmas decor using mason jars! These festive DIY mason jar Christmas decorations include ornaments, […]
  • 50 Snowball Christmas Cookies
    Snowball cookies are a classic Christmas favorite for good reason. No one can resist these sugary, melt-in-your-mouth cookies! They are delicious, […]
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    Grocery Shopping on the Go Ever accidentally left your grocery list at home and only realized you forgot it once you got to the grocery store? Or […]
  • 50 Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers Under $15
    Here are 50 creative and unique coffee gift ideas under $15 for that special coffee enthusiast in your life. Cool Coffee Cups Shhh, Almost, Now You […]
  • 300 Cheap and Easy Dinner Recipes
      This is the ULTIMATE resource for delicious, cheap & easy dinner recipes that anyone can make. Most of these recipes require less than […]
  • Save $$ Every Time You Shop At Walmart
    If you are a frequent shopper at Walmart, then I highly recommending trying Walmart’s mobile app called Savings Catcher. It compares […]
  • 40 Christmas Drink Recipes
    These festive drinks will be the hit of your Christmas party and bring holiday cheer to all of your guests. These are the best Christmas drink […]